Author's Note: Five and half years ago, I was obsessed with Charmed. When Drew Fuller joined the cast as Chris, I was ecstatic. Not only because he had wonderful character development, but because he was easy on the eyes (I had just finished 7th grade; give me a break). Anyways, I saw all these sad fanfictions about Chris' trial and tribulations and they made my heart ache. I felt so bad for Chris and his awful past and these works really tugged on the heartstrings for me. I decided to go with a less popular approach (though still a common one) and wrote a story where Chris had died in the past and woke up in the future he created.

Unfortunately…I was only twelve or so and all I wanted to do was create characters. None of the characters had much of a personality and some of them were characterized in a dramatic manner. I loved the story I wrote, but I doubt it made much sense to the readers. This was the longest work of Fanfiction I've ever written to date and it was written over five years ago. During the finals week of college, I would get up earlier and watch Charmed. Again I was hooked. Watching episodes with Chris only solidified my love for the show and I thought about those many years ago when I'd written this story.

Eventually, I knew I owed it to myself to work on this story a little bit, at least to clear up some cohesive errors. So, I present you with my edited version of "It just keeps getting better and better". Feel free to review it, but I mostly created the story as a promise to myself. And if you think this version is bad, check out the version from 2004 ;)

Character Sheet:

Alana Halliwell (nee Thompson) - 22 years old (Born December 2004) - Wyatt's wife & Matthew's mother

Jacob Halliwell - Parents: Coop and Phoebe - 18 years old (born Fall 2009) - Jacob is in last year of magic school. He has dark brown hair, hazel eyes and stands at 5'11.

Rachel Halliwell - Parents: Coop and Phoebe - 18 years old (Born Fall 2009) - Like her twin brother Jacob, Rachel is in her last year of magic school. She has medium length dark red hair, hazel eyes and stands at 5'6.

Emily Halliwell "Emma" - Parents: Piper & Leo - 17 years old (Born January 2010) - Emma is half-whitelighter. Emma has medium dark brown hair, green eyes and stands at 5'4.

Michael Halliwell - Parents: Coop and Phoebe - 15 years old (Born 2012) - Michael is Phoebe's youngest son. He stands at 5'6, has dirty blonde hair and hazel eyes.

Penelope Halliwell II "Penny" - Parents: Paige & Henry -14 years old (2013) - Penny is the oldest child of Paige and Henry. She is close to her cousin Michael. She has auburn hair, light eyes and stands at 5'3.

Carter Halliwell - Parents: Paige & Henry - 10 years old (Born Winter 2016) - He is over-protective when dealing with his younger sister Nicole, but would do anything for his family. He has dark brown hair, light green eyes and stands at 4'9.

Nicole Halliwell "Nikki" - Parents: Paige & Henry - 6 years old (Born 2021) - Nicole is in her first year of magical studies in magic school. She's the average height of a six year old, has brown hair and blue eyes.

Katherine Halliwell "Katie" - Parents: Coop & Phoebe - 3 years old (Born Winter 2023) - Katie is Phoebe's youngest child and the youngest child of all the Charmed Ones. As a consequence, she is constantly spoiled and protected by others. Rachel called the conception of Katherine "a twisted miracle" that she didn't need (She was fourteen). She has light hair and light blue eyes.

Matthew Halliwell "Matty; Matt" - Parents: Wyatt & Alana Halliwell - Born: 2025 - Matthew is the two year old son of Wyatt and Alana. He is also Piper and Leo's first grandchild. He has dirty blonde hair and light eyes.