Chapter 12: Surprises and More Surprises

Bulma glances out the window, then to the clock and then back outside again. She repeated the movements a few more times before beginning to pace ever so slightly in front of the window. She needed to get to the theatre in an hour, but already a foot and a half of snow had piled up from last night.

"Oh this is just wonderful…" She mumbled a few vulgarities under her breath, it wasn't that Bulma disliked snow; as a matter of fact she loved it. However she was not exactly the best driver when it came to driving in the snow. She walked over to the t.v., turning it on and flipping to the weather channel.

"If you haven't already hunkered down, time to stock up and get ready to stay put in your homes for the next week or so. This snow storm is here to stay!"

Bulma sighed, even thought the snow was here to stay; she would need to get to the theatre. Snow did not delay any type of show. "Maybe I should call for a cab…" She immediately crossed out that idea. The last time she was in a cab, needless to say it was not a good experience. "Well I do have an hour…maybe I should just leave now and drive carefully." Normally speaking, the drive to the theatre was a quick fifteen minute drive by Bulma standards, considering she drove very fast and fairly recklessly. But she wasn't stupid, when driving in weather she actually took her time.

"Woman, what are you doing?"

Bulma glanced over her shoulder to see a brow-knitted Saiyan warrior standing across the room from her.

Vegeta had been watching the woman for a while now, noting her irritation and useless muttering. He saw the woman shrug and listened as she gave him one of her half-assed answers.

"Oh nothing, just thinking that's all."

His brow twitched with annoyance, a rather human thing to do that he had found himself doing more often as of late. "I highly doubt that thinking would cause you to be such an annoyance woman."

Bulma cocked an eyebrow, his words were quite blunt but underneath them, she could almost hint at a bit of concern. But then again, maybe his words were just as blunt as he said them. "If you are that curious Vegeta, I'm thinking about how I am going to get to the theatre and back if this snow fall keeps up."

"Why does it matter? Didn't you just say it was frozen water?"

She shrugged her shoulders, "the snow makes the roads slick which isn't very stable to drive on. And then there's also the threat of the roads being covered in something called black ice." Bulma sigh slightly, "but regardless, I'm leaving now. A production doesn't cancel because of a spot of bad weather."

The drive to the theatre was probably one of the most nerve wracking things in her life. If there was any time she truly thought she was going to die, it would have been then. The roads had been really slick, and unfortunately she had no winter tires on her car yet. Then there were the people who were driving incredible fast, tailgating people and cutting other people off; she wouldn't be surprised if those people ended up in a ditch somewhere because they lost control of their car. It was a welcome relief when she pulled into the theatre's parking lot. The snow was still coming down, but it had eased up a little since the night before. Even though the weather forecaster had said the snow was going to be around for a week, she prayed it would stop, driving home tonight and to the theatre tomorrow afternoon in even more snow did not sit well with her.

Bulma looked at herself in the mirror. She was sitting in her personal dressing room, looking at herself as the Sugar Plum Fairy Queen. Her long aqua hair was pulled up into a lovely bun with a few strands of hair lightly floating down to her shoulder blades; these strands of hair were lightly curled at the ends. On top of her head rested a beautiful champagne coloured crown that was lightly dusted in pink sparkles, pinned tightly into her hair so that it did not move while she danced. She had diamond tear drop earrings and she wore a lovely necklace made of glittering rhinestones that was connected to large diamond pendant. The bodice of the tutu she wore was a champagne colour with pink lace sewn in. The pink lace made a 'V' pattern on the tutu, starting at the neckline of the bodice and ending right above the skirt. The bodice itself was that of a heart shaped design, dipping down slightly to reveal a bit of cleavage. It shimmered in the lights of her room as it was covered in a soft gold glitter with pink, lavender, and diamond rhinestones sewn into the pink lace. The costume itself was strapless, revealing her long neck and slender shoulders. Around her upper arms was a little pink and champagne lace puff.

The skirt of her tutu was slightly longer than that of a normal classical tutu which she did not mind. The same pink lace that embroidered the bodice was also present on the skirt, making soft 'V' patterns around the entire skirt. But rather than having a gold shimmer to it, the skirt had a pink shimmer as it was dusted lightly with pink glitter. Rhinestones were present at the hem of her skirt and also in the embroidery, sparkling in all their pink, lavender, and gold glory. She wore ballet pink tights and her pink point shoes had been cleaned thoroughly, making the satin material on the shoes have a soft sheen.

The eye shadow she donned was a soft mixture of gold, light pink, and lavender. Her high cheek bones were patted with a soft pink blush and her lips shimmered a soft champagne colour. Bulma looked glorious as she looked at her reflection, and tomorrow everyone would get to see her beauty on stage once again.

A light knock on her door brought the fairy queen out of her revere. "Come in."

Her door opened and in came Mike. Even though he was producing the play, he was also playing the part of Drosselmeyer. His blonde hair had been done up like that of an old fashioned powered wig. He wore the costume of Drosselmeyer, a white dress shirt with a gold vest and black neck tie. Over it he wore a flowing green jacket. His pants were a simple black that stopped at his knees, with red socks that tucked into the pants and polished black dress shoes.

