Legacy- The Tel'quessir and KeLin

Tel'quessir: Light or surface elves

*I am Chinese and I'm paying tribute to my heritage for the first time. I mean my chinese isn't as good as english haha.(lady isis said)

Chapter one

KeLin was horrified that her grandmother would make her leave their village.

"But why, I don't want to!" she sobbed, shaking her head.

"You are in grave danger. I have arranged for the elves to be guardians. Show them your amulet, my token. Do not worry, my child. They may not look like us, but they are not barbarians." The old woman said, looping a string with a dolphin and gull over KeLin and pinned it as well.

The girl sniffled as she was teleported by Transporter crystals operated by the elders, into the Green forest. Here, water was not present in natural forms rivers or seas, and hidden instead in the plants. It felt dry.

KeLin's village would be destroyed and she could not do anything to help! KeLin wished she could track her way back. After wandering around aimlessly, she was tired and sore, so she sat down and dug in her pack for supplies. Conjuring a spout from the ground, her people's innate power, she filled her water. Thinking of how her people would imminently die, KeLin could no longer suppress her homesickness.

A burning pair of lavender eyes watched from the darkness not far away. He was elfblood, with signature white hair and sharp features, though much darker in complexion than the Tel'quessir. He was almost going to speak, to console the crying human child when sounds of approaching marchers stopped him. He slid deeper into the woods, blending perfectly with his glamour. It would do for him to be discovered. His cousins had natural revulsion for his race, believing them to be necromancers and dark magic. And they would not take them prisoner but execute them. What about her?

He could do a small trick though. Concentrating lightly, he weaved a shield of invisibility over KeLin. Do not draw their attention. Stop crying, the dark one thought.

The marchers were elf soldiers. "Halt what sorcery is this?" their commander said. To ordinary naked eyes, he looked like a fair human. All of them had the same fair skin, sharp eyes, when the wind lifted their manes, the eartips were pointed.

He had seen through the glamour. A few of them drew their bows.

The dark elf watched in horror, his hand on his swords. They shouldn't do this! Should I intervene? With an impatient gesture, the commander neutralized the spell. "Speak! What are you doing in our territory human?"

KeLin remained silent. She stared at them. They had amber, blue or green eyes, lily- white skin. What were they? Mostly, she wanted to tell them of her situation but fear had frozen her lips. KeLin hugged herself. The hidden elf heaved a sigh of relief when the female warriors stepped forward. "Maybe she is lost. Let us take her in."

After some arguments in elven, the commander unhappy that they had to take in this filthy human, all eased their weapons. A kind lady helped KeLin up and spoke to her. Even though she did not comprehend the language, the girl felt safe. Hearing a rustle, she turned around, but missed seeing the lavender eyes and white hair. They were suspicious, having patrolled these parts expecting to hunt down dark kin but found no one.


Sing of elven silver. Lily skin like his brethen, a blond male warrior polished his scimitar and tested it. He flung the blade spinning into the air then caught it back with the hilt. The elf was a natural at this skill, never cutting himself or missing its catch. With a spurt of excitement, the elf remembered what he learnt long ago and began training with this sleek weapon. His long hair was soon damp, his naked torso sheen with sweat.

Nuada Silverlance, the legendary warrior prince.

"Your Highness we found a human! She has not spoken, " an officer reported, panting.

He turned, annoyed at this interruption. His dark lips pursed. "What? Kill her at once."

The courtier shook his head. "No my Lord! She holds the ice amulet of the Mage. The King's cousin was healed by this village. When the commander touched it, he saw many images. An urgent message was flashed. "

Prince Nuada dismissed him. He wiped his face and grabbed his robe. It was a gold matching his eyes, gilded with a ruby sash. Hearing where the guy was going, he was on his way. KeLin sat in a corner of the private guest chambers, looking about in awe. Her bag was beside her on the floor. Opening her mouth, she still could not utter a sound not even her own mother tongue. Maybe it was for the best. Her medal seemed to have a positive effect on the elves and they would not kill her yet. Paintings of tall people portraits, one was special. He had long white hair, fierce ambers. holding a sword on his right.

