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Summary: Namikaze Naruto, crown prince of Konohagakure no Sato, is turning twenty years old in a year. Before that day is to come, he has to get married. This is the summer before Naruto turns twenty.

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Summer Love

Prologue: My Sweet Prince

The soft humming of a refrigerator met his ears. The stainless steel was cold against his skin as he leaned against the door. He was merely dressed in orange swimming trunks, and his blonde hair was dripping water down on the already wet floor.

He was staring at his parents, unsure of what to respond. Uzumaki Kushina, dressed in her red and white tennis outfit, was smiling encouragingly, while Namikaze Minato was wearing a more serious face. He, too, was dressed in his tennis outfit.

Namikaze Naruto noticed how his father's grip on the racket tightened by each second. The king was angry, but the queen seemed pleased. For what, Naruto had yet to understand. Normally, she would have yelled at him for wetting down the entire kitchen floor.

It was one of his bad habits to walk directly inside the kitchen after a nice swim. The pool was located at the backside, and the back door led straight to the kitchen – it was practically begging him to come inside immediately!

"Why are you smiling like that, mom?" Naruto asked, not sure if he wanted to know the answer. He was getting colder by the second, and wanted to go back outside. Soon, he would be a shivering mess. He hated cold and everything that came with – the trembling, the numbness... He could go on for hours.

"Honey, your father and I have something to tell you."

Naruto's eyes went wide. Kushina's voice was laced with something similar to hysteria. Was he getting a sibling? Maybe they finally decided to fire Sai! They didn't need Sai – that man was nothing but trouble.

"We are going on a second honeymoon!"

Naruto breathed out in relief. He wasn't so sure if he wanted to have a little brother or sister. He wasn't exactly big brother-material. "Okay..." He said slowly, the idea of his parents going on a second honeymoon finally settling in his mind. "So?"

He hardly saw his father much anyway, so the only difference would be his mother's absence. Kushina's smile faltered a little, but the happiness was still radiating off of her lean body. He recognised treats in her body that reminded him of his own.

The attitude – she had the posture that suited her proud persona – and the flexibility. He had always been interested in sports like soccer and baseball, but he was more suited for gymnastic and dance.

"We'll be gone for a month or so. Your father is taking me to Europe!" She gave a squeal, and Naruto noticed Minato's scowl. While Kushina held a passion for big cities such as Paris and London, he preferred adventures. Yet, Naruto suspected that his father would go anywhere with his wife whenever he was free.

"And where will I be? You're not dumping me at Jiraiya's again!" Naruto shuddered at the memory. One time, when his father and mother were on a trip to meet some Count in Iwagakure, they had made Minato's mentor and former private teacher take care of their son.

Naruto swore that he still held emotional scars.

"Your mother thought that you are old enough to be on your own," Minato spoke up. He sounded disgusted by the mere thought, but it appeared that he had been talked into agreeing by the queen.

"Really?!" Naruto's face lit up. He almost jumped up and down in joy, but refrained. Even though he had once been a ballet dancer (something that would never be mentioned again), the floor was still slippery when wet. "Really, mom?!"

"Yep!" She nodded. Red strands escaped the ponytail, to frame in Kushina's face beautifully. She seemed almost as excited as Naruto did, close to jumping up and down, she too. Minato just looked sour.

"What's the catch, daddy?" Naruto bit his lip, ready to face whatever means his father could have come up with. Minato took a deep breath, seemingly still not completely agreeing with this idea. Naruto sent him an innocent look.

"Well," Minato started. "Of course, Sai will be with you all the time. With you and your friends."

Naruto's ice blue eyes narrowed in confusion. "My friends?" He repeated. His father certainly couldn't mean that he was allowed to have his friends over during this month. That would be too good to be true.

"Yes. The Hyuuga are arriving within two days. Your computer-friend and Sakura-chan are coming too. I think that they are bringing friends. The Sabaku will be here tonight."

"Really?!" Naruto did jump up this time, only to fall down hard. He yelped when his cold butt collided with the wet, solid floor. "Ow..."

Kushina sighed, but Minato was by his side in no time. He crouched, reaching out to comfort his only son. He sent his wife a look, saying 'and you want me to leave him alone?' The red-haired woman only shook her head at her boys' antics.

Minato stood up, grabbing Naruto's wrists and pulling the young man up with him. While Naruto had yet to reach twenty, he was pretty tall. Even though Naruto's stomach was like a black hole, sucking in all kind of food, he didn't seem to gain any weight.

Minato gave his boy a pat on the back, looking to that Naruto stood steady before letting go. "There are, of course, a few things that I want you to think of, Naruto." The king's face had now gone from concerned to strict.

Naruto nodded, putting on a serious face. If he even so much as hinted a smile, his father wouldn't think that he took him seriously. Then again, Naruto didn't take much seriously. Life would be too boring then.

"No alcohol, no parties–"

"I'm over eighteen!"

"–no car races, but, most of all..." Minato gripped Naruto's elbow, forcing his son to look him straight in the eyes. Blue met blue. "No sex. I don't want you near any of the boys."


Minato only nodded. "You are to wait until you get married. Understand?"

Naruto nodded. "Of course, daddy. You've only said that, like, seventy-three times this week already. I promise I'll behave!"

Minato smiled, ruffling Naruto's wet hair. Water splashed everywhere, making Kushina cry out in frustration. Apparently, her patience was wearing thin. Honestly, the woman had no tolerance. She wanted to leave, Naruto could see. Her foot was tapping against the floor, and Minato gave Naruto one last smile.

Naruto grinned back. "Good luck in Europe."

"Yes!" Kushina breathed. "Europe, here I come!" She walked over to Naruto, embracing him in one of her parental hugs. She was warm, and he wished that he would just hold him a little longer. He knew that his lips were blue already. It was too cold inside.

Then, she let him go. With a wide smile, she walked out of the room without a goodbye. He was glad that she didn't say anything, because then, he might have heard how close she was to tears. She wouldn't be able to see her baby boy for a month!

Naruto turned to Minato, hoping that his father would hug him too. When Minato merely patted him on the back, showing that he was a little uncomfortable with leaving Naruto for so long, Naruto jumped him.

He threw his muscled arms around his father's neck, hugging him tight. Minato put his hands on Naruto's chilly back, hugging back.

"Behave now, son."

Naruto grinned big, mischief sparkling in his eyes. "Of course, daddy. Don't I always?"

To Be Continued

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