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Summer Love


Next summer.

The church was painfully beautiful. The high ceiling was painted with angels and saints, golden details on the sky blue heaven. White roses decorated the iron oak benches, a white carpet rolled out from the entrance all the way to the altar.

The rows of benches were filled; everyone dressed in their new, expensive pastel clothes. Tension filled the church, everybody waiting for the heavy doors behind them to open. A choir was standing hidden by the huge organ. They looked just as nervous as the archbishop did.

It wasn't every day the crown prince got married, after all.

Sakura and Ino were holding hands at the second row of benches. Next to them sat Kiba, Shino, Shikamaru and Chouji. Shikamaru was awake for once, and Chouji wasn't chewing on something. There were a few crumbs on the chubby man's chest, though. Kiba sat silent, looking pale and nervous. Shino had yet to move.

On the row before them sat the Sabaku siblings and their parents. Next to them sat Kushina, the queen, crying – her son was growing up and she couldn't do anything about it. Across the aisle, Sasuke's family and friends sat. They didn't recognise the three teens on the second row, but it appeared that they and their families knew the Uchiha quite well.

Down in the back stood a film team, ready to document everything that happened and everything that was said. It would be sent on the TV, for the world to see this glamorous wedding.

By the altar, close to the archbishop, stood the ever handsome Sasuke. Those that sat close enough could see a small pearl of sweat on the otherwise stoic face. Sasuke looked so much older, so much mature, standing there; ready to marry the future king.

And then the music started playing.


The big party was held at Konohagakure's main castle, where Naruto had grown up.

The majority of the guests were still teary-eyed from the romantic, beautiful wedding. A big pile of wedding gifts were stacked in the corner of the huge ballroom, all beautifully wrapped in white, black or golden wrappers.

The queen had been the one, along with a few wedding planners, to set the theme to the royal wedding ceremony.

Soft music came from the band, but no one really paid attention to the song. The centre of the room was empty, save from the main characters for the evening. The guests' eyes were stuck on the couple that swayed gracefully together. It was a gorgeous first dance.

Sakura couldn't find her breath, no matter how hard she tried. She tried to inhale, but found it impossible while watching her best friend dance with his husband. Naruto's eyes were sparkling in mischief and happiness, as if he wanted to take the dance somewhere else – somewhere more private. Sasuke didn't look as bothered as one expected him to do with all these spectators.

Sakura willed herself to look away, leaning against the nicely dressed Sai unconsciously. Sai was watching the newly wed with an intensity that Sakura couldn't comprehend. She narrowed her eyes, wondering what the man exactly was to Naruto, and what their history were. Sai wasn't exactly what she and Naruto talked about when they spent time together.

Her emerald eyes were once again back on the pair, watching as if enchanted. They were so close, as if they weren't dancing in front of all these people, but alone, in their room. Yet, they were correct in every movement – as if Sasuke couldn't stop thinking about the king's presence, but would give anything to be allowed to lower his hands to Naruto's butt.

She giggled, catching her friends' attention. Apparently, they couldn't see the fun that she was watching. She blushed, waving it away. Before Ino could ask what was so funny, the king and queen joined the young couple on the dance floor.

She was overjoyed that she was allowed to take part of such a great happening, and knew that there were thousands of girls and boys wishing that they were able to watch the prince dance his first dance with Uchiha Sasuke.

The media was forbidden to even think of attending the party, even though no one could really say that it was very private. There were heaps of people – all kind of males and females. Both people that Naruto and Sasuke knew; and people that they had only met once or twice.

And even though she would love to stay and watch her best friend this happy, she had other things to do. After the dinner, she would have to leave. There was no time for tea and cake, even though she wanted to stay and watch Naruto and Sasuke entwine their fingers as they cut through the huge wedding cake.

She was the one leading the 'operation' and would therefore go ahead and prepare for her team's arrival.


Naruto's grin was so wide that his face almost hurt, his eyes narrowing as the hired photographers took the last pictures for this evening. The car was humming behind him, but the sound was hidden under the yells of goodbyes and good luck-wishes from their guests. Ino was being the loudest, her senses probably buzzed by the alcohol she had consumed.

"Good luck, Naruto! Don't wear Sasuke-kun out the first night!"

A hot blush spread over Naruto's scarred cheeks. Minato sent Ino a warning look, but couldn't help but smile when Sasuke, his son-in-law, nodded politely towards him, a sign that he clearly remembered their talk last summer.

