Find Yourself

So I tossed back and forth the idea on weather this would be an epilogue chapter to Find Yourself or a Prologue to a new piece and well the Epilogue idea won out in the end. Anyway thanks to everyone who has reviewed this piece. It has been the longest one I've ever done and was a pretty fun ride…


They say time flies when you are having fun and for the Glee Club of McKinley High in Lima, Ohio it was no exception.

As the majority of the club began their Junior Year in the late Summer of 2010 they new from day one that there was going to be more changes then just the incoming new members of the club.

Kurt Hummel shocked everyone by rejoining the football team.

Matt Rutherford shocked everyone by coming out of the closet.

And Quinn Fabray not only shocked everyone by NOT re-joining the cheerios and instead becoming student body Vice President but reunited with her former boyfriend Finn Hudson over the summer as well much to the heartbreak of Tina Cohen Chang.

Tina claimed that she didn't need a man to tie her down, that she was perfectly happy being a strong, independent, single woman. However with all her friends coupled up she secretly longed to not be a third wheel which was why by years end she in turn shocked everyone by dating one of the members of the Lacrosse team.

Junior Year also brought upon New Directions winning Sectionals and taking Vocal Adrenaline's Regionals crown away from them. Not only that but as the gang headed to New York for Regionals (which in turn was coupled with a college road trip) they managed to place in the top ten.


Senior year brought on it's own dramas as everyone's minds were set on getting out of Lima and going to a good college.

That year Noah Puckerman and Rachel Berry split up, as did Finn and Quinn however it wasn't cause of some bait and switch sinario. Rachel still liked 'Noah' however her heart belonged to the stage and she thought of him as a 'distraction'. Quinn meanwhile had gotten to know Kristina Davis's brother during the summer and didn't feel right stringing Finn along.

Both splits however didn't distract New Directions who went on to winning it's third consecutive Sectionals, it's second Regionals and when Nationals rolled around they managed to jump from tenth place to third… not a bad way to go out right?


Summer 2012-

A few weeks after Regionals Artie Abrams sat in the lobby of the local church tangling his fingers in his girlfriend Kristina's hair while she sat on his lap.

He was dreading the conversation he planed to have with her later on that day and instead was letting the young girl linger in the moment.

"Kurt will kill you if you mess with my hair," she said taking his hand into hers and pulling it up to her lips to playfully kiss it.

A smile crossed Artie's lips.

God he'd miss this when he went off to MIT while she went off to Yale to live her dream in just a few short weeks.

"Kurt is a drama queen."

"True, but he's also my brother…or will be in oh about an hour."

Artie chucked as Kristina thought about how today was the day that her mother and Burt Hummel were finally saying their I Do's…why they waited this long she never knew.

"Hey lovebirds," Kurt said with a smile on his face as he walked over to the duo with thirteen year old Molly Davis by his side, "I will not have our first official family portrait be sullied do to ruffled hair and wrinkled dresses,"

His eyes glared at his best friend tauntingly while his soon to be sister got the hint and stood up smoothing out her lavender bridesmaids dress with one hand while looking over to her sister.

"My hair's not that bad is it Molly."

The young girl who managed to skip a grade of Junior High and was about to embark on her freshman year of McKinley when her elder siblings fled the nest simply shook her head.

"It's fine, anyway mom wants you."

Kristina nodded gently kissing Artie's cheek while she headed off with her sister.


Moments later Kristina and Molly reached the small room where Alexis along with Dianne Giambetti and eldest daughter Sam McCall waited for her.

"Oh to be young and in love," Dianne said as the girls walked in, 'I take it you were with Artie right."

"When is she not with him," Sam said with a smile, "I'm still shocked you didn't decide to go to the same school together."

Kristina was about to open her mouth when Molly opened hers instead.

"As romantic as Krissy's love story is it's not her day, it's moms. And she and Burt are simply splendid together…"

The young teen then began to rant on and on about how her mother and Mr. Hummel reminded her about some famous couple or another although not as tragic while Alexis looked at the cream colored gown that her step son to be helped her pick out, a smile crossing her lips.

