Chapter 13: I Say a Little Prayer-FINALE FINALE FINALE

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"...Things have changed some since then," you declare, petting Okayama's soft head. "That was over a month ago. I've gotten piercings to try and even out the pain. It hasn't been enough. But, heck, now I can wear all those pairs of earrings at once. I am right now, even."

You tug on your navy knee-high socks again. "Notice how similar our uniforms are to Kairi's in Kingdom Hearts 2? Oh, I did play that game, by the way. It was a lot better than the first one, that's for sure." You sigh. "But it made me miss him more...Anyway, our uniforms are almost exactly the same, minus the tie. We got jackets instead. Weird, isn't it? The school board didn't like the fact that I had the black gloves I wanted to wear every day. 'Couldn't they at least be navy and match?' they said. Hah, I eventually got away with it." You look at your hands, smiling. "I really love these gloves. favorite..."

Pulling it off your finger, you look at the beautiful ring Riku gave you so long ago. Seven months ago...back in July. Now it's March. You've never felt so lonely...especially on stormy, grey days like these.

"It still says 'I Love You,'" you say, tears choking your voice. "Sometimes I'm afraid the words might disappear forever."

Lip trembling, you burst into tears and sob into your hands.

Mysterious Stranger's pOv

You've been everywhere, just looking for her. Literally, all over the state for the past two months on absolutely no munny-sorry, money. What a stupid difference...

How can one state hold so many people? And there're other states besides this?! And other countries?! In just one freaking world?! What the heck?!

You sigh through your nose, your heart pounding. At least now people know who you're talking about. But you're really worried. From the things you've been hearing, it doesn't sound like she's doing too well. One person even told you he thought she was going to commit suicide.


She's really scarred for life.

When you get home, somebody is going to get their butt kicked and mounted on a wall.

Suddenly, approaching an alleyway, you hear sobbing. You stop dead in your tracks. What the heck...? Could it really be...?

"I don't think I can get any lower..." the voice cries. Your heart skips a beat. Oh man. It's her. You're sure of it. Finally...after all these months and weeks and days and hours and minutes and seconds without her...

Back to Your pOv

"I...have nothing left now," you sob. "I might as well just get kidnapped right now and die in a ditch."

You hear Okayama hiss, so you lift your head up to see your only companion run off.

"Okayama? What's-?!"

You turn your head to see a cloaked figure standing at the entrance of the alleyway.

"I didn't mean it!" you squeak, eyes widening. Stumbling to your feet, you slowly start to back away from the approaching figure. You can tell it's definitely a man. Gasping, you turn your back and run as fast as you can...right into a dead end.

At first you wonder if he gave up, but in only a matter of seconds, the man rounds the corner, then stops. You kneel down and curl into a ball. He starts to walk toward you again. By the time he reaches you, you are completely backed into the brick wall behind you.

The stranger is hooded, and you can't see anything about him that would make him familiar. But he kneels down very slowly to your level, almost to a point where you think he might know you.

Psh. Yeah right. He probably has been stalking you for months.

Suddenly the man reaches out and takes your right hand in his two hands...that seem really, really familiar. They're so gentle and...

*Pull it together,* you tell yourself.

The slightly familiar man takes the ring off of your finger.

"Don't!" you cry, snatching it away. He tries to grab for it, but falters as you slip it back on. "Please!... I-it's very precious to me. Please don't"

You notice a small strand of long...silver hair. You raise an eyebrow, then shake your head a little.

*Pull it together.*

The familiar man tries again, and you smack his hand away.

"I won't take it; I just want to see it," he says. You gasp. His voice sounds soooo familiar!

*Pull it together!*

The really familiar man reaches out one more time and takes a look at the ring. You hear him chuckle.

"It's really you," he says quietly.

Your jaw drops a little. It couldn't be! That's impossible! He is DEAD! DEADER THAN DEAD!! EXPLODED INTO TINY PIECES DEAD!! DEAD DEAD DEAD!!!!!

"You..." you whisper, heart pounding in your throat. "...can't be...?"

Slowly and with shaking hands, you reach up and unhood the not-so-strange stranger. Your throat utters a small squeak as you look straight into the without-a-doubt AQUA eyes of...him.

You try to say something as he stares back at you. But what can you even say? You're too shocked and happy and tired and just AHHH to say anything! But it's really, really, truly HIM!! There's so much you want to say, but you can't just say it all at the exact same time! You can't decide what to say first! So you remember an old saying and follow it: actions speak louder than words.

Throwing your arms around his neck, you press your lips into his. Tears spill down your cheeks as he kisses you back. Your head is spinning. You can barely breath your heart is pounding so hard. He's alive. He's alive! HE'S ALIVE!! AND HE'S HERE WITH YOU!! OH MY GOSH! DOES THIS MEAN YOU CAN GO HOME?!?!??