The chauffeur had opened the door, and was waiting patiently for the newly weds to climb in. After a few more pictures, Sasuke's patience wore thin. He put a big hand on the small of Naruto's back, and gestured for the blonde male to get inside the car. Naruto waved his goodbye before getting into the limousine. Sasuke merely raised his hand in acknowledgement before climbing in after Naruto.

In the car, they both breathed out in relief. Naruto sunk down slightly in the seat, closing his eyes as Sasuke sat down next to him. He opened his eyes almost immediately again, however, as he felt Sasuke's hand brush against his. With shy smiles, they entwined their fingers.

As they drove away from the castle, towards the huge gates, the happy sounds from outside faded out. It was both relieving and an attribute to silence that no one wanted.

"I wonder what our place looks like."

Sasuke blinked at the sudden statement, but decided to humour his husband. "You know what it looks like, Naru. You've been there several times."

Naruto huffed, saying, "Not since they renovated it. Duh."

Sasuke didn't respond. He was a bit curious as well – he had never been to Konoha's south castle, where he and Naruto would now spend the rest of their lives. He, Minato and Fugaku had been the ones to decide the theme of the castle, but he had never really been a part of the actual remodelling. It was a very unused castle, but it was the nicest of all castles in Konoha, excluding the main castle.

The Uchiha glanced down on the shorter male, a small smile on his face. The fact that they didn't know their way around in the castle would be an excellent excuse to have sex everywhere but in their bedroom.

During their engagement, in the midst of all the drama and planning, Sasuke had found himself taking a liking to having sex with Naruto in the most obscene places. Especially on hard floors or tables where Naruto would complain about his back aching. That was the only way to get Naruto to ride him.

Snapping out of his inappropriate thoughts, Sasuke noticed how Naruto was looking at him. Those blue eyes scanning him, taking in his appearance and wondering what was going on inside of Sasuke's head. The Uchiha offered a small smirk, his hand caressing Naruto's thigh.

The blonde's breath hitched as the hand became bolder and decided to explore Naruto's inner thigh, but he wasn't slapped away. The soft material of Naruto's expensive pants against his skin almost tickled, but it was the sensational feeling in his abdomen that had him keep caressing and touching. Naruto let out a moan and spread his legs automatically, and Sasuke's hand kept exploring.

"Stop," Naruto hissed. He closed his legs again, having realised that they were parted. "You can wait until we get there, ne?"

"Hmm... I'll try."

Naruto grinned. "You better."

Sasuke removed his hand, putting it around Naruto's shoulders instead. That way, he wouldn't be tempted. He leaned his head against Naruto's, nuzzling his nose in blonde locks.

One would think that he should have felt a bit more intimidated. He was only twenty, already married to the crown prince and about to spend the rest of his life with him, in the limelight.

Yet, he didn't feel anything but upon the thought of living with Naruto. The blonde was understanding and loveable, even if he wasn't patient or a genius. He wasn't very quiet, but Sasuke could live with that. He had already lived twenty years of his life in silence, perhaps it was time for a change.

The ride continued, not in silence though. Naruto babbled nervously about everything between heaven and earth. It was obvious to Sasuke how Naruto had yet to realise that their marriage wouldn't change their relationship.

Of course it changed their lives – they moved from their childhood homes with a partner they had only known for about a year. It changed a lot for Sasuke, who now had more eyes on him than ever. His clan and the public wanted him to take care of their future king as well as he could.

He should be the one nervous. Yet, he found himself unable to do so – he was sure that Naruto would take care of him as well, with that protective nature of his. And even if the blonde grew tired of him, Sasuke would stay.

Soon, the car came to a halt. Sasuke glanced at Naruto, who offered a wide grin. In a moment, they would enter their new home. Their new home, where they would create their own, new lives as husbands.

The door was opened, and sunshine crept inside the limousine. Sasuke gestured for Naruto to climb out first. Sasuke followed closely, blinking to adjust to the light.

The castle before them was big and white. Three floors, excluding the underground basement. Sasuke had been informed how many rooms there were; how many cars the garage would fit and all of the practical stuff. Now, he couldn't recall anything of it.

The garden that spread out before them held all possible colours. There were flowers, trees and plants that Sasuke had never seen before. He looked over at Naruto. The blonde was smiling, apparently pleased with the renovation.

