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Things were great for Sam Witwicky after Egypt. He was doing great in college; he was still friends with the HOTTEST girl in the world, seeing as long-distance relationships didn't work for Mikeala, or with Bee (The car visited him every day, using the alter-ego of Benjamin B.), and he had a group of giant robot solders as best friends.

What more could he want?

Maybe his health. Oh, yes. Ever since Egypt, his health had been slowly declining, making him weaker and weaker each day. Bumblebee noticed this, as the boy climbed into his alt. form that day. The pale boy sat himself in the seats with great caution.

"Samuel, my scans detect that you are fatigued and feverish. Are you all right?" Sam's yellow guardian asked, as they pulled out of the parking lot. The Holo was wearing a yellow and black sweater that matched perfectly with his alt. form.

"'M just a little sick that's it." Sam replied, closing his eyes

So said the blood soaked man before he jumped into shark infested waters. It was no little cold, no. He was getting weaker by the minute...

He lay in bed in his dorm, slowly drifting off to sleep. He gave a shuddering moan as a migraine racked his body.

Once his eyes closed, he found himself standing in front of the original Primes for the second time in his life. His energy felt doubled; he could actually stand and talk. "I am guessing you guys know what's going on. What's happening to me?" Sam said, looking at the giant Cybertronians before him.

"Samuel, you must understand that we used much energy to bring you back to your world, the world of the living. That energy circulates within you, and keeps you alive. It is the energy of a Prime that keeps you alive, Sam, and that energy that we have given you is running out." One of the Primes spoke, looking down at the boy

"So, you're saying that I'm like a battery that's running out of juice? So I'm going to die?" Sam said, beginning to panic

"Sam, the energy within you is that like a spark; only your human body cannot sustain a spark. The radiation given off from others of our kind can sustain you. There is only one problem: the energy that runs through you is Prime energy, and there is only one of them left. We have now established a bond between you and the only one of our descendants."

"Wait. What are you saying?" Sam asked, feeling his vision ebb away."

The Primes only gave one last answer "Find him, Sam. He is your only hope."

Sam burst from the vision feeling weaker than before. He desperately grabbed for the Blackberry that the Autobots have given him ("we have added very special touches to this device" Ratchet said). He gasped, trying not to fall unconscious. He could barely remember his vision, but he didn't need the Primes to tell him that he needed help. Now.

He pressed the button on the phone for speed-dial. "Ratchet"

The medic picked up immediately. "Sam? Is everything okay?"

Sam could barely whisper into the phone "Help me…" before falling unconscious

Ratchet pulled into the college about 5 minutes after Sam's desperate call. His human Holo-form practically ran to Sam's dorm, his long white coat flowing behind him. "SAM!" Ratchet called, running down the hall

He burst into the dorm, and saw an unconscious, and almost dead looking Sam. "SAMUEL! NO!"

He lifted the boy into his arms. He ran back to his alt. form. He put Sam up onto the gurney. "Just hold on Sam!" He said, disappearing with a zap.

He zoomed down the road, sirens blaring. He used his com. link to reach Optimus


-WHAT?!- The leader shouted through the com.

-Prepare the medical bay for Sam's arrival. I want EVERYTHING I have up and running for his arrival-

Optimus didn't reply, but hurried to do what he was asked. He cared so very much for the boy.

Once Sam was safely in the medical bay, Ratchet ran so many tests on him, had he been awake, Sam would have been very mad.

Optimus paced back and forth outside the medical bay. Bumblebee sat in one of the chairs, tapping his foot. Ratchet opened the door, a solemn look on his face. He ushered Optimus, Bumblebee, and a select few other Autobots into the door.

There lay Sam. It was hard to say that the boy was alive. His skin looked like paper. A breath was nothing more than a tiny, barely recognizable gasp. The scans that every Autobot ran at that moment told them that his heart rate was as low as 20 beats per minute. He was pretty much lifeless.

"…Sam…" Optimus barely spoke, looking so miserable, that he couldn't even open his eyes.

Optimus clenched his fists, and looked at Ratchet. "Why?"

"The cause is not sure, it just seems like he has no energy." Ratchet said, looking down at said boy

Optimus crouched close to the boy, his face very near Sam's. Right at that moment, the boy stirred. He made a small noise, and opened his eyes. "O-Optimus?"

Optimus smiled in joy. "Samuel."

The other Autobots looked on, smiling. Ratchet looked at the pair, awestruck. He ran several scans, and gasped at what he found.

"OUT!" He shouted at the other Autobots. Just as Optimus was about to get up, Ratchet stopped him. "Not you."

"What is this all about, Ratchet?" Sam asked

"It's Optimus. Optimus and you." The CMO answered

"What?" Optimus said moving over towards Sam.

Sam gave a little hum, and squirmed into bed, trying to get closer to the Prime. Optimus responded by moving very close to the boy, his head resting closely next to Sam.

"That. That is what I am talking about. You and Sam share a spark bond. Why you would have one eludes me, though" Ratchet said looking closely at the pair

"WHAT!?" Sam exclaimed, before immediately calming down, resting next to Optimus's head.

Optimus just nodded "This does not surprise me." He said

"Sam, do you remember anything odd, when you began to feel weak." Ratchet said, scrutinizing the boy under his heavy gaze

Sam was about to shake his head, before he remembered the vision. He slowly relayed the information that the Primes had given him.

"Hmmm, it makes sense. Sam has apparently developed a physical need for Optimus, manifesting itself in a spark bond. Sam, Optimus, I am going to need you to stay as close to each other as possible." Ratchet contemplated, looking at the pair.

"Wait, what does this mean exactly?" Sam asked, looking up at Optimus

Optimus looked like a father about to have the "birds and the bees" talk. "Well, a spark bond, should we choose to act upon it is much like a human marriage. It involves intimate contact known as Spark merging."

Ratchet spoke up again. "I am afraid you don't have much of a choice but to act upon it. Without a successful spark merge, Sam will most likely die."

Optimus gently nuzzled Sam. "Easy, Sam. It will be all right, I promise. I will not force you to do anything until you are ready."

Sam almost involuntarily hugged Optimus's face to his body, enjoying the contact, and absorbing the energy Optimus brought him.

"Okay." Sam said

Ratchet smiled, and walked over to Sam. He gently unhooked the machines that were hooked up to Sam. He picked up the boy, wrapping the blackest around him. He walked down the long room that made up the medical bay, the old Prime at his heels. He stopped at one of the largest births he had, the only one big enough to hold Optimus. "Lay down." Ratchet said, gesturing to the birth

After the semi laid down, Ratchet gently placed the boy on Optimus's chest

"I'll leave you alone." The CMO said before leaving

Sam relaxed as Optimus placed a protective hand over him.

"I am sorry for this Sam. I know that you wanted to have a normal life, but it seems as though that's not possible anymore" Optimus said, rubbing his index finger over the boy's head.

"It's alright" Sam said, rubbing out a random spot of dirt on Optimus's chest plating."

"Samuel, as my mate, I have a request from you. It may by slightly embarrassing for you, but I wish to have a proper bonding ceremony with you. Ratchet is qualified to do it, I just need to know that you will always be with me." Optimus said, looking down at the boy

"What's that?" Sam asked, staring into the azure optics of the Autobot leader

Optimus chuckled, and revved his engine slightly, rumbling the boy. "Why, it is a marriage ceremony, of course."

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