Nature's Fury

Book 1: The Chamber of Mana

Chapter 3: I welcome you to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter (J.K Rowling) or Magic the Gathering (Wizards of the Coast).

"So who is this person I am supposed to be meeting?" asked Kai as he trotted after Garruk.

"A very old friend of mine," stated Garruk simply, "duck."

Kai ducked as a large bird flew over his head it was one of the many creatures that made their home here in the woods. Many of them were summoned by Garruk himself from other planes as lesson for Kai.

"How old is very old?" stated Kai.

"Way before you were born," was Garruk's only reply, "shoot."

Kai's bow was out in a flash as he aimed for the direction Kai indicated and let loose an arrow. The arrow flew straight and true as it hit the predator that was stalking them for a good half a mile. Kai walked over and withdrew his arrow it wasn't broken.

"How far is way before?" stated Kai not giving up that easily as he returned to following Garruk.

"Let's see I would have to say that I first met him when he was suspended from his boarding school he was going to," stated Garruk, "pit trap."

Kai easily jumped over it without any troubles. Listening to what his mentor was saying.

"He was tossed out on false accusations, for something he didn't do," stated Garruk, "shoot."

Kai's arrow was off the string before Garruk even said anything about shooting. The arrow flew straight and true finding its mark in the chest of another predator that was stalking them.

"Why do you have so many predators of other planes living here?" stayed Kai temporarily getting off topic.

"To save them," stated Garruk as he kept quite this time.

Kai ducked low as a set of gloves with spikes on the palms appeared over his hand. They were a weapon he had summoned known as shuko, Kai was one of the best shuko users that Garruk had ever trained.

His palm flew up and slammed into the chest of the creature that just pounced at him. Two other things happened that Garruk noticed the first was green lightning raced through Kai's veins making him stronger, and the second was light red aura surrounded him temporarily when it vanished Kai's reflexes were a lot better.

The creature a spider the size of Garruk covered in wooly fur. Blue and white in color, the pinchers were huge and it had all eight eyes focused on Kai. It had been waiting for pray to come by so it could snag it up for dinner.

Kai faced the spider down his spells and equipment cast he was ready to fight. Kai moved first faster than any normal boy his age should be able to move because of the spell he cast.

Kai ducked low his shuko rising up and slashing across the foot, with the weapon and his improved strength he sheared the leg right off. He easily dodged away before the spider could make any attempt at a counter attack his reflexes spell working overtime.

Kai moved again much faster than the spider ever could be without planeswalker assistance. He charged right for the spider's head but before he got there he hit the ground sliding under large spider his shuko rose up and tore at the soft underbelly of the spider. Once more before a counter attack could be given Kai was out of range, well sort of. After the slide he pushed off a tree and landed on the spiders back with a leap.

His palm lit on fire as he summoned the red mana to cast his finishing spell. The fireball burned on his palm right about the shuko as he slammed it down on the spiders back. The flames raced along the spider's fur burning him and finishing him off.

Kai jumped off and landed next to his master all the shuko's and enchantments vanished as his feet hit the ground. He was panting heavily he never would of survived that fight, according to Garruk's level rules that was a level three wooly spider. He was only a level one mage with access to only level one spells. Luckily he was well trained in the use of his spells.

"But if I kill them all how are they protected?" asked Kai never missing a beat with his questioning of his master.

"The magic I invested in this place does not kill the creatures you kill it banished back to where I summoned them, which usually also becomes their dens," stated Garruk rather proud of his pupil. The combination of his rancor spell and his reflex spell along with his training with the shuko had all been developed by Kai himself.

"Oh I see, so I "kill" then and they just return to their den to try again another day," stated Kai.

"Correct, now hurry we must not keep our guest waiting any longer than he already has," stated Garruk. No more lessons for today Kai's mana was exhausted, he was actually quite surprised that he could pull of the last fireball but Kai was full of surprises. "Remember to always watch your mana reserves," stated Garruk knowing he needed to remind his pupil who had a tendency to over use his mana, which would cause slight mana burn which trained him physically and mentally.

"I know sir, I apologize I shouldn't of used the last fireball spell it depleted me completely," stated Kai he was still breathing heavily and sweat could be seen on his hunting clothes.

"After our meeting I expect you to mediate, regain some of your mana," stated Garruk as he finally came out of the trees into a large clearing. A cabin was in the middle of it with a rather large man waiting on the front porch.

"Yes sir," stated Kai as he looked upon what he now called home. Two years he had been training with Garruk and had learned so much. Garruk had become like a father to the young boy. They shared the bond of green mana, though where Kai was also red and white his master due to a past he would not tell his student was red and black.

The cabin was just big enough to support the two and give them some privacy but not huge. Most of the time they didn't even sleep in it they slept out in the woods, mountains, plains, or swamps that surrounded the cabin. There was no connection to blue mana here at all, no technology, and no water, nothing even remotely blue. Neither the master nor the apprentice had much used for it so Garruk didn't bother working it into the magic of the area.

Standing on their front porch was the biggest man Kai had ever seen. He was much taller than Garruk. He was dressed in a large moleskin coat that looked to have many pockets. His face was covered in a wild mane of black hair. Two black eyes peeped through the hair; a smile was behind those eyes.

"Garru' mi ol' frien'," stated the large man.

"Hagrid it has been too long," stated Garruk walking up and hugging the giant of a man.

"So'ry ma'e ole Dumbledore been kee'in me busy," stated Hagrid.

"Has he yet come to terms with what must happen?" asked Garruk.