"Let's see what they did inside," Sasuke said and placed his hand in the small of Naruto's back. With a nod to the chauffeur, Sasuke led Naruto over the stone path to the entrance. The prince didn't utter a word, seemingly amazed by the summer paradise. Sasuke could only imagine what the garden would look like during winter, with lights and fluffy snow.

"Want to open the door together?" Naruto sounded eager as he put his hand on the iron handle. Sasuke blinked, arching one of his slender eyebrows at the childish request. "I know you want to!"

Sasuke refrained from rolling his eyes, but put his hand over Naruto's smaller one. Together, they opened the big door. It opened without difficulties, but Sasuke suspected that it would be much heavier if he had decided to open it by himself.

Once his hand was on Naruto back again, he practically pushed the blonde inside. The ceiling was high, the floor made in some sort of stone. Sasuke found himself liking the classic tint in everything.

"Young Prince! Uchiha-sama!"

They were greeted by two maids and a happy-looking man.

"Welcome home," the older man said, since the nervous maids were busy trying to breathe. "Is there anything you wish? A tour? Something to drink?"

"No, thanks," Sasuke said calmly. "We'll just look around ourselves."

He practically dragged Naruto along, thinking that they would hire a new butler, since that man just irked him. In Sasuke's world, servants were to be quiet unless spoken to. They had no right to address him. Then again, Sasuke had a tendency to think too high of himself.

"Bedroom?" Sasuke asked one of the blushing maids, who immediately pointed towards the stairs that swirled upwards.

"Second floor, to the left, at the end of the corridor," she blurted out.

Naruto beamed, but was pulled towards the stairs before he could thank her. As they got upstairs, Sasuke thought that Naruto would probably get lost plenty of times before the blonde could find his way around. An amusing thought.

"Why are we going to the bedroom first?" Naruto asked, his voice filled with fake-innocence. "Aren't you curious about the other rooms as well?"

The mockery didn't deserve an answer, and Sasuke stayed silent as he led them both through the corridor. Everything was clean and put in their right places, which satisfied the Uchiha a great deal. Even here, the ceiling was high. It was a lovely feeling, since a lot of houses made Sasuke feel like a giant. He was taller than the average, after all. Then again, this wasn't any house. It was a castle.

There were two doors at the end of the corridor. One on the left wall, one on the right. Naruto looked over at Sasuke, and then nodded towards the door to the left. "I think it's that one."

"Hm," Sasuke agreed and opened the big door.


Sasuke almost fell back, over Naruto, at the loud exclamation. He blinked, thinking, surprise indeed. He entered the room, Naruto practically pushing him inside. The blonde looked just as shocked at the sight inside the room.

"This certainly isn't the bedroom," Naruto said dumbly. Sasuke let out an amused snort at the observation.

The room they had entered was bright, big windows letting in the sunshine. There was a fireplace, a group of sofas and armchairs aimed towards it. The walls were a warm yellow, almost orange-red. There was one wall free of windows and fireplaces, but it was instead filled with different sized photographs, framed with expensive-looking frames.

Sakura was standing there, behind one of the black armchairs, a huge smile on her face. Next to her stood Kiba and the Hyuuga cousins. Karin stood behind another armchair, in which Suigetsu was sitting. Juugo could be spotted behind all the others, his tall frame visible anytime.

Sai was standing with the Sabaku siblings, a pair of sunglasses put in the pocket of his suit jacket. Chouji and Shikamaru sat in one of the leather sofas, Ino standing next to them, as if she had jumped up from her seat.

The coffee table was set with all possible kinds of cupcakes, cookies and cakes. It made Sasuke's teeth ache. A few bred crumbs littered Suigetsu's lap.

"Take a look!" Sakura walked around the armchair, gesturing towards the wall with pictures. "It's my wedding-gift for you."

Naruto gaped, moving to look at the photographs. Sasuke followed, putting his hands in his pockets.

There were pictures of him and Naruto that he couldn't recall when they had been taken. There were pictures of their friends. Suigetsu, Karin and Juugo were seen on a few photographs – sometimes alone, sometimes with some of Naruto's friends.

There was a beautiful picture with Minato and Kushina, dressed in formal clothing, as they sat next to each other in their thrones, smiling widely.

Mikoto and Fugaku were on a few photographs as well. Itachi and Naruto; Mikoto and Naruto; Fugaku and Naruto. A warmth filled Sasuke's inside, glad to see that Naruto had been accepted into the family.

