Meet the Arthor: Hey, guys! CryHOg here... holy crap, I sure hope I know what I'm doing. So about a month ago I went Olive Garden with my mom, aunt, and elder sister. My first time.... please don't laugh at me. After enjoying my delicious cheese stuffed ravioli and getting super drunk off some wine (j/k) I got this silly fanfic idea. I thought it'd be cute to do a Hetalia fanfic of Germany taking Italy out on a date at Olive Garden.... ISN'T THAT CUTE??? I'm gonna tell ya, now. Other than showing off my cleavage on youtube, this is my first time EVER revealing a fanfic off the internet. And to be honest, I think I totally suck ring pops and sea salt ice cream at writing. I totally won't be surprised if a few readers agree. Hell, I even got let down by a buddy telling me my grammar needs serious maintenance. I wanted to tell him, "Hey, buddy! My ass is broken. Why don't you pull out your lips from your tool kit and kiss it?" But I knew he was right. But if he ever comes near my butt, I swear on everything I know and love....

...oh, wow. I turned this fanfic into a Degrassi Journal.

Hetalia © Hidekaz Himaruya

This FanFic is for entertainment purposeless only and enjoyment for the readers.

Garlic Breath

"Eh...?" A flushed Italian man said, surprised, nervous, and shocked. All the above. The taller man standing before the shocked, surprised, nervous... all the above Italian cleared his throat in frustration. The noise was so deep, the sound vibrated the Italian's chest and rattled his ears.

"A date," Those words escaped the tall German's lips for the fifth time already. "I would like to... take you out."

"Eh...?" That word escaped the Italian's lips for the fifth time already.

The blonde's eyebrow twitched. If this is the only response this pasta loving dork is going to give him, he's just going to drop everything and go back to his work post. After gathering the courage to ask the little man out, all he gets in return is an adorable, shocked, nervous sur... (well, you know) look, and a simple "eh?". What the hell does that mean anyway? Just give a simple yes or no. Ludwig knew this was a stupid idea. What possessed him to ask this man out anyway? Feliciano is the goofiest of all goof balls, a klutz, a crybaby, and always so clingy.

He's so damn adorable.

"If you don't want to, I will understand," the German sighed going back to his cubical. "I just thought I ask."

The dumbfounded Italian watched Ludwig go back to his desk going through his neglected papers.

What a stupid idea. What a waste of watching countless "How to Ask Your Crush Out" videos on Youtube. They never mention what might happen if your crush was an Italian dork (and a cute one at that) whose only reply is, "Eh?" Then again, look who his crush is. A guy, and the German is a guy. He's a guy asking another guy out. On a date. An actual date. Ludwig can't blame the little Italian. He'd be speechless too. But he thought he'd give it a shot. The only thing he could say was yes or no. If it was a no, then he hope Feliciano wouldn't avoid him and that they still remain good friends. If a yes, then the German would feel like turning backflips down the aisle though the cubicals straight to his bosses office, and flip him off shouting he quit. Maybe he wouldn't go THAT far. But it would make him happy if Feliciano said yes.

What makes the Italian so special that he wanted to ask him out? When he was first introduced to Feliciano, he didn't know what to think of him. Maybe a weirdo who hugs everyone he sees. Obsessed with pasta. And what the hell is with that one curl on his hair? If anything, why doesn't he just curl every strain? What a strange man. It was a pain when Ludwig ended up training the pasta loving freak on his first day. It's one of the most simplest jobs in the world. Just make a few calls and ask the person if they are interested in having access to the Freedom Unit credit card. The first 5 seconds went okay, but it turned into bloody ears when Feliciano bawl out when the caller swore at him and threaten the Italian they'll call the police if he called again. It took Ludwig nearly 2 hours to calm the man convincing him that he's not going to prison.

Never again, the blonde thought while popping his fifth tylenol that day.

