AN: So, this is my first Life As A House fanfic. I absolutely love the movie.

This story is set about ten years after the end of the movie.

I'm sorry that it isn't terribly long.

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This isn't my room, I think as I try to focus on the whirling fan Alyssa has on high and then I remember.

After the woman my grandfather kindly changed for her passed away eight months or so ago, Alyssa and I had moved into my father's house. The house that we'd helped him build in the last summer of his life.

I know that I'd told my father and mother that I never wanted the house, but it was a guaranteed place we could stay while Alyssa and I awaited the arrival of our first child.

I look to the girl who I'd had a crush on since I'd been about five or six years old and a smile caused my lips to curl upwards. I never thought back when I was sixteen that I'd ever get married, let alone be waiting on my first child to be on its way.

When sleep refuses to come back, I carefully disentangle myself from her and make my way out of the room. I make myself comfortable in the plush living room for ten minutes or so while I flip through our six hundred channels…and still, there wasn't anything on.

With a shrug, I get back up and make my way back towards the bedroom. However, my feet stop in the open doorway of the baby's room. I can't help but smile, flipping on the light, and moving over to the CD player that sits on the top of a dresser.

I press the "play" button and the very familiar melody fills the room. A memory sparks, growing as the music plays on.

Mom and Dad are inside the skeleton of the house, dancing, looking rather happy together after so many years of hostile interaction. Their laughter floats in the air, flowing along the light breeze, just like the scent of the seawater.

I'm brought out of my memory by the feel of soft lips on my bare skin and the smile returns to my lips. I switch off the music.

"Sam," she says, moving so that she can look up to me, "What has you up at this hour?"

"I guess I'm still not use to living here. I mean, the last time I was here I lived in my dad's garage."

Alyssa smiles lightly, no doubt remembering. "Sam, you're going to make a wonderful father."

"How do you know that?" I ask, glancing to the floor.

Soft fingertips gingerly guiding my gaze back to my oh-so-lovely wife. "Because of how wonderful you are…and how wonderful George was."

I search her gaze and then lean down, lips meeting hers, letting it linger. "I love you."

"I love you too," Alyssa whispers to me. "Now c'mon," she extends her hand out to me, "Let's go back to bed."

I nod and follow her back. Once under the covers, she makes sure that we're entwined once again. I feel content and reassured.

But best of all – I like how it feels to feel.

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