Melodious voices. The people attending her vacated and a tall figure stepped in. His boots made no sound and he had the grace of a predator. He was the man from the picture! KeLin scooted back. He cocked his head, asking "Who are you?" in fluent common language.

The girl reacted like a cornered person, backing away. Nuada's attention was drawn to the medallion, it was lit up with blue light and levitated. She shook her head, holding it tightly. Her lips moved silently. Nuada approached slowly. He tried different dialects. But she did not respond. Having no place to back to, KeLin looked up at him.

Instead of the initial fear, her deep blue eyes were defiant. What about her thoughts? Nuada's telepathy was weak, but he could probe to see if she was thinking. Nothing. Her amulet's light blinded the prince. Nuada felt his eyes tear from behind close lids. A lady holding out this amulet and looping it over the child's head, several of them shaking hands and doing elaborate rituals to other nations, fire, snow, rain….

The light blinked 's stare was still the same. His mind reeled while he studied the amulet. Yes they were allies of the elves, a very long time ago. These humans had the blood of the elemental magi and controlled the oceans and skies.

Killing her was out of the question. A servant ran in and told him softly the king asked for her to be brought to him. When some elves were hurt and close to death, the girl's people had saved them and given them refuge. Nuada thought, since she was mute, she had to be taught how to communicate. Sign language would be a good start. When she had had a bath, Nuada asked, pointing to himself, "I am Prince Nuada. What is your name?"

Her lips quivered, and she uttered a small sound. But it was nothing he knew. Frustrating. The prince wished he could shake an answer out of her. An elven lady hurriedly came to the child's side. "She is a long way from home, my lord. I think it takes time. Let me attend to her."

"Very well." Despite his resolve not to care about this strange girl, curiosity overcame that. Nuada found it dishonorable to slay a child. Few children were in their kingdom and his father expressed that she should be made welcome.

Finally the girl had written her name KeLin. Once the prince dropped by for a surprise visit, having finished his training and so on. She was trying out hand signs and smiling. The teachers stopped and bowed to him. Nuada touched his chest and asked, "KeLin, remember me?"

KeLin nodded and used the wooden letters to make his name. He smiled. She made a space beside her. Nuada sat down and watched her writing out alphabets of the common language. There was something missing, what about his title? Nuada put this to the tutors.

Hurriedly, Jenna made the word Prince and pronounced it. KeLin stared at it but did not say it.

"Or you can say 'Your Highness'." Jenna offered signing slowly.

The elf saw KeLin smile and nod but the next few days she only set out Nuada, without any title. He thought she was doing it on purpose. After all the healers had found nothing wrong with her voicebox. "So what is the cause of her silence? I have never encountered a quiet human before," Nuada mused.

"My Lordship, it seems that KeLin has gone through trauma and does not want to talk. Most of the time, she avoids communicating what happened to her. Yet the tutor is making progress on the common language. She is very bright. Are you not pleased, Your highness?" T'shan the healer smiled.

Nuada scowled. "But she does not respect me. I have emphasized many times to call me Prince at least, but it is always the same. She hasn't made a sound?"

T'shan shook his head. They pitied the girl, how could her family abandon her in the forests? The tutors had formed words of family and love. KeLin would withdraw and refuse to respond. On the other hand, Jenna loved it that KeLin held her hand tightly and wanted her to come along all the time. Her favorite time was mealtime, she had a healthy appetite. The worrying thing was she did not cry.

"I have seen other trauma patients who take a long time to recover. It's wonderful one more person is concerned for her, prince." T'shan bowed and left.

Nuada thought it was ridiculous. No the only reason he cared was because she may prove to be of use to them. It was wearing his patience thin. He still harbored hope that one day his sister Princess Nuala could be found. She disappeared one night, as if from the face of their kingdom. Stop, I will not think of her. He took deep breaths to hold back the knawing agony in his heart.

