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Naruto, Sakura, Temari, and Gaara stood before Tsunade's desk, undergoing the Hokage's burning scrutiny. Naruto fidgeted, first looking out the window, then at Shizune, and finally, Tsunade, before his eyes darted toward the window again. I wonder how long it will take me to cross the room and out that window before Granny Tsunade

"NARUTO!" Tsunade barked, and the orange ninja leaped to attention. "Don't even try. I know what you're thinking." Naruto sighed forlornly.

"Granny Tsunade, when are you gonna stop staring holes through us and give us the mission?" Naruto cried, hopping from one foot to the other. He pointed his finger like a pistol toward the two sand shinobi. "And why do they have to come? We could have picked Kiba, or Shikamaru, or Shino or—"

"NARUTO!" Tsunade shouted for the second time. "I'm getting there, just calm down already! The reason that we have chosen Gaara and Temari to do this job with you is that we need to deepen the diplomatic relation between Leaf and Sand. I know what happened during the Chūnin Exams, okay, but we have both returned to the alliance; this means we must cooperate. Got it, knuckle head?" Naruto nodded, muttering darkly.

"I said, GOT IT?" Tsunade roared, her fist solidly connecting with the side of Naruto's head and sending him flying through the wall of her office.

"Yes, Granny Tsunade…" Naruto's voice came from a pile of rubble.

"Remind me not to make you mad, Lady Hokage." Temari remarked, staring at the Naruto shaped hole in the wall. Gaara allowed a thin smile to grace his lips.

"Now to business." Tsunade straightened out the mission papers on her desk. She unrolled a large map, presenting it to the four ninja. "This is a continent called Europe; it is home to one of the largest magical communities in the world. These people call themselves 'wizards', and harness their magical abilities by means of a wooden stick called a wand."

Temari frowned. "Excuse me for interrupting, but wouldn't this mean that if you lose your wand, or have it broken, then you couldn't do magic anymore?"

Tsunade nodded. "Yes. In fact, it is a common wizarding punishment to snap the wand of criminals before sending them to prison. But you can by another wand." She said hurriedly, as Temari opened her mouth again. "In order to blend in a little better with the wizards, all of you will be getting a wand for this mission."

"The mission is as follows. During the year, you must go into Europe in order to guard a school for witches and wizards called Hogwarts. To be more specific, the primary objective is to guard a boy named Harry Potter. Hogwarts comes second; if Potter should die, the wizarding world will fall… and I do not doubt that war will arrive upon our doorstep."

"Who are we protecting Potter from?" Gaara asked, straight forward as usual.

"A Dark Wizard, who calls himself Voldemort. He was gravely injured when he tried to kill Harry, who was just a baby."

Naruto snorted. "He doesn't seem like a big deal if he couldn't even kill a baby."

Tsunade sneered. "But he is: he is the most powerful dark wizard the land has ever seen. We aren't sure, but he may even be able to match Orochimaru for all the danger he poses. The only person who can stop him seems to be that Potter kid, and that is why he must be protected.

I do not wish to be involved in another war. Not now, while we are weak. The danger must be nipped at the bud. The client will meet you at the front gate for transportation to England at five o'clock this afternoon. Please; try not to be late."

Gaara arrived with Temari first, appearing in a swirl of sand near an old man with an amazingly long beard and a strange midnight blue gown.

"Hey, Gaara— is it me, or is that guy wearing a dress?" Temari asked loudly, attracting the gaze of the man. Gaara merely smirked.

"For your information, young lady, this is a casual wizard's robe, not a dress," the man said kindly, bright blue eyes twinkling behind half moon glasses. Temari looked him up and down with a critical eye, taking in the pointed hat and the end of a wand poking out of his belt.

"Are you a wizard?" she asked. The man was just about to answer when Naruto and Sakura arrived.

"You must be the four ninja the Lady Hokage sent." The man introduced himself to the team. "Yes, I am a wizard: My name is Albus Dumbledore; head master of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. You are…?"

"Haruno Sakura."

"Uzumaki Naruto."

"Temari and Gaara of the Desert!" Temari spoke for her brother.

Naruto punched a fist in the air, a huge smile on his face. "Yeah, let's get this mission started!"

Dumbledore smiled warmly. "Excited to start, I see! Let us get going; we will use this port key here." He produced a grimy tin can from his robes. Sakura wrinkled her nose slightly.

"Sorry, sir, but isn't that a little…?" She trailed off.

"Dirty? No, no. This is a port key, a magical transportation device. If you feel uncomfortable touching it that much, a finger will do, my dear!" Dumbledore exclaimed. "Now hurry, though, it will work in about twenty seconds." Sakura put a doubtful finger on the cleanest bit of can she could find, followed by the rest of the ninja. Twenty seconds later, they were still standing there. Gaara briefly wondered how stupid they looked, four trained shinobi and an ancient old man clustered around a dirty little can. Indeed, some of the gate guards were giving them strange looks. Naruto voiced all their thoughts.

"Grandpa, are you sure this is gonna work?" Dumbledore checked his watch. Sakura stole a glance at it. Small planets revolved around the rim, and there were many hands, none of which made any sense.

It seemed to make sense to Dumbledore though, because he said "Hold on tight!" The world vanished in a blur of sound and color as a strange force took hold behind their stomachs and jerked them forward. They landed in a heap in front of the Head Master's massive desk.

The ninja struggled to their feet, eyes everywhere at once. "It looks like we've all arrived in one piece!" Dumbledore said cheerfully. "Welcome to Hogwarts. The term has just started, and most of the students should be in bed."

"Most?" Sakura questioned.

"Some of the students have a tendency to wander about after hours, despite an enforced curfew. Please, as you acquaint yourselves with the school, watch for students out of bed. And try not to injure them."

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