*deep inhale*

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I would put more, but I don't wanna waste your time any more than I have to. ^^)

Finally you have to stop because you're crying too hard.

"Rei..." he murmurs, kissing your neck lightly.

"...H-how?! H-how are y-you alive?!" you ask, shaking all over in sheer joy.

"You mean-"


"Holy crap," you say quietly, standing with Riku. You'd recognize that voice anywhere. "It's my mom. I bet my dad and uncle are here, too."

"That's bad, isn't it?" Riku asks, smirking a little. You felt like screaming and stretching out his mouth into the hugest smirk. YOU HAD REALLY MISSED THAT SMIRK, DARN IT ALL!!

"Very. Very. Bad."

Riku holds you close, (you hold him closer) and he slowly begins to lead you toward the entrance of the alleyway.

"We're just gonna have to run for it," he whispers.

"Y-you mean?"

"The ship is just outside of town. I've been all over the place looking for you. I mean, Sora and Kairi gave me a general area that covered, like, ACRES AND ACRES of freaking land. I've seriously been looking for you for a couple of months."

You can't help but gasp. HOW IS HE ALIVE?!? Not that you're COMPLAINING, but HOW?!?! It's NOT POSSIBLE!!! it?

"Okay, let's-"

Riku is cut off by the sudden shriek of your mom. You watch in horror as your parents and your uncle appear at the alley's entrance. There's a small stare down between you and your parents and Riku and your uncle that occurs.

"WHO ARE YOU!???!" your mom shouts angrily.

"Run," you whisper in Riku's ear. The two of you bolt off down the sidewalk, sprinting at full-speed.

"GET BACK HERE!!" your dad shouts. You can hear them running after you. Your heart pounding, you let Riku lead you through the familiar streets of your town. Your family trails behind, but are definitely losing strength. Only your uncle is in good shape besides Riku (of course).

"Riku," you say, feeling weak. He cuts you off by picking you up bridal style and carrying you through the streets. "...Never mind." You grin at each other.

Soon you reach an open farmland, followed by a wooded area.

"Back there," he says, still carrying you. You nod.

*I have so much to tell you,* you think, frowning a little. *...Holy crap...what am I gonna do about...? Should I really tell you...?*

Before you know it, you're already back on your ship--yes! YOUR SHIP! Riku quickly sets you down and closes the door. He messes around with some controls and suddenly the ship lifts off into the air.

You are free.

You're going home.

With Riku.

Collapsing onto the floor (literally lying there), you start bawling out of sheer joy. Riku probably thinks you've gone insane. But you have to let it out.

"YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW HAPPY I AM RIGHT NOW!" you sob, smiling through your tears.


You feel Riku lift you up into his arms. He walks over to the windowseat and sits down with you.

"..." You can't even talk. You can barely keep your eyes open to look at him. It seems so surreal! But here you both are, heading home.

"Can I finish telling you what I was saying earlier?" he asks.

"Y-yeah," you sniff, laying your head on his chest. You can hear his heartbeat. But how...?!

"Rei...when I was dead...did you ever talk to me? were talking to yourself...but to me?"

You nod, unsure of what to think.

"Would it freak you out if I told you I could hear you a lot of the time?"

Your eyes widen. "What...?!"

"I don't know, really. But I could hear your voice, all the time. And one day, some months ago, I literally just woke up in Hollow Bastion. I was fine, like nothing had happened."

"...Are you saying...?"

"I think you have a gift, Rei," Riku says quietly, holding you close. "Maybe that's why you came to the islands in the first place. You've got a greater purpose in life."

"...Maybe." Come to think of it, that makes a heck of a lot of sense. "So...I can talk to dead people...and wake them up..."

"Exactly. Because when I was alive again, I couldn't hear your voice anymore..." Riku looks away for a moment. "There were two other people there in that particular room with me. Two girls. One looked around your age, one was older."

"Holy crap!" you shout, sitting upright. "That could be my sister and Manders!"

"I think it might've been. I sat there for a while, watching them, y'know? They were talking back to you when you thought of them."

Your heart starts pounding. If all this is true, you could bring your sister and Manders back.

"Were they alive?" you ask.

"No...still dead. Just talking every so often." Riku shivers a little. "It was pretty creepy."

"I can only imagine..."

A little disturbed, you get to your feet and walk over to your ship's dashboard.

"That's why we're not going home just yet," Riku says suddenly.

"WHAT?!" you cry, gasping.

"We're going to Hollow Bastion," Riku explains, walking over to you. "I want to see if this is all true. Because if it is, you could still save your sister and friend. They could even stay with us if they want."

"Riku, no! I-I can't..." You double over from lack of words.

"I know you're scared, Rei." Riku straightens you upright, putting his gentle hands on your shoulders. "But we've got to try. Everything's gonna be okay."


"Do you believe me?"

"...I do."

THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Rei and Riku