They went over the usual ritual of something old, new, borrowed and blue before signaling for the ceremony to begin.

For Alexis her maid of honor had been her long time friend Dianne while her bridesmaids where her three daughters, while two year old Danielle was the flower girl, helped down the aisle by her god mother Tina who also wore the same pale purple as the other bridesmaids did. For the groom, best man was his son Kurt while his groomsmen consisted of Artie along with Puck who'd been working part time at the garage now for over a year and was the biological father to his soon to be grand daughter, and rounding out the groomsmen was Alexis's nephew Nickolas whose son Spencer had been ring bearer.

Unlike weddings in Port Charles the Davis-Hummel wedding went off with out a hitch and in the blink of an eye the reception began.


It was a great reception, albeit bitter sweet as this would be one of the last times all the members of New Directions would be together before taking off to pursue higher education, well for most of them anyway as Puck had opted out of going to traditional university and instead was in the process of getting a PI license so that he could set up shop with Sam who was itching to get back into the field again.

At present however everyone was laughing it up on the dance floor.

"I love weddings," Mercedes said as she was dancing with her long time boyfriend Mike who would be accompanying her to Brown in a matter of weeks.

The young man blinked wondering if his girlfriend was hinting at something before shaking his head as he eyed Kristina who was on the dance floor at present with her cousin Spencer, a smile slowly creeping across his lips.

"I think the first one of you girls to be a bride is going to be Kristina."

Mercedes nodded thinking that this could be true however she never let down a chance for her competitive spirit to come into play.

"What if I catch the bouquet."

"What if you catch the bouquet?" Mike challenged her as in that moment Dianne clinked her spoon against her glass meaning one of two things. That she was about to give a toast or that it was her chance to show off to her boyfriend.

"Can I have your attention please," Dianne said, "will all the unmarried women in the room please come to the center now."

The older woman was making some other slightly lewd comments however they were toned out as Mercedes along with the other female members of the club, Molly, Sam, Emma, and a few others headed towards the center of the room for the toss.

Alexis looked over at the crowd before tossing back the bouquet which ultimately found it's home in the hands of Emma.

Mike smiled sweetly to Mercedes before pulling her into a sweet kiss while Artie wheeled his way over to Kristina a smile on his own lips.

"As much as I'd love to see the look on Miss Pillsbury's face as the lucky guy who catches the garter tries to put it onto her leg…I was wondering…could we talk in private?"

Kristina nodded as she followed Artie as he wheeled outside of the reception hall and up the small ramp, which lead up to a beautiful Gazebo, which was all decked out in white 'fairy lights'.

"Did you plan this," Kristina asked, a smile on her face thinking that the atmosphere was utterly romantic.

She was expecting a smile on his lips, him declaring yes, or to say no that it was Kurt or Molly's idea. However instead she watched his face contort into a saddened smile.

"W-we need to talk," he stammered out nervously while her heart sank.

No, not here, not now, not in a setting like this…surely he wasn't…

She just nodded.

"I love you Kristina, you know I do."

"But…right…but your breaking up with me…at my mother's wedding! Classy."

A tear ran down her cheek and he reached over to wipe it away however she swatted it back.

"No, Artie don't."

"I'm not breaking up with you….theoretically."

"Well then what are you doing."

"I'm just saying that you'll be in New Haven, I'll be in Boston and while those two places are just a stone throw away from one another….well I don't want to hold you back."

"You don't want to hold me back?"

Artie nodded.

"I don't want you to have to worry about your boyfriend when you should be living your life."

Kristina took what he said and let it sink in.

"So your saying you want to take a step back…just be friends."

Artie nodded.

"At least until we graduate."

It pierced her heart, those words however she nodded without an argument, as it was better to have Artie in her life as a friend then not at all.

Giving him one final hug she excused herself, making a comment about how Kurt would kill them if her eyes were all red and puffy before heading over to the ladies room, all the while thinking that from that moment things would never be the same again.

The End

Again thanks to everyone who has read this epic piece of epic ness. I have a few ideas for a sequel which will be a future verse which I hope to get to sooner rather then later… anyway keep an eye out