Neal couldn't believe that it had come so quickly. It was only a little over three months ago that Kel had returned and it was like she had never left. And her darling babies were growing so fast that Neal had hardly time to keep track of them plus his own little boy. He watched with a smile as he saw Emily rock him in her arms as the hall filled up. The last two months had been … different for everyone involved with Kel, Dom and Chelsea.

When Chelsea walked out to the hall announcing to everyone that she and Dom weren't getting marry many were in an uproar. No one more so than Chelsea's father. The fit that he threw was embarrassing and if it had been Neal's father he would have locked him up and never let him out. Chelsea did him proud though, she explain the whole thing to the crowd – from the lies to her loving another man and not being pregnant. Neal could have danced on the spot because he knew he had been right. Once most of the people had left, Chelsea stood up to her father and Neal couldn't help but laugh at Chelsea's father's expression.

"What are you grinning at Meathead?" Dom asked bring Neal back from his memories.

"Just you," he lied. "She's not going to leave you,"

Dom just nodded. The day of Chelsea's wedding was a big thought on his mind today. It took Kel a week to trust him again – well that's what she told everyone. The truth was, after the kiss Rylan started to cry. When Kel went to go over to him, Dom told her he'd do it. She was so surprised that she let him. Watching him carefully pick his son up and place him just as gentle against his shoulder made her heart swell. It just took that one instant and Kel knew he wouldn't leave. It took Dom eleven days of begging before Kel let him move in with her and the twins. It surprised him that she let him in so easily. And a month after that kiss, Dom proposed. Kel turned him down and locked him out of their quarters.

"Are you sure? She did say no the first time,"

"And the second and third and I'm pretty sure the fourth time as well," Neal teased.

It was true. Dom proposed four times and she said no to all of them. It was the fifth time that she said yes. Dom had been about to give up and when he was rocking Alessandrea after her feeding he asked her if she would ever marry him. She said she would when he asked her right. That spurred him on to ask her. He walked over to her and asked – he can't even remember what he said but he knew she said yes and that he made her cry. Now here he was, waiting for her to walk down the aisle in that beautiful gown he knew Lalassa designed.

Ilane smiled at the boy as he paced nervously backwards and forwards waiting for Kel to come. She remembered her wedding day and wondered if Kel how Kel was coping. When she helped her out this morning she had been a wreck. She had been going on about how she should have said no to Dom, that they weren't ready and the normal cold feet talk. Luckily for both Kel and Ilane, the Lioness, Yuki and Buri were there to calm her down. Ilane had only left to take the babies to find a good place to sit and to put them to sleep so they would hopefully sleep the whole through the ceremony.

Alanna found George sitting by Ilane, holding one of the twins. Alanna and George were one of the few people that could tell them apart at this early stage. George was holding Alessandrea (who was beginning to look like his favourite) while Ilane held Rylan. She sat down beside her husband letting Ilane give her Rylan.

"How's she goin'?" George asked once she settled Rylan who complained about being moved.

"She's doing better than I was on my wedding day," Alanna told him.

George chuckled.

"Good. We don't need her running off. Dom's worried enough," Ilane said pointing to Dom who was pale making Neal laugh.

"Then this wedding should start on time,"

As George spoke, the music started up signalling that the bride was coming. Kel only had two bridesmaids – Yuki and Lalassa and Yuki was the Maid of Honour. Lalassa lead the way in a beautiful light blue gown that Neal was sure was going to catch some attention at the reception. She was carrying white flowers with tiny blue bells laced through them. Kel had been specific on those. Everyone rose as the music changed and Kel walked through the doors. Raoul had the honour of walking her down the aisle and after much debate Raoul was going to give her away as well. Kel looked beautiful. Neal had a quick glance at Dom's face and was glad that he wasn't the only one that thought she was beautiful. He would have pounded Dom if he had been looking at her any other way.

Kel was wearing a creamy white shoulder-less gown with flecks of blue through it. Though the gown was shoulder-less it didn't make her shoulders look broad or bigger than normal, the dress suited her. It was in a bell sort of shape curving around her "mother" curves. She wasn't wearing a veil like Yuki had hinted to but it didn't matter. She had a necklace on that Dom had given her and simple pearl earrings. Her hair which was now longer was tied up in a fancy "do" that Neal couldn't name but looked gorgeous. As she got closer, Neal noticed she was wearing a tiny bit of makeup making her eyes appear to be sparking.

