Here is a silly oneshot that was inspired by a scene from a movie I saw years ago, I think it was called "Little Man" it was about a gangster midget disguising himself as a toddler and getting adopted by would be parents.

Also, this story is part of the Danny/Sam future story continuity I have, I keep having the idea of expanding it into a whole story but so far I haven't.

Danny carried his crying son down into the kitchen, after having been a father for several months now he was used to getting up in the middle of the night to tend to said cries. Quite interestingly he found that he had a pretty good idea of what little Danny Jr. was saying via his high-pitched wails. At this moment the little guy was hungry, at least that's what the older half ghost believed. With Danny Jr. in one hand, Danny Sr. opened the fridge door with his other and grabbed a baby bottle.

While waiting for it to heat up Danny noticed he too was thirsty and decided to get some regular milk as well, setting Jr. in his high chair he returned the fridge. Unfortunately the only milk he could find was in an unlabeled carton. Assuming it must be that odd soy milk Sam had been so insistent on them trying he decided to throw caution to the wind and try the horrible bean substitute. Danny took out a glass and poured the remaining milk from the odd carton into it before checking to see if the baby formula's temperature was right. Usually it was not and the halfa would end up burning his wrist but tonight it seemed just fine.

He handed the bottled to Danny Jr., who eagerly began to drink while Danny turned his attention back to the glass of soy milk. Tentatively, he took a sip, and much to his shock found that it didn't taste half bad. It certainly wasn't the normal milk, but it tasted nothing like the other brands of soy Sam had previously forced him to try.

It was just at this moment which Samantha Fenton woke up, having heard noises coming from the kitchen downstairs. Pulling on a robe, she descended the steps and entered the kitchen to see Danny Sr. and Jr. bonding over a midnight snack (well, drink). Then the thought that Danny Sr. was drinking milk as well struck her.

"Uh, Danny?" Sam asked, revealing her presence.

"Yeah?" The halfa replied, before resuming his intake of the oddly good tasting soy milk.

"You do know that's my breast milk you're drinking, right?" At this comment Danny's eyes widened and he froze in mid-gulp. His cheeks bulged unsure of whether to swallow or not. After a moment of consideration, Danny smiled at his wife and swallowed it.

"Not bad." Was his only comment, Sam stared at him with a part disturbed/part sleepy expression and Danny Jr. giggled at his parents, as if he understood what had just occurred.

The next DxS future fic will take place in the normal timeline where Danny Jr. is 14 and Lilith and James have been born ect, ect, and will feature a major change with the introduction of a new character!