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Summary: 'Minato Arisato can use many personae right? Is there any way for him to share his personae with the S.E.E.S. members?'

Who Am I Chapter 1: Her (Seemingly) Dangerous Plan

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August 8th 2009

Minato is reading a book titled 'Divination for Dummies' when someone knocked on his heaven's door.

"Arisato, It's me. Can I have a word with you?" The voice said with a serious and commanding tone. Though there's a bit of happiness in her voice.

"Coming!" He said while making his way toward the door. Minato opened the door and met the student council president.

"Good morning. There's something important I need to tell you but I think it would be best if you saw it for yourself. Come to the 4th floor meeting room when you get home tonight, okay? I'll see you then." As usual, Mitsuru-senpai only said things necessary in one breath. And she disappeared before Minato gave any response.

At the meeting room, looks like Aigis and Junpei are the only one here.

"Does this means we have a new mission?" The persona-user gynoid asked to Junpei, only to have the latter rubbed the back of his head uncertainly and said "I dunno. But the alarm's not ringin'..."

"No Yukari-san! The EP stands for Electrically Powered, while MS stands for Multiple Stops." Fuuka said a bit loud as she entered the meeting room with Minato and Yukari. Apparently they're debating over something.

"Who told you that? EPMS means Excessively Powered Mach Speed!" Yukari said with an annoyed tone.

"Please ladies, don't fight over trains..." Minato sighed. Then he saw Junpei making some jokes about Ikutsuki-san to Aigis.

"I don't think it's appropriate to insult the chairman Junpei-san." Aigis replied.

"Oh sure. But don't you think they resemble each other?" Junpei said while rubbing his goatee.

"Who resemble who?" Minato joined their conversation with a curious look, seemingly tired from Fuuka and Yukari's train debate.

"Ah Minato dude! How I love to see someone who can appreciate my jokes!" Exclaimed Junpei as he throw his arm for a hug to Minato, only for Minato to punch him straight on the nose with veins pulsating on his forehead.

"Cut it out Junpei. Besides, what's this 'insult the chairman' stuff?" Minato asked as he rub his blood covered hand to his shoulder. "Don't tell me it's about Ikutsuki-san and his bike"

"Oh dude that one is not so funny anymore! I've discovered a new one!" Looks like Junpei didn't care about his bleeding nose because he looks pretty excited. "Okay did ya know Kariyazaki Shogo?"

"No" Minato and Aigis shook their head.

Fuuka and Yukari has stopped their debate and they leaned over Aigis' 'shoulder' and listened to Junpei.

"Nope. Doesn't ring a bell." Yukari also shook her head.

"Yes. Err... No. I mean no." Fuuka shook her head.

"Urgh! And here I thought you guys could appreciate the art of jokes and insults!" Junpei said slapping his forehead.

For some reason, Yukari seemed to be shocked. "Huh!?" she exclaimed.

"Look! Koro-chan!" Fuuka gasped. They all ran over to the table, where Koromaru, Mitsuru, and Akihiko are standing. Koromaru has a collar on him. Collar and a vest with small wings adorned on the front legs.

"Woof" For some reason Koromaru looks contented. Perhaps it's the wings.

Fuuka was worried "Are you okay!? ...Where'd you get this collar?"

"That collar is designed to help control his Persona. In other words, it's an Evoker for dogs." Mitsuru has expected their reaction. Worry on Fuuka, surprise on Yukari, joy on Junpei, happiness on Aigis, and boredom on Minato. Not that she expect him to show any emotion (which he rarely showed).

"Wait... Does that mean he'll be going into battle?" Yukari looks more surprised than she'd been.

A smile made its way to Mitsuru's face. "It was a surprise for me as well. But according to the tests, it's quite possible. In fact, it was the Chairman's suggestion. ...We'll be looking after him here in the dorm."

"Is that okay with you, Koro-chan?" Fuuka's worry has switched over to happiness. "Woof." The soon to be member of S.E.E.S. replied.

"He says, "I'll return the favor." Aigis translated the canine's word. Apparently one simple woof can be translated into many words.