"Wow B. You look fantastic!"

"Thanks Mike. You look really good too."

"I just wanted to let you know we're starting the second act in about ten minutes."

"Alright, I'll be out soon. Oh and Mike, thanks again."

"Whatever for Bulma? I should be thanking you."

"For giving me a second chance."

The rest of the evening went on without a hitch and everyone was very pleased and outright beaming. Even Bulma couldn't help but feel excited; her previous nervousness had all but died away. She watched as Mike stand in front of all of the company, smiling like the goof he was.

"Now everyone, I know you are all very excited and I have even better news for you. The WCPAC president was kind enough to allow all the cast members up to three free tickets for the opening show!"

Everyone gave out a cheer. It was a rare occurrence that they ever got free tickets and for the opening show too! Bulma could see how excited Mike was for sharing such great news.

"Now while it is a full house tomorrow, the President reserved the third, fourth, fifth and sixth row all the friends and family of our wonderful cast, so let's not disappoint him!"

Her eyes widened slightly in shock. The seats in those rows were some of the best seats in the entirety of the large theatre.

"Miss Bulma, you get to choose first."

"But Mike, that's hardly fair for the entire cast."

"Don't be silly Bulma. You deserve it, without you we would not be showing the Nutcracker this year."

She looked at a layout of the theatre, choosing row five, seats a, b, and c. She knew her father and mother loved the fifth row and she figured she could at least ask if Vegeta wanted to come. Though she knew that he wouldn't, still giving him the end seat would probably be best if by some grace of Kami he did come. Oh wishful thinking is going to leave me disappointed.

The drive home for Bulma was uneventful and she took her time getting back to the Capsule Corp. grounds which was unusual. But luckily for her practice ended very early and she would make it home in time for dinner. As she pulled up to the giant dome she called home, she took a quick glance to the space ship that Vegeta had used. It was beaten up all right; she could easily see where the large impacts were. Stupid monkey brain… She parked her car quickly and practically ran into the house, pleasantly pleased with how warm it was inside.

"Oh Bulma dear! You're home so early."

"Yeah Mom, we finished really early today. Is dinner almost ready? I'm starved."

"Almost. And oh my..."

Bulma quirked an eyebrow. "Are you okay Mom? You look like you just saw a ghost."

"Oh it's nothing sweetie! I just forgot how cute you can be. That tiara is simply adorable!"

"Tiara…?" Bulma visibly sweat dropped. She had forgotten to take her crown off when she changed back into her regular clothes before leaving the theatre. She hadn't even bothered taking off her make up or taking her hair down for she was excited about leaving to tell her parents the good news. Then again, not like she could take her hair down if she wanted too, not with the massive amount of hairspray her hair and make-up crew had used.

"Anyway sweetie, dinner is ready. Go sit."

Bulma had half a mind to go bathe first but if dinner was ready, she might as well eat before it was all gone. She walked to the table, seeing her father and worst of all Vegeta already seated. She cocked an eyebrow, noticing the Saiyan Prince's lingering stare.

"See something you like Monkey Brain?"

"Hardly. You look ridiculous."

Her lip twitched with annoyance but nothing more was said. As the family plus one arrogant Saiyan ate dinner peacefully she made her happy announcement. "Hey Mom and Dad. I have some awesome news. The President of the WCPAC gave all of the cast members free tickets to tomorrow's show! And in some of the best seats too."

"Oh sweetie, that's wonderful!" We have to go tomorrow dear. I want to see my baby perform."

"Mother…I'm not a little kid anymore…"

"Well I am busy, but I will make time in my schedule for my daughter."

"Thanks Dad. I left the tickets on the counter. Oh and Vegeta, should you even be slightly interested, there is a ticket for you as well."

"Woman why the hell would I want to go to something as ridiculous as your inane play."

Bulma shrugged her shoulders. "They gave us the option of inviting three people. Besides, it's not like you have anything better to do."

"You are more idiotic than I previously thought woman. Those androids will be here in less than three years! And unlike you, I am not wasting my time to go to such a frivolous thing. I have to train!"

"No reason to get your panties in a bunch Vegeta. I was merely informing you. If you don't come, it's not a big deal. I wasn't even expecting you to come anyway."

"Bulma sweetie?"

"Yes Mom?"

"Didn't you say you were playing Clara? How come that is the Sugar Plum Fairy's crown you are wearing?"

She glanced over to her mother, this was a rare sight. Her mother had actually noticed something rather than being the aloof bubbly woman she regularly was. "Originally Mike had called for me to play Clara yes. But-"

"Mike? Isn't he that really cute boy with the big blue eyes?"

"He's a man now but yes that's him. I switched the roles because he asked me to. The original fairy hated the guy playing the Cavalier. I can't stand him either to be honest but other than Mike himself, he is the only one who knows the Cavalier's role inside and out like I know the Sugar Plum Fairy's role."

