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"Itachi? Itachi?! Damn it Uchiha, open the door!"

Itachi woke rather rudely to a loud, obnoxious banging sound on his front door. The knocking was accompanied by frenzied yell and shouting, making the noise reverberate through the whole house. He sleepily shuffled to the door, yanking the piece of wood nearly off the hinges.

"What?" He snapped, looking at his friends with bleary eyes. Hana was panting heavily, trembling slightly. She huffed and pushed through him and showed herself inside, planting her feet in front of him. "Do you have any idea what time it is?" He snapped again, closing the door. It was nearly three in the morning, and the weasel was exhausted.

"This is more important." She panted her hands on his shoulders and looked up to him in the eye; the most serious expression he had ever seen on her face. "Please, don't tell me it's true."

"What are you accusing me of?" She sighed, gripping his shoulder tighter.

"Don't tell me you tracked the jinchuuriki down today."


"I've come across some… interesting information today." Hana heard an old voice croak loudly on the other side of the wall. She pressed forward, not wanting to eavesdrop on the council meeting. She had gone there to speak with the Hokage, but he was preoccupied. Curse those over-sensitive ears.

"It seems as if one of our ANBU has discovered that our old demon is still alive, in the woods." There was uproar, several council members shouting subliminal phrases and such. The shouting died down after awhile, lowering to angry grumbling.

Hana couldn't tell what happened, and her curiosity got the best of her. Leaning against the wall casually, she pressed her head back and crossed her arms, trying to seem like she was just resting or waiting.

"Danzo, how did you know this information before I did?" The Hokage spoke, sternly and steadily.


On the inside, the old man was panicking. Did Danzo know of the conversation he had with Itachi earlier? By the look on the old war hawk's face, he did. Danzo was smirking ever-so slightly, giving the Hokage an I-know-your-secret look.

"You were busy talking to one of your other ANBU at the time." Hiruzen's eyes narrowed, liar.

"Where is this going, Danzo?" A civilian asked, still infuriated. Danzo stood from his seat, grabbing his old cane and walking slowly to the center of the room. The tension was thick, the sounds of the cane echoing.

"Think what this could mean for Konoha. We've tried this before haven't we? The 'tool', the 'ultimate weapon'- we could bring the jinchuuriki back!"

"Bring that demon back here?"

"This is crazy!"

"You can't possibly think that that is a good idea!"

"Are you trying to curse us?"


"Wait." The Uchiha boy held up a hand to silence the she wolf. She was stressed, running a sweaty hand through her hair regularly. "You're trying to tell me they want to bring the girl back?"

"Yes! And they're going to use her as a weapon! This is bad! You know that it always backfires on them! And this isn't just anyone, this is… this is… a jinchuuriki! It's not something they should be messing with!" She breathed, it all coming out in a rush.

Itachi furrowed his eyebrows, wiping some of the sleep from his eyes. What was Danzo thinking? He too cursed the man over and over in his head, trying to figure what the man was planning. Why did Danzo suddenly decide to go after Naruto? He was brought out of his thoughts by Hana, who was shaking his shoulders again.

"Itachi! What am I going to do?! This is big! I-I don't think I was supposed to listen in… I think my mom knows I did. What is she going to say? I don't know what to do!" Hana was hyperventilating at this point, a hand placed on her chest in a weak attempt to steady her breathing. Itachi was shocked to say the least, seeing Hana break down. She was always so strong, but… she was helpless like this.

He placed a reassuring hand on her shoulder, trying to calm her.

"Hana calm down. When did you hear all this?" She looked up at him, big brown eyes watering.

"Uh- earlier today, around the afternoon I think. I was going to ask you about it sooner… but time escaped me. I had to figure this out for myself first. I just… I mean… they want to bring the demon back! Who knows what kind of things will happen?!"

Itachi snatched his hand from her like she was on fire, glaring. Hana tilted her head to the side, confusion evident on her face.

"She is not a demon. If anything happens at all, it's because of our actions." His voice was cold and laced with venom. He could remember all the things Kakashi had told him, as well as the pain and suffering reflected on the jounin's face. Hana gulped, sweating slightly from fear. She nodded, once, then twice and sat herself on the couch. The silence was awkward then, filled with tension.

"What are you going to do?" Her small voice broke the quiet, dark room.


"What in hell's name did I ever do?!" A certain fox girl cursed, darting through the trees. It was all around her; the rustles and thumps echoing. She was covered in bruises and scratches, a sign of her struggle to escape the shinobi that were hunting her down like an animal.

