Love: The Other Endless Waltz

~Chapter 2~

The Favor

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Italics will be used as flashbacks

Dorothy had been working for Quatre for a few weeks. She and Quatre worked very closely at all of the paperwork that needed to be filed. She was also in charge of being Quatre's second being. There were times where it would just be easier if Quatre were two people. She would attend meetings and he would observe building new Natural Resource Satellites, or vice versa. She was a very hard worker, and Quatre was pleased.

"I guess she has changed." Quatre claimed to Rashid.

Rashid nodded, "I spoke with her last week, and she claims that you were the one who changed her." He told Quatre.

Quatre was confused, 'I had changed her?' He asked himself in thought. He didn't seem to understand how he had any bearing on who she had become over the last couple of years. The last he saw of her was after the battle with the Marimaya soldiers.

That fateful Christmas night Quatre and the others went into the battle to end all battles. The words still rang in Quatre's mind. He heard Duo say it over and over again, "let's only take the weapons, and war itself along with us to Hell!"

Quatre got out of Sandrock for what would be one of the final times. He observed his Gundam and smiled. "Thank you, Sandrock." He said to the large mobile suit that had kept him alive throughout the whole war in the previous year. Snow fell from the sky. The cold flakes felt good on his face. He had been very hot for most of this final battle, considering he had been up near Venus and Mercury. He closed his eyes and was deep in thought.

Duo walked up to Quatre, "Well, it's finally over!" He exclaimed as he threw his arm around Quatre's neck. He tried to keep a happy face, even though he didn't know, at the time, if Heero was alive or dead. He hadn't seen him since the Wing Zero exploded in midair. He had no idea what had happened in the Brussel's Mansion.

Trowa climbed out of his Gundam and had a look of relief on his face. He seemed to be happy that everything was finally over. He walked up to his two comrades. No words needed to be said, Trowa wasn't much of a talker.

Quatre smiled at his two friends, he was happy to be near them. He just wondered what happened to Wu Fei and if Heero was still alive. "Let's see if we can find Wu Fei." He said to the others.

Duo and Trowa nodded and followed Quatre to where they had seen the Altron land. It was there they saw a herd of civilians standing at the feet of the tall green Gundam.

Quatre looked around for Wu Fei and didn't see him, Wu Fei had yet to get out of his Gundam. However, he did hear a very familiar voice coming from behind him.

"Hello, Quatre Raberba Winner." Dorothy said in her very distinct voice. She was hidden within a group of the civilians.

Quatre turned and saw her. He smiled; he hadn't seen her since the end of AC 195 when they had their battle on Libra. "Dorothy!" He exclaimed and ran up to her. "So, you did make it out alive!" He said. He had been a little irritated with Trowa when he didn't help Dorothy when Quatre had asked. 'I guess Trowa was right. She is strong enough to survive on her own,' he thought to himself.

Dorothy nodded, "Do you like what I have done here?" She asked.

Quatre looked around, "You assembled these people?"

Dorothy nodded, "You can thank me later." She replied as she began to walk away.

Quatre let her go. After all, she had tried to kill him, and almost succeeded. That wasn't something you forgive that easily.

Quatre was snapped back to the present time by Rashid, "Master, are you alright?" He asked. Quatre had been silent for awhile, appearing to be deep in thought. Rashid had begun to become a little worried about him. He knew Dorothy caused unnecessary stress to Quatre. However, there was something about both of them. He was certain that they needed to be in each other's lives. They brought out the best in each other, no matter how deadly their relationship had been before.

Quatre nodded, "yeah…I'm fine." He smiled with slight embarrassment. "I better get a move on, Rashid. Thank you for everything you do for me." He said with all the kindness in his heart. "I don't think I tell you enough how much I appreciate you and the other former Corps members." He said as he shook Rashid's hand and began to walk away.

Rashid simply smiled. He knew how much Quatre had respected him, but it was nice to hear.

Quatre walked into the office that Dorothy had practically moved into. She was looking over all of the pictures that Quatre had snapped during the course of the war.

"You amaze me." She stated.

Quatre laughed, "Why's that?" He asked.

