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So without further a do,

One would say Itachi was a lucky man. He was skilled, handsome, an Uchiha (not to mention one of the surviving ones)... oh yes. Itachi was quite blessed.

Praised as a genius practically since birth, the elder Uchiha had almost everything he wanted handed to him. He was adored by women (and some men),revered by his senseis and such, but this attention had a downfall. Put into constant pressure by other's expectations, he had no time to enjoy these luxuries as he had to grow up, and fast. Along with being in ANBU at a young, tender age, he became emotionless, closed-off; trying to push some of the attention off him and on to his younger brother, Sasuke.

It only got worse as the Great Uchiha Massacre occurred, narrowing the once large and prosperous clan down to only two members, literally overnight. All the attention was placed on the two, nearly driving Itachi insane. He wanted none of this. Already partially bitter from having his childhood taken, he grew more and more distant, and his comrades were worried. Not that they would ever say it to his face of course.

Sometimes Itachi would just-run off somewhere into the massive forests surrounding Konoha, taking some time to get away from said death-trap village. It calmed him, the peace and quiet of the lonely forests, the animals being the only things around him. It gave the Uchiha time to relax and clear his mind, forgetting about his stressed life-style. He enjoyed the forest so much because there was no one but him, and to him that was what was most important at times like these. He was content, until he felt another presence.

Now, Unlike a certain Uchiha, one Uzumaki Naruto was not lucky.

Having the Kyuubi sealed into her as a child led to a series on events that triggered something inside the blond female, leading her to flee from the village into the dense forests around it. The forest was more of a home then the ratty old apartment she used to live in ever was, providing a safe haven for her to grow in, along with a certain tenet's help.

The Kyuubi helped her, trained her, made her strong for the long, harsh life she was living. The Kyuubi essentially turned Naruto into one of her own, forcing enough of her yokai into the girl to alter her DNA. The girl willingly took the change her "Kaa-san" was giving to her, thereby turning the girl from hanyou.

She lived a good ten years in the forest, making it her own, protecting it. Although she fled from Konoha, she harbored no hatred for the village. Just distrust. As a result, it's not surprising that when bandits or rogue shinobi went through her forest to get to the village, or was fleeing from it, shinobi chasing him/her might stumble upon a clearing where said perpetrator would be knocked out or even dead.

On rare occasions, people might accidentally wander into her forest, lost. Naruto either helped them get out, or to be blunt about it, killed them if they were a threat. Once people had gotten out of the forest, they usually never came back. Usually.

There was one, who always came back. Naruto observed him from a distance, close enough that see could see him yet far away enough that she couldn't make out any details. He made his way into her forest like it was his, going there so often he knew it like the back of his hand. This infuriated her beyond comprehension. She wanted him out, but the inhabitants of the forest enjoyed his company, a concept she could never grasp. He was an intruder right?

Even though in Naruto's mind he was trespassing, Itachi never did any harm to the forest or the life in it. Naruto, being distrusting of the village and all it's shinobi, was paranoid about the teen, thinking that one day he would snap and destroy her home. Which is why today, when said teen was seething as he entered the forest, she took... extra precautions.

Itachi heard a rustle in the leaves, and his shinobi training would not let him disregard it. He stood up from the tree he was sitting against and calmly navigated through the forest to a nearby creek casually. If he was being followed, he would be able to determine how far away they were. IF he was being followed of course.

And indeed he was as he heard the telltale rustle of leaves again, this time closer. He smirked. Whoever was following him was good; the rustle could have easily been passed of as the wind if it not for his time in ANBU. As he walked a bit more, he suddenly jerked around and expertly launched a kunai in the direction of the rustles, narrowly missing his target. The kunai embedded it's self in a the tree, only to be pulled out soon after by an exasperated Itachi. As he was getting up he noticed a few strange markings along the tree bark. Crouching down, he ran his fingers over the grooves in the tree shaped like claw marks. He looked around before smirking once more and leaping from tree to tree in order to exit the forest.

Behind a tree not to far away, Naruto was panting, her heart pounding in her chest. In reality, the kunai had nicked her, she noticed as she felt the warm blood gently dripping from a slit on her arm. Licking the blood up in order to close the wound she stared back at the stop were Itachi had just been in fascination. She saw the look on his face as he threw the kunai. Aside from the earlier smirk, he seemed emotionless; like a machine. This intrigued her. How could someone be like that? In all her years she had never seen a shinobi act so cold. Was it his rank? What was it?

Cleaning up the last of the blood she dusted herself off and tilted her head to the side. Hmm. A mischievious smile slowly spread across her face. This man...she was definatly going to look into this.

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