They came in the early morning, the dew and fog still latched around and on the ground and sun just peeking over the clouds. It was even colder this morning, the wind blistering as it cut against her warm skin. They wanted her to come with her, but she refused.

That's when they resorted to force.

Ducking under a fallen tree, she caught her breath, panting heavily. This was insane! First that Uchiha boy chases her down, and now these fools? There had to be at least ten or fifteen of them, there was no way she could outrun them forever.

"See what you got us into? I told you not to meddle with that boy."

"Not now Kaa-san! What do you think they want?"

"Probably to torture you and then mount you on a wall."

"That's a nice thought…"

"I tried to tell you to stay away from them! But no! You had to get involved!"

"I don't need this! And besides, you were the one who wouldn't stop teasing me yesterday!"

"Well, when an attractive boy is perched over you, you're not supposed to knee him."

"I had to get him off me somehow! And you whispering perverted things in my head was not helping!"

Naruto peeked over the log, scanning the area. It had become quiet suddenly, much too quiet. The cold winds and fog were both burning her nose and making it difficult to smell out the intruders. She heard a twig crack to her left, and whipping her head in the direction, she came face to face with a smooth white mask. Her eyes widened in fear, her whole body twitching to get away. A black gloved hand clamped over her mouth and another stabbed something thin into the side of her neck. She faintly heard others landing around the two, but she quickly pushed the man away with a kick to the abdomen and biting down onto the hand hard.

The blonde's vision was swimming, dotted with black. Her whole body felt lighter than air, almost surreal. Then she went numb, everything going black.

No… not again. This couldn't be happening to her again…


"You want me to what?" The raven-haired boy hissed, eyes narrowing dangerously. Hiruzen sighed. This wasn't going to be easy.

"Weasel, I don't want for you to do this, really I don't, but I have no choice. You're close to her age and… you made contact with her recently."

"Can't you choose someone like Kakashi-taicho? He has a history with her."

"That's exactly why she can't be around him. Her history with him was…very emotional. We're not sure how stable she is now." The old Hokage sighed, taking a puff of his pipe. "Weasel, you're the only one I remotely trust for the job. If I'm going to be forced to do this, I might as well choose someone I trust. Also, most of the council, including Danzo, agreed."

Itachi stiffened. Danzo approved of the choice? "No, Hokage-sama. I don't think I can. I have to go on missions and Sasuke needs someone to watch him-"

"Itachi, please."

Itachi sighed, seeing no point in arguing with the man. He would have to be careful, but who knows? He hasn't been contacted by him for awhile now… maybe he just wouldn't bother him anymore. Apparently, it had already been two days since Naruto was captured by them, unconscious. Nobody knew yet of the holding of the demon, but the Hokage had come to him personally. Itachi was unsure if accepting was a good idea, but selfishly he remembered he still had a bone to pick with said jinchuuriki.

"Weasel?" The Hokage asked again, in a pleading tone.

"I'll do it." Hiruzen sighed, relieved.


Naruto's eyes were especially sensitive from being out cold for so long. She vaguely realized that she was on something soft and cushiony, with something thin and warm draped over her. Her cheeks felt hot and her head ached, pounding in sync with the clacking that was growing louder and louder as it approached her. Wait… clacking?

"Heh… quite a specimen, it's she?" An old throaty voice croaked, chuckling slightly.

"Hn. Absolutely beautiful." She could practically hear the smirk in his smooth voice, such a difference from the other. Her face twitched when she felt a leather glove-clad hand brush against her cheek. Whatever they had injected her with was still numbing her weak body, making it nearly impossible to move. It was as if all the energy had been drained from her, or else the creep that was stroking her cheek in her sleep would be bleeding by now.

"Do you really think that she will be useful? She doesn't look like she could do much…" The raspy voice trailed off, shuffling towards her.

"She is a jinchuuriki. She is nothing but useful."

"Can you believe they actually wanted the boy to watch her?" Laughter was heard.

"As I said, everything will fall into place, as it should." The hand abruptly pulled away, leaving an uncomfortable sensation on the fox girl's skin. She would have to wash that thoroughly later. "People will be here soon."

A few moments later, Naruto found herself alone in the room once again. What had just taken place confused and frightened her, but there was still nothing she could do. Her eyes fluttered open, wincing when the bright lights assaulted her vision. With her neck sore and stiff, she looked around, noticing the white room. What was this? She couldn't recall a room like this from her childhood. The door across from her clicked open, an old wrinkly hand on the knob. She struggled to move, but soon realized that along with the heavy sedatives they gave her, they also tied her down to the bed. She shut her eyes tightly, trying to wish this whole situation away. Being tied up… it reminded her to much of what happened all those years ago. This isn't what she wanted!