"You were in the middle of a war, and you could have died at any second. And yet, you managed to hone your photography skills." She said as she pointed to numerous pictures on the wall of Quatre and the other Gundam Pilots.

Quatre walked over to her and stood next to her as he also observed the pictures. "It's all I could do to stay sane. I hate war, and yet I became a soldier." He explained. His eyes peered over to her nervously. "I have one of you as well."

Dorothy looked at him, "Of me?" She asked with surprise.

Quatre nodded, "Yeah, it's in my desk. I have to find a frame for it." He explained as he walked over to his desk and pulled out a picture of Dorothy and Relena. "I took it while Heero and I lived in the Sanc Kingdom." He finished as he showed her the picture.

Dorothy looked at the picture; it couldn't help but bring a smile to her face. She didn't even remember taking this picture. It flattered her to know that Quatre would keep something like this. "Very nice." She said as she handed the picture back. She tried to stay subtle with emotion.

Quatre smiled and put the picture back in the drawer. "So, Rashid told me something you had told him." He began. He didn't mean to throw Rashid under the bus, but he wanted to know the truth behind what was said.

"What's that?" Dorothy asked as she took a seat in one of the chairs in the office.

"He said that you say I helped…change…you." He hesitated to say.

Dorothy chuckled, "Well, yes." She said as she closed her eyes. "I may have stabbed you through the gut. But you managed to stab me in the soul." She said.

Quatre hated being reminded of his fight with her. He almost died in that fight, had it not been for Trowa, he would have. He had no idea what she meant when she said that he had stabbed her soul.

"What I mean is," she began as she saw confusion on his face. "Relena always tried to force me to believe what she believed. You on the other hand, made me see a side of myself that I never wanted to see. You forced me to see my true feelings about war and battles." She said, now with pain. She still enjoyed putting up her strong front, but really, she was in a lot more pain than she ever let on.

Quatre smiled and nodded. He had nothing to reply with. It honored him to know that he had been a part of that. It was also an honor to see that he was able to break down some walls and see a side of her that she never let anyone see. He sat down at his computer and began to check his email. "That's weird." He said with worry.

Dorothy's attention was grabbed, "What?"

"I got an email from Heero." He said with concern.

Dorothy didn't understand why that would cause concern. She walked over to the computer and read over Quatre's shoulder.

"He's asking for preventer help." Quatre explained.

"So, Heero's a preventer?" Dorothy asked. He had pictures up around his office, but he never talked about them. This was confusing to her. She always meant to ask, but never had time.

"Yeah, mostly in computer science type things, he's a great hacker." Quatre explained as he skimmed over the information that Heero sent. "There's a fire brewing on the colony that this satellite is servicing."

"Which is why he wants your help."

Quatre nodded, "his email said that he's on earth for business, that's way too far out to put out a fire." Quatre stated.

Dorothy looked at Quatre, "Are you going to help?" She inquired.

Quatre was silent for a moment, he thought about the complications. He wanted to help, but he enjoyed being retired. He let out a sigh, he knew he would help. He wasn't the kind of person to let anyone down. The last thing Quatre wanted was for another war to occur. "Yeah." He let out. He hit the reply button and answered Heero's email. "Well, I have a lot of things to study tonight." He told Dorothy, "You can go home if you want to." He said with a sound of disappointment. He didn't want to get involved; he wanted to live life as a Winner. He wanted to be a pacifist like his late father.

Dorothy shook her head, "Are you crazy? I am going on this mission with you. You can't go alone!" She said to him.

Quatre shook his head, "Rashid will go with me. I trust him with my life, and I don't want to go without him." He explained.

"No, let Rashid take care of business here. We are still young; he shouldn't be put in danger." She proclaimed with her fake exuberance back.

Quatre chuckled. He knew that all she wanted was to see a "beautiful battle" and she wasn't taking no for an answer. "Alright. Rashid's in charge of the satellite." He said with an exhausted smile.

Dorothy grew excited, "Oh, alright! Then let's get started!" She said as she sat back down in her seat and waited for Quatre to print out the information so she could read it as well.

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