"Oh I see. That's wonderful! You always looked so cute in the costume."


The rest of the dinner passed uneventfully, Vegeta was the first to leave as always and Bulma helped her parents clear the table. The aqua swan yawned as she put the last of the dishes away before heading upstairs for a well needed shower.

Bulma glanced at herself in the mirror, an unconscious thing many dancers of her caliber did. The mirror was an important tool to a dancer and for the most part they looked at their reflection everyday for many hours a day. As she looked at herself in the mirror, she felt as though she were looking at her past self. The person reflected in the mirror, it was that same person who she had lost five years ago. A part of her that had disappeared completely, a being that she now felt as though she were finally reclaiming. Tomorrow…is going to be a wonderful event.

Vegeta had been brooding in his room now for two hours, his ki ever so lightly erratic. He had lied to himself, lied to himself throughout the entire measly meal, and was continuing to lie to himself even now. He had said the harpy, that vixen, the succubus to his dark desires had looked ridiculous but who was he kidding? The woman looked like a damned queen when she had walked to the table to join them for dinner. He hadn't noticed it before but now he did. The woman had an air to her now, proud, noble…regal-like.

He shook his head, what the hell was the matter with him? He had told himself multiple times he had come back for one thing and that the woman was only there to fix the ship. Yet somehow, she kept getting to him. She was nothing but a human. A lowly, good for nothing human who he allowed to keep living because she was good at two things, making training equipment and repairing ships. Yet she was like a poison, seeping through his veins, corrupting his mind with her presence. But why? What made her so different from the others? She was one of the few people who did not fear him, did not cower before him like that fool Scarface or the half-pint Baldy. She had taunted him with her gestures the moment they had all been wished to planet Earth by the Namekian Dragon, Porunga.

"What about you? Hey homeboy!"

Vegeta looked at this incredulous female. "Hn! What…home-what!?"

"Hey loosen up! You're going to need a place to crash too."


"Hey why don't you drop the arrogant tough guy act and just relax. Let it all go! Take a vacation for goodness sake. You're actually kind of cute."

"What! I'm not kind of-Shut up!"

And when her father's plane had arrived, he had gone willingly too. Not to mention he had stayed one hundred and thirty days on the premise for the Namekian Dragon Balls to restore…only to find out Kakarrot was still alive. Yet nothing happened between them then. So why after he had returned from space, had things changed? Was it when the buffoon had come back as well? Or was it after that future boy had told them about the androids? Deep down however, he knew he had the answer, but he would be damned if he dared admit it to himself. It was because that woman, Bulma, cared in her strange way. But she hadn't cared what he had done in the past, the millions he had killed including her once moronic boyfriend. She just cared about the now. She accepted him for him, and saw him for who he was, not who he had been, where as the others still feared him. She made sure he stayed healthy and somewhat rested, going so far as to on not more than one occasion lock him out of the ship or time his training and cut the power when she deemed he was going too far. She had been there when his own recklessness had caused the spaceship to explode with him inside it. Bulma, he wanted to hate the insignificant woman, but he was finding it hard the harbor that emotion for this human.

Vegeta snarled slightly, his lack of training was allowing his once rigorously disciplined mind to wander to places it should not wander. He had to find a way to get back to training and to get away from that woman before she drove him insane. He got off his bed and headed downstairs. Unfortunately, the last person he wanted to see right now was there, though she was now in what the woman called her 'pajamas' whatever that meant. Her hair was also down and she smelled of her shampoo, clearly she had just taken a shower.

"Hey Vegeta…Hmm I thought you went to bed?"


He watched her for a moment, her body softly illuminated by the glow of that ridiculous tree. She had turned to look outside again, the back of her right hand lightly resting against the right side of her jaw as she watched the snow lazily drift down to the ground.


Bulma turned her head again, looking quizzically at Vegeta. "Why what?"

"Why did you do what you did?"

"That's awfully undescriptive you know."

"You knowingly invited a mass murderer into your home. Why?"

Bulma frowned at him, why on Earth was he bringing this up? It was extremely unlike him; maybe he was ill or something. "We had this talk before Vegeta. You aren't that person anymore."

He was above her in a flash, his strong grip around her throat. "I have not changed. I am still me, all of me. I could kill you so easily rig-"

"But you won't."

His cold onyx eyes pierced into her defiant aqua orbs. Defiant, not fearful. Why was she not afraid of him! This woman was clearly an enigma. Yet…she was right…and that scared him. He could not bring himself to snap her slender neck. All it would take is a simple twitch of his fingers and she would cease to live. But he…could. Not. Do. It.

"Foolish woman."

And with that he was gone. Bulma let out the breath she had not realized she was holding in. "What the hell was that about Vegeta…" She frowned, perhaps all this time of not training was messing with his brain. She shook her head, there was no time to dwell on this. "Tomorrow. That's all that really matters right now. Vegeta's problems will have to wait."