Sam woke up groggy, and he couldn't tell where he was. He slowly raised his head, and the rest of his body. He found the action difficult. And he also found out why. He was covered in a dried, black, sticky substance. He was laying on Optimus's chest, and the great mech seemed to still be in recharge.

"Optimus." Sam whispered, before gently rubbing at a seam in the great bots armor.

Optimus gave a shudder before on lining his optics. He looked down at his sticky husband and smiled. "Sam." Was all he said

"I need help…"Sam said, gesturing towards his extremely messy self.

Optimus picked up Sam and leaned forward. He placed Sam down on the berth, and crouched over him. His long snake like glossa slid out of his mouth, and gently curled around Sam's leg. Sam was about to question why, but stopped as his leg was slowly cleaned and caressed by the long appendage. Sam laughed and shuddered, which drew a long chuckle from Optimus. He ran his glossa all over his husband's naked body, making him writhe in the feeling.

Eventually, Sam was finally cleaned, and Optimus gave one last slurp, before he stopped. Sam laughed, and placed his hand on his lover's face. "I swear, you're like a giant cat!"

Optimus chuckled again, before handing Sam a fresh pair of clothes that he had stored in his room. After putting them on, Sam was picked up by Optimus.

They traveled along the halls of the base relatively fast. Before Sam could ask where they were going, they arrived at the medical bay. They opened the door to see Ratchet waiting for them with a large scanner held in hand.

Ratchet slowly picked Sam up, and scanned him, his optics widening by the minute. "W-why this is great! You sparking with Sam was the best thing that ever could have happened! At this rate, Sam could survive for at least three more years before sparking is necessary!" Ratchet exclaimed

Optimus smiled at that. "It's good to know that I still 'got it'."

Sam was then placed into the hands of his loving husband. They were quickly shooed out of the medical bay by Ratchet.

Sam looked up at a smiling Optimus, to as "So, what do we have planned today?"

Optimus looked down at Sam with a smirk. "Do you really want to know?"

Okay, I really didn't write this to make a chapter. I wrote it to end the story. I have run out of ideas.

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