Dom knew he was wearing a stupid grin on his face and the raised eyebrow that Kel gave him as she got closer just confirmed. But he couldn't wipe it off his face – not that he wanted too. He had never seen her look more beautiful than that moment there. She reached him and Raoul kissed her cheek before getting in the same row as Alanna, George, Ilane and Buri. Raoul couldn't have been more proud of his Sergeant and his almost daughter. Raoul's wedding gift was more one sided but looking at them both he knew both would love him for it.

"Dearly beloved, we are here today…"


Kel had never seen such a reception – okay maybe Raoul's was wilder and Yuki's might have had more culture but hers was definitely more fun. The Third Company were convincing everyone to get drunk while Raoul and Buri looked after Alessandrea and Rylan trying to look at the Company disapproving but failed each time the twins made a cooing sound. Kel leant into Dom as he wrapped an arm around her waist, feeding her from his, their plate. She had never been more at ease and after the months she had, this wedding was perfect.

She was happy to just relax and not worry for the moment. Worrying would come later that night when Buri and Raoul would take the twins for the night, letting the newlyweds have a break on their wedding night.

"Are you happy?" Dom whispered into her ear as she relaxed into him.

She nodded.

"I know this is a cliché but this is definitely the best day in my whole life maybe apart from holding the twins for the first time,"

He chuckled and kissed the top of her head. The crowd quietened down as Neal got up and went to the music section.

"Can I have everyone's attention?" Neal asked.

"Nope!" Wolset called out causing people to laugh.

"Well then you don't have to listen. On behalf of everyone here, can we invite the new Masbolle couple up for their first dance as husband and wife?"

Dom and Kel got up and Dom lead her to the dance floor. She laughed as he spun her around and then twirled her into him.

"I love you Dom," she whispered.

"I know you do because I love you too,"

She laughed at him. They continued to dance for a moment till others joined them. They danced for a little longer till Kel heard Alessandrea sat to fuss. They went over to Raoul and Buri and each took a child. Raoul got up to Neal's place.

"Okay, okay. Listen up," Raoul told the people without much tack. "So somehow I convinced King Jonathan to grant a request of mine,"

Dom looked at Kel confused hoping to get an answer but she shrugged just as clueless.

"Now I am happy to announce that King Jonathan has approved that higher ranking married officers may remain in the Kings Own with the permission of their wives of course,"

Kel couldn't believe her ears. Dom could remain in the Third Company doing the job he loved despite being married. Everyone was cheering and as Ilane and Buri took the twins from the gobsmacked parents, they were able to hug.

"I can't believe it," Kel told him, hugging him tightly.

The rest of the night was spent in serious celebration. Kel couldn't stop grinning as Dom lead her up the stairs to their chambers. They locked the door behind them and relaxed in their own room.

"Will you go back?" she asked as he helped her with her dress.

"Not right away but I might. It'll be hard leaving the twins when I leave,"

"They'll miss you; I'll miss you,"

"I hope so wife otherwise I'll be worried," he teased.

Kel turned to him.

"I love you my husband,"

He kissed her smiling…


"How's married life treating you?" Neal asked as they headed to the practice yards.

It was about two and half years since the twins came along and both were little trouble makers. Them being a little older now made it easier for both Kel and Dom to leave them for missions. The catch with that was neither could both be away at the same time and Kel always chose missions that made sure she would be gone for more then two or three weeks maximum at a time. Where Dom couldn't be as lucky – his last mission he was gone for eight weeks.

"It's good. Sometimes we even get to be in the same room alone,"

Neal chuckled understanding completely. Kagomae was five and was a little better then her brother except she had this crazy idea that she was going to become a Lady Knight just like her Aunty Kel. Dean on the other hand was showing the first signs of the gift and despite the gift he wanted to become a sailor.

"I know the feeling. Between Dean and Kagomae and now Xenophilious (Zen-o-phil-e-s), I don't think I'm going to see Yuki till Zen is ten!"

"Is Yuki okay that I didn't come as see her and Xenophilious while she was in the healing quarters? It was a little hard,"

The year the twins turned one, Kel found out that she was pregnant again. At the time she hadn't realised and went out a mission. She miscarried scaring not only her but the people she was with. Luckily she had been with Alanna who knew exactly what to do and was able to calm her down.

