Hello, readers! So, I've been dragging my feet lately a lot on this story. Really, I can't keep it up anymore. I don't like Naruto anymore, and I've lost interest in Harry Potter. He was so much of a jerk in the movies that I can't think about much else than Harry bashing anymore. I've given all my love to my Final Fantasy XII fictions, so pretty much my heart shriveled on this one. Sorry. I won't say that I'm going to miss this story or I am sad to let it go.

BUT! I have GOOD news! I hope! My friend Yotsuba of the Cicadas is willing to take this story over from me, and she likes Harry Potter MUCH more than I do, and Naruto too. I think. SO! I will be posting her chapters here for the first few times, but then I will be completely dropping this story and you'll have to visit Nono-chan's website if you want to read it. I encourage you to do so.


Mu (The Giant Daifuku)