The old days

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"Won't you tell us about what happened back when you were young?" the small children sit in front of me, looking at me with hopeful eyes. They have changed since the last time they visited, but yet they haven't really changed, they're still the same children, waiting to hear stories, even if they happened to have grown a bit since last time.

Why are you brats so happy to listen to an old man's stories? Are they really so interesting? Not that I mind telling them, I miss those days, and when I speak of them I'm able to remember clearly, experience what I'd believed to be lost for me.

So I tell them, and they listen, with the shining eyes that only children can possess. Their parents don't believe my stories, they tell their children that I'm just a strange old man, and I don't blame them for it – I lived this life myself, and even I spent most of the time in disbelief.

I tell them of that time when the Brigade was created, about how I lost my first kiss – many of them laughed or giggled when I mentioned those words I'd spoken to her – I tell them of the strange movie and all of the incidents surrounding it, and about the classmate that tried to kill me.

They listen and I can see that they wish to hear more, despite having heard it before. They want to experience that time just as much as I wish to continue reminiscing, so I continue, I speak until my old throat runs dry, and when it does one of them brings me a glass of water, allowing me to continue.

We're finally interrupted, their parents are here, and it's time for them to go to sleep. So they leave after asking me to tell them even more the next time they come, I smile at them and nod in response.

Ushering their children inside, one of the grownups turns towards me.

"Where do you get all of those stories of yours?" she asks me.

I smile at her, and respond that I'm simply telling them of the life that I used to live in my youth. She shakes her head at me, clearly not believing it.

"There's no way that those things can be true, even if she was a god, she should've been aware of her own powers," I chuckle at her words, something I picked up somewhere in my life, although I can't remember when they replaced the all too common sighs of my youth.

Where would the fun in that be? How could she enjoy her life if there was no challenges left to overcome, no mountain left to climb? She might have been God, but she was still just a girl. Despite wanting all of those things that other girls had she gave those things up, living only to climb another mountain, to search for things that she wouldn't allow herself to find.

She was just a girl, an amazing girl that could never be subdued no matter what, and yet she was a god. She was a contradiction, but that's fine, because it was her.

"So you keep saying old man, but I still don't believe you," she turns around, leaving me alone underneath the clear sky, I chuckle, looking up at the massive sky above me. That darkening blue sky, smiling as I wait for those two stars to reveal themselves.

I smile, remembering time so many years ago. The day that she asked me for my name, and I lied blatantly. She was the girl who changed my life completely, the girl that I fell in love with. Believe it or not, it doesn't really matter. But there are many stories left to tell, after all, their grandmother never really did settle down. Not since I met her on that day, three years before I met her, writing a message to the stars above us.

I'm here.


A/n: I think I like the 'Normal' ending on Heavens Feel better than the 'True', does that make me weird?