"When does Dom get back?" Neal asked, changing the subject for her.

"Today," she said grinning. "And he gets to be home for three weeks and I don't have a mission till the second week that only goes on for five days so we'll have two weeks together,"

"Mama! Mama!" Rylan exclaimed rushing in behind her; Alessandrea was following him just as fast.

Kel turned around and just in time as Rylan ran straight into Kel's legs, wrapping his arms around her legs. Kel bent down to pick up Alessandrea and place her on her hip.

"What are you two doing here? Where's Emily?"

Rylan pointed backed him.

"We too fast," he told them smiling cheekily. "She can't catch us,"

"Well then why don't you two go back to Emily while mummy and Uncle Neal practice?"

"Uncle Me-head," Alessandrea said laughing.

Dom had let it slip a couple of time that Neal was Meathead and Alessandrea had started calling Neal Uncle Me-head which Kel couldn't get her to let go. Kel handed Alessandrea to Emily and Emily took Rylan's hand. They wandered to the fence leaving Neal and Kel to practice. Their practice was cut short when a loud wolf whistle cu through the silence. Both turned to the whistle and Kel let out a giant grin.

"Hey stranger,"

Dom had been gone for two months and it was the longest two months ever. Dom dismounted, tied his horse to the fence and ducked under it going straight to Kel. Dom wrapped his arm around her waist (ignoring Neal all together) and pulled her into a tight hug. They managed to share a kiss before the twins raced over to see their father.


He picked both up and hugged them tightly. Neal watched them for a moment before Dom with the help Alessandrea and Rylan they went to look after Dom's 'horsie'.

"Do you need us to take the twins tonight?"

Kel had taken his children a couple of times when Neal had come home after missions. Everyone with children pitched in and normally Kel would agree but tonight was a family thing.

"I think we'll be okay tonight…"


"Have they got easier to put to bed?" Dom whispered as they watched their children sleep from the doorway.

Kel nodded. They quietly (using all they're training) crept out to the living room.

"Have I missed much?"

"I had to see Baird a week ago,"

"Were you sick?"

"You could say that,"

Dom looked at her, a slight smile coming to his face.

"And?" he questioned.

"I'm three and a half months pregnant,"

It took everything within Dom to content his excitement. He hugged her tightly and then kissed her hard.

"Please tell me not twins,"

"No just one. I haven't told anyone but I'm going to tell the King tomorrow. My next mission is safe so I'll still be able to do but I'm sure Neal will want to come,"

Dom nodded understanding.

"And your sure its just one? I don't think we could handle two more at once,"

She laughed…


"I swear Dom, I'm going to kill you," Kel told him as he rushed her down to the Healer's Quarters. "You got me pregnant and now I'm going to kill-!"

She was cut off by another contraction. Her contractions were coming hard and fast; this baby wanted out. Both refused to find out what sex it was but Kel swore it was a boy while Dom swore it was a girl. Kel secretly thought he wanted another girl to spoil.

She let out a loud scream as another contraction hit her body. Alanna smiled to herself as she came out of the quarters to greet the couple.

"Looks like that baby is ready to come into the lovely world of Tortall,"

Kel groaned and Alanna grinned to herself. Looks like Kel was about to have a healthy baby…


"Healthy baby boy," Dom mused as he sat beside the bed watching Kel fed. "And I thought it would be a girl,"

Kel looked up.

"Maybe next time,"

Nobody had come into greet them yet but that was going to happen in the next hour or so. Dom smiled and looked down at his son. He looked like Kel which was what they both were secretly hoping for seeing that their first two looked like Dom. He had so much hair more than he had ever seen on any child let alone a new born.

His hair was dark but both suspected that it would go a light brown in a couple of months. His eyes were blue like all newborns but they were light and Dom could see dark brown flecks through them.

"What about Dom Junior?" he suggested with a smile.

She shook her head at him.

"I like Jayson," she suggested.

"Introducing Little Jayson of Masbolle," Dom said grandly. "I like it…"


Author's Note: That my friends and dear readers is the last chapter of Twins. As you can see there was a lovely happy ending (Dr. Bubbles had no need to worry) and I have enjoyed writing this so much. It has been almost two years since I began this story and I can't believe 51 chapters later it has come to a conclusion.

For the record Kel and Dom possible have two more while Neal and Yuki have a couple more as well. Just thought you lovely people out there would like to know

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