"Naruto? Please look at me Naruto." A familiar voice called to her; warm and comforting. Naruto cracked one eye open, ears twitching at the sound. What she saw shocked her to the core.

"Jii-san?" She whispered, seeing the sad smile on the old man's face. He nodded, walking closer to her. He stopped by her bedside and looked down at her with heavy eyes. He sighed, swiping his hand slowly over his face and rubbing his eyes.

"I'm so sorry Naruto; this isn't what I wanted to happen to you." Naruto was confused, looking around the room, there was only one other person in the room.

Oh good god.

"You." She gasped, startled.

"Yes, me." He snapped back, crossing his arms in front of his chest.

"You did this!" She accused, struggling to snap out of the bonds and maul the Uchiha.

"He didn't have anything to do with it, Naruto. Please hear me out." Hiruzen sighed, sitting in the seat conveniently place next to the bed. "You have to stay in the village from now on."

"Why? Why can't I stay in the forest? I don't want to stay here." She whimpered, feeling her claustrophobia kick in.

"You have to Naruto. It was decided by the council." Her blue eyes narrowed.

"Why should I listen to them? They never gave a crap about me before."

"Naruto." Hiruzen stated sternly, fighting an internal battle of whether to tell the blonde the truth or not. "This isn't something I decided. They want you back, and we found you. They're not going to let you out of their sight. You'll probably be monitored 24/7."

"But why- why do they need me?" She whispered innocently, turning away from him.

Hiruzen couldn't say more, no matter how much he wanted to.

"Are you going to stay?"


"Then we'll have to resort to force." The old man sighed, turning to Itachi.

The boy nodded, moving closer to other side of the bed. Naruto watched him warily, stealing panicked glances at her "grandfather".

"I'm going to be your guard from now on. You'll be staying with me, understand?" Naruto's face scrunched up in dislike, her tail weaving itself out from under the bonds. She opened her mouth only to be cut off by the Uchiha.

"Don't try to protest. I didn't have a say in this either, but you'll be put under house arrest until you decide you're going to cooperate."


"Hana, please listen to me."

"I can't believe you…" Hana turned away from her mother, angry and confused. "How could you do that? How is it best if you bring her back into the village?! It'll only create havoc!"

"Hana, the girl is not a demon! You have to listen to me!" Tsume growled, growing frustrated with her daughter's stubborn behaviour.

"I'm not calling her a demon! She might not be a demon now, but I'm talking about what she's going to become if you decide to turn her into a weapon like you said you guys would! Do you really think that she'll turn out differently from how Suna's jinchuuriki did just because she had a chance to grow up with a personality? She's been living in a forest! Who knows how civilized she is? You guys could be messing with a ticking time bomb!" The she wolf shouted, challenging her mother. She bit down on her lip hard, clenching her fists tightly. "You argued against it at first! Why did you change your mind?!"

"You're too young to understand!"

"At least I know what is wrong and right! Something you're too old to understand! Things aren't like they were before! This whole thing is bullshit!"

"Nee-san? Kaa-san? What's going on?" A small voice called, pushing the door of the room open. A boy with messy brown hair stood there with a sad and worried look on his face, a white puppy hiding behind him and trembling.

"This isn't any of your business, Kiba!" Tsume snapped, while as Hana looked at her with a strange, repulsed look.

"Now you're just out of line! This is his business! He's part of the village, and it affects everybody!"

"Don't tell me what not to do! Girl, you are pushing it right now! I'm your mother, and you have to respect that!"

"I stopped respecting you as soon as you approved of that plan and the second you snapped at Kiba." Hana said coolly and quietly, glaring at her mother. She walked away, past a scared little brother and furious mother.

"Where do you think you're going?" Tsume growled, getting ready to chase after her daughter.

"Away from here!" She shouted, clenching her fists tighter and breaking out in a run. Tsume called after her, cursing and growling when she was ignored. Kiba looked back at his mother with disbelieving eyes, mouth agape.

"What did you do?" He whispered.


Knock. Knock.

Sasuke got up from his lounging position on the couch, putting his book down. Yes, the mighty Uchiha Sasuke read books in his free time between training and school. He yawned, stretching slowly and taking his sweet time in getting up.

Knock. Knock. Knock.