"You like it?"

Naruto turned around and basically threw himself in Sakura's arms, hugging her tightly. "Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank–"

"Sh-shut up!" Sakura pushed Naruto away, looking anywhere but at Naruto. A blush covered her cheeks, tears glittering in emerald eyes. Once the tears were blinked away, Sakura hugged Naruto again.

"Aww..." Ino giggled, sitting down next to Chouji again.

"Cute," Suigetsu said. Sasuke couldn't make out if his friend was serious or sarcastic. He guessed the latter. Either way, the comment made Naruto blush and pull out from his best friend's grip.

The Uchiha took a deep breath and took a step closer to the pink-haired girl. To be honest, he had never hugged a girl that wasn't his mother, but he guessed that there was a first time for everything. "You know, Sakura..."

She laughed, joy seeping out from every pore of her body. She held out her arms, ready to accept a hug. Sasuke swallowed discreetly, bending down and hugging the woman. She was about Naruto's height while wearing high-heeled shoes, and if it weren't for her boobs, it would have felt as if he was hugging Naruto.

"That was one awkward hug," Kiba whispered to himself. Sasuke refused to feel embarrassed about it, though. That thought it mind; Sasuke put some more heart into the embrace. She was Naruto's best friend after all.


A gasp echoed in the quiet room, bouncing against the blue walls. No light entered the room, as the blinds were pulled down over the wide windows. Had the lamp been lit, it would have revealed the bedroom of a royal couple.

A trophy was placed next to a few shoes; books on the bookshelves; pictures littering the walls. It was roomy and clean.

A whimpering sound could be heard from the rocking bed. The king-sized bed creaked, worn and used well by the two twenty year olds.


The bed moaned, the satin sheets shuffling as Sasuke pressed closer to his younger husband. He pushed inside of Naruto with vigour, grunting lowly at the tight feeling. Naruto's mouth was half-open, silent moans and screams escaping his throat.

Even though it was dark, Sasuke could make out his lover's features perfectly fine. His dark eyes were glued to the handsome face of Naruto. A straight nose, whisker-like scars, blue eyes that shimmered with unshed tears of pleasure.

"Yes, yes, yes, yes, yesyesyes–"

Sasuke thrust deeper, capturing Naruto's lips with his own to make the blonde man shut up. Naruto was practically shaking under him, his muscles tensing up as his orgasm came closer and closer. Sasuke was well aware of how loud Naruto was – both inside and outside of the bedroom. Yet, he couldn't bring himself to care if the maids would hear them. He had no doubt that Naruto's voice couldn't reach the servants' floor above them.

The sadistic streak of Sasuke was caressed by the thought of the servants, lying in the rooms above them, wide awake and listening to the future king's activities.

Sasuke shuddered, the grip on Naruto's hip tightening as he forced himself to go faster and harder. The bed was alarmingly close to start slamming into the wall, but Sasuke had been smart enough to pull it back a decimetre when they first moved in.

With a silent cry, Naruto climaxed, clawing desperately on Sasuke's back. Semen splattered over their sweaty chests, some almost hitting Naruto's chin. Sasuke continued, so close, so close. Naruto moaned as his muscles relaxed, his body practically becoming one with the mattress under him. Unconsciously, he spread his legs wider to make Sasuke's work easier.

With his feet in the air, Naruto closed his eyes and took joy in the feeling of Sasuke pounding into him. A pleasant buzz was filling his body, the buzz being sharpened the few times Sasuke stroked his sweet spot.

Sasuke froze, his muscles almost giving up and his heavy body almost pressing Naruto even further down into the bed. Cum spurted into Naruto's ass, covering his inner walls with silky liquid.

Their heavy breathing seemed to bounce against the walls, and Sasuke closed his half-lidded eyes. Expertly, he wrapped his arms around Naruto's slim waist and flipped them around. The blonde hissed, straddling Sasuke's hips.

Slowly, Naruto raised himself off the young Uchiha's limp cock, shivering at the feeling of sperm running out of him. Sasuke's arms came up on his hipbones, jerking forward slightly to make Naruto lie down.

Having turned into mush from the blissful orgasm, Naruto lied down immediately on top of Sasuke. Their chests would be sticky; Naruto's back would hurt; dried sweat and cum would be caked on their naked bodies, but they didn't care at the moment.

Instead, they fell into dreamless slumber.

The End

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