Hey... I looked up Jake and Susannah stories and their were only a few so I am going to attempt one myself.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters they all belong to Meg Cabot.

The first chapter is a bit short.


Chapter One

Jakes POV

I hated him.

As soon as Susannah brought him through the door I hated him.

I hated him more than I hated all the other boyfriends she had.

Jesse de whats his name! With his perfect tan skin and that so called 'sexy' spanish accent. Where did he suddenly come from anyway? He was far to old for her.

Why do I hate him I here you ask?

Well I guess I care about Suze.

Thats normal some would say. Big Brother taking care of her little step sister.

Well, lets just say I don't think it was that kind of caring.

I hear you ask 'what do you mean?'

Well, I mean that I notice things about her that not a normal step-brother would not notice. Like the way her silky brown hair curled around her flawless face. Or how I get lost in her bottomless chocolate eyes.

Lets just say I was in love with her.

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