Feeling eyes on him, the elf turned. Wearing a green hooded cloak, KeLin was holding a figurine of a pony. It was made of ice yet did not melt with the warmth of her hands.

This was a secret place Nuada sought, whenever the loneliness got too much to bear. Other servants not of aristocratic status needed special permission, so how had she come? Nuada decided not to ask, as she would be unlikely to answer. He looked at the little figurine. It was beautiful, had the resemblance to a real animal. The elf nodded.

"It is nice."

That made her smile. To his surprise, she bowed. The girl startled at the nearness of his scarred skin, his shoulder length mane was thick and white. And his eyes were bright gold, now she had seen up close as the prince was seated and almost her height now. Very funny color, in her world people only had blue or brown eyes.

Nuada had a strange expression on his blank face. KeLin wanted to get his attention so she touched his cheek. The sudden contact shocked Nuada.


This was a word unfamiliar to her. KeLin struggled to comprehend. Now his brows were drawn together and he stood up. "You leave me." Nuada pointed to her and waved his hand as if to swat a fly. KeLin felt annoyed, how dare he treat her so? The human focused on the figurine making it light up. Got the elf's attention, he motioned for her to go to him.

Nuada touched his collar. He wished to see the amulet again. KeLin simply held out the pony. "No. I want to see that." She slipped the toy into her pocket and pulled out the amulet from inside her blouse. Nuada studied the dolphin and gull sigil intertwined. The metal sang with life. "Whose?"

The child patted herself. "I see. Who gave this to you?" he added, resting his hand on her shoulder. Her open expression became close. Wary that the blinding light would follow, Elf shifted back. KeLin blinked and rubbed her head. She sat down on the grass and took out the pony to play with. He seemed to be forgotten.

If only she could speak. His father liked her very much, though she only made the word King at the first meeting. "She's very endearing. My son, I think she likes our home. I have not seen new children."

"Father we don't trust humans!" he protested, clenching a fist.

Balor only shook his head. "You should learn to accommodate this race of humans, my son. Urass, how is the situation of the drought?"

Nuada felt saddened, the drought had not let up. Although investigations had been carried out, nobody knew why this catastrophe was upon them. Then Balor's next words took the breath out of him, "KeLin may be the one who can summon the life back into our lakes. Her people saved one of my close friends Phaleen. He had already crossed the river of Death but awoke from their touch. The mystical type of maejic we elves have need of."

"What are you saying Father? Humans with magic cannot be trusted."

The elf King explained further that they needed to repay this debt. The water supply could last for one more year at the most. They needed rain quickly or more would perish. The weather was getting hotter.

That had been a few days ago. He left the chamber rooms with much worry for his people. Nuada ate and slept little and was irritable. He shouted at his attendants and brandished his spear if the girl came within sight.

She had lost her fear of him. It just occurred to the prince.

Still when he came to this special grove, musical songs of minute creatures, Fey woodlands, it gave him respite. Nuada observed her playing. She had just one pony, but now she had created a few more people. From what? KeLin was weaving some symbol over the ground where more crystal people popped out. He blinked in disbelief.

The girl looked up. He was staring at her little toys? "How is this possible?" He gestured that favorite word she had understood right from the beginning- Show. In her time here, if anybody told her Show it was a good thing. Other adults had rewarded her with more playtime or food. KeLin touched the grass, drawing up some dewdrops to make them move and shaped them.

Nuada smiled, transforming his fierce visage to a gentler one. She pointed to her stomach. He chuckled. "Food, yes. Come with me." As the prince and the human passed the little pond, KeLin glanced to the ripples and signaled, causing a small force of liquid to arc to the sky.

She enjoyed the shock on his face, his open mouth and widened eyes. He was very excited, if they could help her understand what they needed…. Yes! Nuada gave orders for as much food as she wanted. Summoning the tutors, the prince conveyed for them to accelerate the education of the water mage.