"Hey, make yourself at home... The more the merrier, right? Who cares if you're a dog? Alright, I'll take him for a walk. It's summer break after all!" Junpei asked his senpais for permission.

"It is Iori. Enjoy your summer vacation while you can. summer classes start next week. I'll see to it that you graduate."

"Wha-?" Hunpei froze in his place, and laughed awkwardly. "Good one there senpai. I never thought you're into jokes!"

"She really mean it Junpei-kun. Apparently everyone is having a hard time to balancing study and training. That's why the chairman agreed. I thought I've told Yukari-san and Fuuka-san." Akihiko said solemnly. "Though I like more training and less studying." A smirk appeared on his face.

Mitsuru's face turned dark in response. "Akihiko Sanada. You do realize that muscles are useless without a decent brain to determine the muscles' usage."

"Gah! Okay okay I understand!" The usually cool senpai is now almost pissed his pants.

"What the hell!? Seriously! Why you didn't tell me?" everyone focused their attention to Yukari and Fuuka.

"You should thank her Stupei! at least your grade won't be as bad as before." Yukari smacked him on the head.

Minato, who'd been quiet the whole time switched his attention from Yukari to Mitsuru.

"So, you called us all here just to introduce Koromaru?" His voice had that calm tone, but soothing at the same time.

"Hey Junpei!" He caught Junpei's attention. "3 Cielo Mist there's more than that." he said holding his wallet.

"Make it 7! I'm damn positive I'll win again now!" He replied grinning.

Mitsuru coughed before they raised their bet anymore further. "Actually, there's something more important than this."

"Ha! Payback's a bitch isn't it?" Minato opened his palm toward Junpei, a unusual grin on his face.

"Urgh. Okay ya win now buddy." Junpei prepared some money from his pocket. "I'll go get them." He slumped outside.

"So senpai, what's the important stuff other than Koromaru?" Fuuka looks at her senpais curiously.

"Okay. You all know that Arisato has the ability to wield multiple personas" She started, her arms crossed over her chest.

"Correction." Minato raised his hand. "It's personae, not personas."

"Okay" Annoyed Mitsuru is real trouble for everyone. At least that's what Akihiko told Junpei.

"Therefore, I asked the Persona Division from Kirijo Group to analyze a circumstances for someone to wield multiple personae. Their research proves fascinating, as you can see here." She walked toward a gadget covered in old blankets in the middle of the meeting room.

"I Present You" She grabbed the blanket dramatically.

"Cielo Mists!" Junpei made his way to the group holding 7 cans of Cielo Mist.

"Thank you for breaking the mood Stu~pei..." Yukari shook her head. "Anyway, I'll take 2 cans for me and Fuuka." She took 2 cans of Cielo Mist.

"Hey!" The goatee teen exclaimed. "What in the world are you doing???" He pointed to the gadget. In his view, it looks like a bunch of blankets.

Mitsuru sighed. Her dramatic moment has been ruined by Junpei. "This, Iori. Is called 'Persona Transporter'!!" She pulled the old blanket.

If one took a glance at the Persona Transporter, it looks like a regular PC. Except you switch the monitor with a black flat 29' TV and put 8 telephone box-like chambers beside the computer. Each chambers had a panel on top of it. From left to right, the first three panel says Empress, Emperor and Lovers. The fourth panel is empty. The fifth and sixth panel said Magician and Priestess, while the last two panel is also empty.

"Hey! Are we doing something awesome here?" An excited Junpei asked.

"In this meeting, I merely wanted to show you the Persona Transporter. Since it is currently incomplete, please give us some more time." Mitsuru said as she covered the Transporter with blankets again.

"Junpei! 1 cielo mist here!" Minato said, Junpei throw a can to him. "Here ya go! You won the bet after all."

"I am. Now give the cielo mists to everyone." The S.E.E.S. field leader commanded.

Everyone is currently holding a can of cielo mist.

"Everybody, three cheers for sweet revenge!" Minato said, taking a sip of his drink.

"Emo boy." Akihiko retorted, emptying the can in one sip.

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