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Summary: This infatuation of his was getting too dangerous....

A/N: A series of inter-connected drabbles/one-shots

London, Great Britain

She passed by his home every single day.

Normally, he wouldn't pay attention to anything like this; he wouldn't pay attention to it because she was a human, and he knew the dangers of becoming too friendly with humans. They had such quick lives and they died so easily, so it was just better to distance himself from them.

All the other personified nations did the exact same as him as well.

She was rather pretty, he give her that, but that wasn't the reason he watched her pass his home every day. It was on a Monday when he had first seen her, and he was running late to report to his boss. He cursed his faery friends (who were laughing and giggling at him teasingly with her bell-like voices) for messing with his alarm clock. He knew it was just a little prank on the part of his little magical friends, but his boss would be less than pleased with his lateness.

The personification of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Arthur Kirkland, cursed out loud once again. He quickly made his way to the front door as he clumsily threw on a suitable jacket and opened his door to get himself to work. It was just in front of his property that the human girl was standing, and he would just normally pass her by with saying a polite greeting or even nothing at all.

However, it was her motions that made him stop.

England widened his emerald-green eyes as he stopped his rush, hiding behind the high fence and plant life of his front yard to observe the pretty girl that was currently standing a few metres away, her hand held out as she smiled down at his faery friends. They were floating around her, obviously amazed and delighted that she could see them.

It only lasted for a few moments, and it was ruined when he accidentally stepped on a twig, causing it to break and for the girl to snap her head up to glance at him. Arthur could feel his face momentarily warm up as the girl seemed observe him rather intently, before widening her pretty blue eyes and moving along her path, though it was a bit rushed.

England blinked, snapping out of his temporary daze, wondering what the hell that was all about before grumbling under his breath, seeing that he was already twenty minutes late to his appointment with his boss.

But, for the rest of them damn day – he couldn't stop thinking about that human girl and how she could see his faeries....

It was a month now, and from what he had learned from observing her from his window (and dammit! No, he wasn't stalking her!), she was a foreign exchange student because he definitely tell that she wasn't one of his own citizens.

England couldn't tell for sure, but he had narrowed down her country of origin to either China or Japan (he hoped it was Japan because he got along much better with Kiku then he did with Yao). If he knew her name, then perhaps he could narrow it down even more. Though, he had to admit, her blue eyes were rather unusual if she did come from those two countries....

"Dammit! What is with this ridiculous behaviour of mine!" Arthur cursed to himself, frustrated that he had been reduced to practically stalking some poor girl from his window, getting up extra early just to see her walk by his house every weekday morning. He should approach the girl and ask for her damn name so his curiosity would be sated, and he could get over this little thing of his and get back to his normal life and routine.

So, he tried that – and it didn't go as well as he had wanted it to.

It was the early morning, and he was out watering his garden, watching intently with his emerald gaze for the human girl to pass by his house. She did so at the same time she did every morning, walking along slowly, and giving a friendly smile towards his faery friends.

"G-good morning....!" Arthur stuttered out awkwardly, mentally berating himself for sounding so embarrassing. The girl's head snapped up at his greeting, and she glanced towards him with widened blue eyes.

"M-morning." She grumbled out, probably just to be polite before her pretty face grew a bit panicked, and she rushed off in an obviously quicker stride, as if to get away from him all that quicker.

England sighed, rubbing at his temple as if to ward off a headache and any potential disappointment that shouldn't even be welling up at the girl's less-than-enthusiastic greeting towards him. That's right, she wasn't one of his citizens, and therefore, held no attraction to him whatsoever like his citizens normally would. It was just default behaviour that humans would be attracted to their country, but she wasn't one of his, so it just didn't matter.

All he was to her was just some British stranger.

It was a week later after that disastrous greeting that England finally found out the mysterious human girl's name. Apparently, she had told his faery friends her name when she had rare discussions with them on her way to school.

England sighed, sort of relieved when he found out her name because he now could give an educated guess of her country of origin.

Higurashi Kagome – definitely a Japanese name.

England cursed himself, ripping himself away from the window as the girl passed by his home once again, and ran his hands through his unruly blond hair.

This little obsession was getting too much for him to handle....

.... And he just hoped that no one (especially America or France) found out about it because he would never live it down if they ever found out....