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November 19th, 2028

This world is different. It grooves to its own beat.

Wyatt makes stupid jokes.
Rachel wants to be an inventor.
Jacob just wants a normal life.
Emma always has something to say.

Okay... so I guess it's not that different.

Penny knows everything about everyone.
Michael wishes he didn't.
Carter thrives on his new leadership position.
Nicole recently decided she is too cool for Katie.
And Katie has recently decided she's too old for hugs.

Matthew starts Pre-kindergarten next fall.
Brianna is crawling.
And from what I hear, Alexis is finally sleeping through the night.

Bianca is back on active duty, protecting the citizens of San Francisco.
Alana has recently decided she wants to work especially with adoption.

Don't tell Aunt Phoebe, but maybe she was right... I'm not half bad at being a social worker.

By the way, 2004 version of Aunt Paige, I made it to twenty-four,
so take that!

I met my future son-in-law last week.
He's cute... for a one year old.
But if he lays a hand on my daughter.
God help me, I will not hesitate to... put him in timeout?

I guess I'll have to keep an eye out on him for the rest of his life.
Something Drew said makes me think these two are going to be handful.

Even if some days don't go the way I want them to, they'll get better.
After all, this world is a self-portrait of beautiful chaos.

A true miracle in the midst of my disbelief.