The knocking was more urgent this time, causing him to grumble to himself angrily.

"I'm coming!" He called out, making his way to the door. Much like his brother, he yanked the door open with a scowl, getting ready to tell off whoever was there for interrupting his reading. That is, until he saw who it was.

"Hana? What are you-"He was cut off by the slightly taller girl lunging at him, hugging him tightly and shaking. Her three dogs slunk their way in, worrying for their master. "Hana?"

She just tightened her grip on him and whimpered, letting out a small choked sound. Sasuke felt the wetness bleeding through his shirt, before realizing that the girl was crying. He awkwardly patted the girl's back, clueless as to what to do in this situation.

"Shh… it'll be okay uh… don't worry." Hana sniffled a bit, looking at him with watery eyes.

"Can the Haimaru brothers and I stay here for a bit? I kinda can't be at home right now." She said in a relatively steady voice, but still with a begging tone. Sasuke blinked a few times, surprised.

"Well… you're Nii-san's best friend, so I doubt he'll mind…" He trailed off.


"Let go of me you little-"

"Would you shut your mouth and cooperate?"


Itachi groaned, shifting the fox girl so that she was in a better position. She refused to leave the personal hospital room she was in, so he had to carry her, slung over his shoulder. The girl's front was slung over to face his back, leaving her fluffy tail to constantly whack his face. He was growing very aggravated, especially with all the noise she was making. Luckily, not many people hang around the disserted Uchiha district, so he didn't really have to worry about many people seeing her until she was ready to be revealed to the village.

The girl just wouldn't stop squirming! He even had to keep her arms and legs tied up by the wrist and ankles. He was lucky that at least this time she was forced into wearing a simple robe, it was better than nothing. But still the thought of her being completely naked underneath the robe…

"I'm serious, be quiet!" He snapped at her, who just looked over his shoulder at him and smirked. "What?"

"I got you to snap at me! You do have emotion." She had this strange smug look on her face, like she had just accomplished something. Itachi wasn't sure what to make of it, but at least the girl had shut up. She was quiet for the rest of the trip, though her tail was driving her insane. He was never gladder for ANBU masks than at that moment.

"Are you kidding me? I'm not staying there! It reeks of dog!" She scrunched up her nose, squirming to get out of his grasp. They had just approached the house, when she suddenly lashed out.

"It shouldn't smell." He stated, knocking the door open as best as he could with the jumpy fox girl in his other arm. From the corner of his eyes he saw the ANBU that were trailing the two station themselves around the house. He mentally rolled his eyes while he looked to the living room and froze.

"Hana? What are you doing here?" He stumbled onto the sight of Hana on the couch leaning over with her head buried in Sasuke's shoulder; dogs curled around their feet. She was apparently asleep, her body relaxed and limp. Sasuke raised a finger to his lips in a "hush" motion, but then dropped his jaw when he saw what was over his brother's shoulder.

Itachi sighed, again; he had been doing that a lot lately.

This was going to be hell to explain.


"Are you kidding me? I'm not staying there! It reeks of dog! And… something nutty; I don't know the name for it." She scrunched up her nose, squirming to get out of his grasp. They had just approached the house, when she suddenly lashed out.

"It shouldn't smell." He stated, knocking the door open as best as he could with the jumpy fox girl in his other arm. He walked into the living room and froze.

Hana and Sasuke were sprawled out on the ground, both covered in peanut butter and Hana's dogs were lapping up the remainder of the spread that was sticking to the floor. There were at least five empty jars lying about, with butter knifes scattered around. Sasuke sat up and looked around crazily, quickly jumping to his feet and flailing his arms around.

"This isn't what it looks like!" He shouted, blushing furiously as Hana pushed herself up from the ground. Itachi quickly noticed her jacket was open more than it usually was, showing quite a bit of cleavage. She propped her head up with her elbow and looked back lazily at the elder brother.

"I had no clue that the rumors were true. Sasuke IS gay." She glanced to the shocked Naruto, and then smiled. "Oh-ho ho, but you're not gay are you, 'Tachi?" She waggled her eyebrows, motioning between Itachi and Naruto. She laughed manically when the blonde blushed and looked horrified, while she couldn't see Itachi's expression because of the mask.

"I am NOT gay!" Sasuke wailed, his face as red as a tomato.

"Then you're such a prude! I'm freaking depressed and I throw myself at you, covered in peanut butter! I mean seriously!"

Needless to say, Itachi never looked at his little brother or his best friend the same way again.

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