It was warm and sunny out. The citizens of Planet Gitaroo have never seen it so beautiful out for a long, long time, and they finally had the freedom to roam about, to shop, or to spend time with friends and family. They all have been enslaved by Zowie and the Gravillians for so long they almost forgot the taste of freedom. It had been almost a decade since the fall of the Great Prince, and the inhabitants were much to busy rebuilding what used to be an empire into new cities, towns, and villages to actually enjoy themselves. The town that used to be Zowie's headquarters was now abandoned, its past considered too scarring to rebuild into anything, so it was now a ghost town. Even the Great Cathedral, which was considered the greatest thing the people of Planet Gitaroo have ever made, was gathering dust and slowly crumbling.

Miranda, now with Zowie gone, reclaimed his title as the most experienced and most powerful Gitalline, the only one to possibly beat him was Gitaroo Man himself and Kirah could put up a fight against him if given the chance. However, she was the only thing that was left of the Gravillians, and she feared every day that she might be exiled from the new city, and as a result, she was in hiding in the ghost town that once used to be where Zowie proclaimed his dominance, training every day to get stronger and stronger or waiting for Gitaroo Man to arrive once more, and she did that for years. However upset she was that he was gone, she never lost hope of his arrival, though many others did. She wondered continuously where he went, what planet he might have took his rest, or maybe he and his dog went to finish off Zowie to make sure he would never return. She did not know, nor did she care, she just wanted to see him again, he was the only person who saw the light in her darkest of times, and he only arrived when there was havoc or trouble, and so far, Planet Gitaroo has been very peaceful. Miranda was the only one who knew of Kirah's hiding place, and frequently checked on her to see if she was alright. Today just happened to be one of those days.

"Getting better?" he asked her as he walked slowly through the large metal gates, he was not as vivid and lively as he used to be, even when he was enslaved his healthy status still showed, however that was years ago, and even great Gitallines like himself have to age and grow older. Kirah was now a full-grown adult, and she was still almost as powerful as Gitaroo Man, but even though, she still wanted to get stronger and stronger, for she felt that she was still powerless, she was always told that when she was little and raised by Zowie, and it has been ingrained in her mind ever since.

"I don't feel stronger," she replied as she looked up at the Great Cathedral, "in fact, I feel the same as I was ten years ago. I don't get it! What am I doing wrong?"

"You are not doing anything wrong, Kirah," Miranda corrected as he continued to make his way next to her, "you never did, you only think you did, and that's the problem." Miranda could see something in her eyes "Is anything troubling you?"

Kirah sighed sadly, "...I miss him..."

He pat her on the back with his cane gently, for his hands could not reach, "We all do, Kirah. You are not the only one. He has not forgotten about us, and he has certainly not forgotten about you. He will return when we are in danger yet again, though I hardly see that happening, no threat has come to us yet."

"Well that I'm glad for," she said as she lowered her Gitaroo, "I still really would like to see him, at least just once."

Miranda smiled, "You'll get your chance, keep your hopes up, you've been doing a wonderful job in perseverance. You will see him soon, I know it.

Kirah smiled. Maybe he was right, there was no way Gitaroo Man would forget her, not after all they went through, and almost throwing his life away for her sake. She looked up into the sky, it was full of stars that glittered the blackness of the night. Kirah smiled contently.

"Now, I was just about to visit a friend of mine in time for dinner. Would you like to come with me? You need a break, I can tell by the fatigue in your Gitaroo."

Kirah looked at her Gitaroo. It was dimming slightly and giving off small bright flashes to try and keep itself active and alive, and since a Gitaroo can react towards a person's emotions, that meant that she was feeling the exact same way. She nodded yes and walked with the old man out of the town.

Meanwhile, a flimsy looking man with large, rounded glasses and dark hair entered the Great Cathedral once Miranda and Kirah left. He opened the doors, which gave off a loud creak when opening, and slowly walked in. Immediately he felt as if someone was watching him with intense insanity. He went to the end of the cathedral and fished around for something around the podium, coughing loudly when a bunch of dust flew in his face from his searches. He then suddenly found a small strand of light blue hair, which gave off a white highlight when he walked over to the middle of the cathedral and shined it in the holy-looking beam of light. Suddenly, he heard someone walk into the room, it sounded like it was coming from the higher level.

"What are you doing?" the voice sounded calm but snobby, smooth but forceful. It was obvious that whoever he was, he was not happy about the sudden intrusion, you could tell in his eyes. It was the only thing you could see were his eyes, and the only thing you could hear was his slow, shallow breathing.

"I..I was looking for...I need something from here. Forgive me for intruding, I shall leave you alone..." he took one step and then heard a loud ka-chunk from the cathedral's doors. It locked all by itself...Or did it?

"Mama told me not to let you go..."

The giant "Z" symbol from up above, which towered over everything in the cathedral by its menacing glow was ready to fire. The man giggled creepily, his smile could be seen in the darkness.

"I only do what Mama tells me to...In return, she made me who I am..."

A lightning bolt crashed into one of the lightning rods on the cathedral, giving off who he truly was through the light that came in the room. His smug smile turned into one of pure insanity.


He pointed at the man and the "Z" light shot down. The man yelped and ran from it with all his strength. Multiple "Z" shaped laser beams crashed down on the floors, but yet no mark was made, not even a burn, on them, as the man successfully ran from them and, in his fright, went for the door…However, in his attempt to pry open the doors, one of the Angels used their arrow to not fire a Gitaroo beam, but to shoot him right in the back. Once confirmed dead, the rest of the Angels took him out of the Great Cathedral and threw him in the ocean before immediately returning to their home to turn to stone once more.

The enigmatic man brushed away the white hair in front of his face as he shut down the cathedral, leaving him in pitch blackness. He sat down, letting his thin and agile legs hang down on the edge of the higher floor, the giant organ right behind him. As he sat there, he started to hum a lullaby which echoed throughout the entire cathedral.