Hagrid's smile wavered as he shook his head.

"Damn old fool still thinks he can win the war that is coming all by himself," cursed Garruk, "would you like some brandy Hagrid? We have much to talk about."

"Oy som' brandy would be great," stated Hagrid.

Garruk nodded and turned to Kai, "Kai this is Hagrid, Hagrid this is the pupil I was talking about Kai."

Hagrid walked up and offered his large hand to the boy, "Pleasur' to meet ya son, Garruk here told me a lot about you."

Kai nodded as he shook the man's hand, "Sir pardon me from asking but are you half-giant?"

Hagrid chuckled, "Oy he's as smar' as ya sai' he was Garruk. Yes young man on my mu'her's side, not very motherly she was left af'er I was born. Apprecia'e it if when you get to Hogwar's you don't tell anyone though."

"When I get where?" stated Kai.

"That Kai is one of the many things we have to talk about," stated Garruk as he opened the door, "now how about that brandy."

The trio walked into the main room of the cabin which was the living room, kitchen, and dining room. Two doors led off to two separated rooms one of Kai and one for Garruk. Each room had a small john.

Garruk walked over and looked at a chair he waved his hand making it grow to fit Hagrid's bulk. Then he walked over to the kitchen to get the brandy and some wild fruit juice for Kai.

After drinks were passed out and everyone was situated Garruk turned to Kai.

"You have learned much in the last couple years my young pupil, but things are moving faster than I expected…she is moving faster than expected that is why Hagrid is here, let me tell you a story," stated Garruk.

Garruk told Kai the story of a dark wizard who rose to power thirteen years ago. He was not like Kai and Garruk he was just a simple man who had access to some little magic, not the scope or understanding that planeswalkers had. He told of how the man went to kill a little boy but the spell rebounded off of the boy and hit the man destroying his body but not his soul.

"Phylarchy?" asked Kai.

"This planes version of them yes," stated Garruk.

Garruk then went on to tell him something different than the usual fairy tale that surrounded that wizard. The pact he made with a power much more ancient and much more dangerous. How when the fool didn't listen to the power he had lost his body which in turn caused the being to lose its power as well.

"The being was a planeswalker?" asked Kai, "like you and me?"

Garruk nodded. He continued his story saying that the two would rise again stronger than ever before. He told Kai that the one who defeated the body would have to do it again but the one who has to defeat the soul is.

"Me," whispered Kai.

"Your green mana is an exact opposite of the being's black mana, in the future you will have to power to do this but not unless the body is defeated first," stated Garruk, "that is why Hagrid is here. The one meant to destroy the body started at the same boarding school as Hagrid went to before he met me, he is learning to become the weapon to defeat the body even if he doesn't know it yet," stated Garruk.

"Garruk your strength is green mana too why can't you defeat the spirit?" stated Kai.

"I tried once upon a time many years ago, but the spirit corrupted me, giving me access to black mana. The black mana in me prevented my green mana from having the strength to destroy the spirit;" stated Garruk his eyes were sad, "the corruption ran to deep…now you one of pure mana much complete the task I failed."

"I am only eleven though," stated Kai.

Garruk walked up and put his arm around his pupil, "Do not fear I will be here every step of the way to make you master you mana. When the time comes you will be ready to fight the spirit and you will win. We are predators Kai; we take our prey down no matter what."

Hagrid walked over to and put his big hand on the boy's shoulder as well, "I will do all I can to help as well."

Kai nodded he felt even older but he already felt older than his eleven year self, living on the streets makes you grow up fast cause if you don't you die. He looked to his master, "What must I do?"

Garruk nodded, "We will keep training, however Dumbledore the headmaster of the school is a fool and is not taking steps to make the weapon for the body ready. You must go there and watch over him, however," stated Garruk his eyes serious as they ever were, "you cannot directly have contact with the weapon for the body. For he is tainted as well with the black mana from his run in so many years ago, your magic cannot be tainted or we will fail."

"So I am a silent guardian, someone who is there but in the background to just protect, you said he started school last year so he must be older than me which will make it easier," stated Kai.

"Correct my pupil," stated Garruk, "Hagrid will be your main advisor when I am not around, do not under any circumstances go to that old fool Dumbledore."

"Why?" stated Kai.

"He will try to use you in his grand scheme to defeat the body that is not your destiny," stated Garruk, "he thinks everything is for the greater good he is very wrong."

Kai looked at Hagrid, "Are you willing?"

"Garruk 'ook me in when everyone else 'hrew me out, he 'rained me in the ways of mana, I would do any'hing to help him and you," stated Hagrid.

"Very well," stated the young boy, "I will go to this school."

Hagrid reached into one of his many pockets, "The' as games keeper and keeper of the keys I welcome you to Hogwar's School of Witchraft and Wizardry."

Author's Notes

Okay so there you have it the main plot of the entire story line. How will he defeat the "spirit"? Who is the "spirit"?

Not sure how well I did on the accent of Hagrid I hope it was good.

Every single piece of magic that Kai used is a Magic card that truly does cost one mana. That is my leveling system mana cost=level of spell=what year Kai can cast the spell.

Originally I was going to have a "deck" list for Kai but I thought it was more fun to just give him access to whatever spell he needed at the situation.

This chapter took me a while because I wasn't really sure if I wanted to make Kai more grown up then most. In the end I decided that making him act older then he is works. As an orphan like I said he had to grow up fast. Now with this kind of destiny it adds to it. I am not saying that he isn't going to have moments when he acts just like an eleven year old but they will be less then most.

Thanks for all of those who are reading!