Memo: Well, this is Riku's story! It's pretty sad at some parts, but it's funny and romantic. I really hope the Riku fangirls don't kill me...Haha, I'm sure you're all wondering what I did this time...whoops. Well, like before, it has a good ending. This is like Kingdom Hearts 2 had come out but the girl hasn't played it, okay? OKAY! ^.^ So enjoy! XD

You sit quietly in Mr. Holmes's classroom, trying to pay attention to what he's saying. But you really could care less about how John Brown died. After all, that's history, isn't it? What you really need to focus on is the present. That's what you've been trying to convince yourself since you came home this summer.

Last year was amazing, up until the very end. All the people you met, all the stuff you did, all the things you was way more educational and interesting than this. And him...he was...too good for words. You can remember him too clearly...his touch, his smile, his voice, and his eyes. All so perfect. He was so fun, too-

"Miss Nichols, is there something you'd like to share with the class?" Mr. Holmes suddenly asks you. Back to the present...

"Um..." You soon realize you were smiling to yourself again. "I'd rather not." You don't want to tell anyone. No one can know... Besides, the only two people you'd tell are gone, too, so...

"And why is that?"

"I really wish you wouldn't press the issue, but if you insist, it's because it's my own personal business."

"Once again, why is that?" he asks.

"Well, sir, in all due respect, it wouldn't be personal if I told everyone, now would it?" A few giggles fly throughout the classroom. Oh, great, now he's going to ask to see you after class. That always happens when he gets a reaction from the class.

"Rei, please see me after class." Called it.

"Fine, fine," you say, waving your hand as if swatting a fly.

The rest of class passes-it's seventh period, by the way-and the bell rings. Everyone runs outside but you. You casually get your stuff out and sit on the desk, holding it in your arms as if it were precious cargo.

"Rei, I'm worried about you," Mr. Holmes says. Well, of course he is...he's your uncle.

"Don't be, I'm fine."

"What happened to you this past year? You've changed."

"Yes, I have. I am much wiser than you will ever know," you say, rolling your eyes.

"I'm serious."

"So am I."

He gives you a stare down before continuing. "Rei, you really do seem...different. You won't tell anyone about what happened to you. Please, tell me. You can trust me. You know that." He rests his hand on your shoulder and you quickly squirm out from under his gentle grasp.

"Don't touch me," you whisper. You can't stand human touch anymore, not after him...

"Rei, were you raped or something?" he asks, a little shocked by your reaction.

"No, I was not. Leave me alone." Truly, you weren't. It's just human will ever be as kind to you again...not like him. You were so in love... And it's not like he would know about IT, since he started teaching after IT was over.

"Rei, please-"

"NO!! LEAVE ME ALONE!" you shout, jumping to the ground. You take off out of the school. You figure he probably will call your parents, and you really don't want to deal with them right now. So you run to a deserted alleyway and sit on the ground. A tear escapes your eye and rolls down your cheek. More follow it, and soon you're a sobbing mess.

Suddenly, you hear a soft mew come from behind a trash can. A small, grey (me: even, I spelled it like you! n.n) kitten limps over to you and purrs. It rubs its soft head against your leg.

"Oh, kitty," you sob, another tear falling from your grey eyes, "they'll never understand. They'll never know what it's like to see the person they love most die right before their eyes."

"Mreow?" the cat mewed.

"I want to give you a name!" you say randomly. "Are you a boy or a girl?" You look. "Boy. Okay, how about...Okayama?... Oh wait, didn't Hitoshi Okuda use that as the space animal from Ryuoh's name? You know, the one Sasami had in the Heaven Forbid Great fan comics? And then there was Sakuya's pet that Mr. Sekijima did...meh." You scratch the kitten behind the ears. "Okayama, Okayama..."


You sigh. It's sort of pathetic that your only company is a stray kitten in an abandoned alley, but...

"Oh, Okayama, what is there left to live for?" you cry. "He's...he's..."


You sigh again, wiping away a tear. "You don't understand what I'm saying...but you seem to know how to listen better than anyone else. Do you want to hear what happened?"

The kitten purrs a little.

"Okay, well, here goes."