Find Yourself

Ok so I might change the title at a later date we shall see how it goes… anyways this is a multi chapter GH/GLEE piece. I don't own either fandom I'm just kind of obsessed with them both. This is kind of my first GH piece that isn't about Spinelli and this is my first multi chapter GLEE piece so I'm kind of excited and yet nervice at the same time. no massive plotline or ships are yet to be set in stone though loyal readers know my preferences….

When you find yourself
In some far off place
And it causes you to rethink some things
You start to sense that slowly
You're becoming someone else
And then you find yourself

--Find Yourself by Brad Paisley

'Public School, Public School' Moving to a new town halfway through Junior Year was one thing but to actually be forced to go to Public High School seemed like a fate worse then death to her.

Leaning against her mother's mini van in front of William McKinley High Kristina Davis mentally began to think of the many reasons toward this sudden move. There was the fact that her biological father was one Sonny Corenthos, gangster but if that was the case then why didn't her mother move years ago. No, she suspected that the reason Alexis decided to move was more to do with getting the young girl far away from her abusive ex and less to do about keeping her away from the mob lifestyle.

"Come on Kristina," Alexis said, "think of it as an adventure."

Letting out a sigh she rolled her eyes.

"Adventure, yea right," she thought to herself as she headed into her own personal brand of hell.


Letting out a sigh as she finished dotting the I's and crossing the T's in the main office she let out a sigh as she mumbled to herself.

"Why doesn't she understand that McKinley High will not look good to the Yale Administration office."

"Yale, wow," said a voice from behind her causing her to jump a bit.

Turning around she spotted the cause of the voice and faked a smile.

From his exterior looks the young man seemed to be nice enough albeit a bit flamboyant.

"You heard that huh," she said letting out a soft giggle, "how much else did you hear."

Smiling back he looked at the young girl.

"Not much, I was just on my way to Principal Figgins's office to help show some new student around."

Raising her hand Kristina smiled.

"Well you can save yourself a few steps, that new student is me and I'm a strong independent woman capable of finding my way around this school myself."

"Well," he said as he leaned over to read the student ID that lay on the stack of paperwork she was holding, "Kristina why don't you humor me."

Fidgeting with her hair now she simply shook her head as she mentally tried to think of what her mother would do.

Deciding Alexis's mode of action would be to use the powers of negotiation Kristina flashed the young man a devious look.

"Ok I'll humor you, you can give me the grand tour of McKinley High if…"

She paused realizing that she hadn't fully thought everything through.

"If…" he replied in an impatient tone.

Panicking she thought of the first thing to come to her mind.

"If you tell me your name," she sputtered out cursing herself for not thinking of something a bit more challenging.

Breathing out a sigh of relief at the young brunette's request he put out a single hand and with a pleasant smile replied.

"Kurt Hummel."


Kurt seemed like a nice enough guy as they walked down the halls and she listened to him make comments about the various teachers and students and cliques that amassed the campus.

Stopping suddenly he motioned to the folder of papers she still held in her hands.

"May I," he asked pointing to her schedule while she shook her head.

She watched as he picked up the paper and smiled a bit before returning it to her.

"Good, it seems that you have the same lunch period as I do," he said, "why don't you come and sit with me and I can introduce you to some of my friends."

Nodding she thought she kind of liked that idea and accepted Kurt's offer without another negotiative move.

"Anyway this is your stop," he spoke as they stood outside of a classroom, "first period advanced chem."

"You know at I was in AP chem back when I was at Madison though I doubt there is such thing as AP's here.. no offence."

"None taken, and anyways," eyeing her schedule his fingers brushed against a line about halfway down, "we do have AP's here and your in AP English Lit along with me."

Cracking a smile Kristina wondered why she didn't notice that on the schedule before.

"Thanks for pointing that out Kurt, I feel tons better."

He smiled back at her.

"Glad I could help."

She watched as he walked away to head to his own class, which he was now missing seeing as how homeroom was now officially over according to her watch.

Sucking in a deep breath she reached for the handle and opened the classroom door to be greeted by the stare of the teacher.

"Miss your late," he said as an annoyed look crossed his face causing Kristina to roll her eyes wondering if this man even realized that it was her first day.

"I have a note," she said pulling out the piece of paper Figgens had given her moments earlier.

He eyed the note and nodded.

"Very well Miss Davis," he said as he craned his next looking for an empty seat in the classroom before pointing to a spot next to a student who from exterior looks alone seemed to not look the part of an honors chemistry student though she was pleasantly surprised with her earlier impressions with the school so when the teacher told her to take the empty stool next to Mr. Puckerman she happily obliged.



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