But as time went on, he's grown attached to Feliciano. He's gotten used to the Italian giving him a good morning hug, hanging out with him during lunch and sharing his Italian food. The German also gotten the Italian into eating a few vegetables and potatoes. As time went on he found Feliciano more and more adorable. Maybe even a little attractive. Alfred, one of the coworkers even joked on how they're always together.

"You might as well go on a date," he told the blushing German.

A date, huh? Why not?

And that's what he did. Having his alarm clock waking him, the German was pumped. He started his morning routine, driving straight to work, and walked to his office approaching the little man.

"Ludwig! Good morning!" The cheerful man runs towards him giving him his good morning hug.

"Feliciano," the German murmured breaking the hug, "there's something I want to ask you." The brunette's smile never faded as he looks up at the tall man.

"Yes? What is it, Ludwig?" The blonde looked down at the smiling dork and took a deep breath.

"Good morning, ma am. My name is Ludwig calling from Freedom Unit-"


"Hello...?" The German slammed down the phone angrily for the eight time after being rudely hung up on. This is really an aggravating job. But 18 bucks an hour will change your mind right away. Right now Ludwig doesn't give a damn if it's 20 bucks an hour. This is going to be a long day. Ludwig grumbles as his dark gray color phone started to ring. With rolling of the eyes he picks up.

"Thank you for calling Freedom Unit. This is-"


The German's bright blue eyes blinked a few times hearing the person's familiar voice.

"Feliciano?" The German said the brunette's name a little confused. He was confused because Feliciano's cubical was behind his. Why didn't the pasta boy simply come to his cubical and apeak directly to him?

"What is it Feliciano?" The German asked after recovering from his train of thought.

"Um..." The blonde can sense the brunette twirling his silly curl with his index finger over the phone. The brunette normally does that when he's shy or felt he's done something wrong. "Are you mad at me?"

This caught the blonde off guard.

Of course he's mad, but he's not mad at the Italian.

"Why would I be, Feliciano?" The German replied his eyes soften, his voice low, deep, and gentle.



"Then... you're not mad?" the brunette asked once again.

The blonde chuckled, "No Feliciano."



Ludwig's eyebrow twitched.

"Then... then yes."

The blonde blinked. What the hell is this?

"Yes what?" The German frowned softly.

"The date. I will go out with you."



Ludwig blinked a few times. Then it hit him.

"Oh!" The German blushed and smiled. "Oh! I see! That's great! This is good!"

"Yes! So... when will it be?"

"Oh um, well..." Damn. He hasn't even picked a date yet. Ludwig held the phone in place by his shoulder while scrambling things on his desk looking for his planner. He really needs to clean his station.


"Just a second." Got it. He goes through his schedule for this week. Luckily his Saturday is clear. "Is this Saturday okay?"


The blonde smiled hearing the brunette's voice loud and clear from both the phone and behind him hearing a slight echo over the phone.

"Six o' clock?" Ludwig added.

"Sure, Ludwig!"

"Alright," the German smiled wider. "I'll pick you up."

"Okay! Goodbye, Ludwig!" Coworkers were giving them looks. The blonde was too happy to even notice.

"Goodbye," Ludwig hangs up and goes back to his work.


The German answered his phone.

"Thank you for calling-"

"Um, Ludwig... where are we going?"

"Oh, well..." He really never thought about that either. Luckily, pasta boy is easy when it comes to food, so there can be only one restaurant Feliciano will enjoy. "...would you like to go to Olive Garden?"

The Italian's eyes lit up. "OH! Yes!"

The blonde pulled the phone away from his ear at the brunette's loud outburst.

The coworkers continued to stare.

"I'll talk with you later."

"Bye, Ludwig!"

Ludwig hangs up and continues his work. He pauses looking up seeing a few heads poked out from other cubicles. Some with grins on their faces others with confused looks.

Ludwig's face turned pale.

First chapter complete. I hope the one's who manage to read all the way through enjoyed it. Stick around for the next chapter. More to come! Be safe!