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Chapter 7

DOC/DAVID's POV (bet ya didnt see that coming lol)

I stood next to one side of my brothers bed. I took one of his ice cold hands. On the other side of the bed was Suze.

Silent tears were running down her cheeks.

Brad was standing next to me. He was determindly not looking at Jake for fear that he might break down. Just like him...

I cast my eyes down. Jake had been such a great older brother.

He had helped me with most of my homework, when he could and always looked out for me.

I felt my nose go all tingly and my eyes start to sting as the tears started coming.

I think we all stood there in silence lamenting for a few minutes, it felt like days until Brads stomach started growling. He slouched out looking rather embaressed.

I smiled vaguely, trust his stomach to do that right now.

I looked around at Suze who was staring at the floor.

Suddenly I had an idea. Why had she not thought of it already.

'Won't he come back as a ghost?' I whispered to her.

She replied without looking at me ' I don't think so' she whispered back 'he has nothing to come back for.'

I fell silent once again and shuffled out of the room to find our parents.

Suzes POV

Doc left the room a short while after he asked me about Jake coming back as a ghost.

I looked at Jake.

My whole world was shattering around me. Is this what it felt like everytime you lose someone close to you.

Yes was the answer, I had it before with my dad, but with my step brother? I was not even related to him.

But that night...

I was staring so hard at Jake. Almost as if my eyes could piece into him and restart his heart. My tears were still coming...silent and without all the snot.

Then, when I realised that just staring at him wasn't nearly enough. He was dead.

He was never going to tease me again.

He was never going to smile like that at me again.

He was never coming back.

I mean why would he?

I tore my gaze from his face and sat on one of the uncomfy, hard chairs next to his bed and waited until mum and andy came in.

Jake's POV (huh?)

I was watching the drama in third person.

I was stationed in the top left hand corner of the hospital room.

How did I get up here?

Anyway some guy had died of a broken neck in a car accident.

The doctors had done everything, but what can be done.

The guys as good as gone I thought. Poor guy.

The parents had just left. I had seen the back of them. The mother with her head in her hands sobbing her heart out and the consoling father.

They kind of reminded me of my dad and stepmum. About the same heightish.

The whole family would probably be in in a minute. It could get a little crowded so I hopped of from my corner.

What was i standing on?

Anyway, as I said I hopped off from my corner and proceded out into the hospital hallway when suddenly...

'Jake Ackerman, please procede to room 301 for a meeting with your advisor' a womans voice echoed from nowhere.

Advisor? I didn't have an advisor. And why was there an advisor in a hospital. Arghhh hell...whatever...

'Excuse me, could you tell me where room 301 is please?' I asked a nurse in those green scrubs.

She walked straight on past without even looking at me.

How rude. I'll be reporting her later.

I turned around to look for another member of staff and looked staight into a door with 301 blazened onto it.

Must be it.

I pushed into the room.

'Jake Ackerman?'

'Hey, Father D, what you doing in this hospital? I didn't know you did advice for college students?'

'Jake, I don't, I do advice for dead students and people that used to live in the area' he said calmly.

I laughed,' what the hell?'

' Jake, I am sorry to tell you this but you are dead. You died earlier tonight. The doctors did everything they could to save you, but they couldn't' he was sounding apologetic.

I didn't believe him.

'Why am i here then?' I asked him confused.

'You are a ghost, I trust you have heard of ghosts?'

'Duh, but..but .. this is so not happening' I shook my head disbelievingly.

'Go and have a look for yourself' Father Dominique said nodding his head.

I ran out of the room and down the hall. The door to the room I had started in was closed. I peered in the glass window. There was David, Bradley and...Suze and then there was that boy..me. My eyes were glassy and my mouth was partially open. There was no movement from my chest.

It was true, I was dead.