Secret journal of the watchers...

Experiment Eleven, a.k.a. "Angel"

It is our professional opinion that the human/avian hybrid known as "Angel" is clearly the most powerful and devious member of the escaped experiments. (This assessment is based on the fact that she has tried to usurp leadership of "Flock" on numerous occasions.) Since she has reached six years of age (based on the last hands-on report be Dr. Batchelder) her mind has shown remarkable development and we estimate that as of this writing, her cerebral functions have risen to 48%.

She has shown a strong attachment to the five other hybrids she escaped with, as well as one hybrid avian/canine they have taken from the now defunct "Institute for Higher Living". She has also taken possession of a small, winged stuffed bear she acquired in New York before their intrusion on the Institute.

Her relationship with the apparent leader, "Maximum", appears to be the strongest, perhaps seconded only by her relationship with her biological brother, alias "The Gasman". She has also been seen spending time with the one called "Nudge", as well as the one called "Iggy". We conclude that, (with the one exception when she allied herself with Dr. Batchelder to lure the other avian hybrids back to the school facilities), she is fiercely loyal to the other members of her "Flock" and will fight savagely if they are threatened. (She is also very possessive, as indicated by one instance in New York, pre-intrusion.)

Occasionally, this unit has been able to maneuver into close proximity, and as such have been able to obtain recordings of the subjects. "Angel" has expressed on numerous occasions that she wishes the oldest female, "Max", to express her feelings to the oldest male, "Fang".

While subject is relatively compliant, it has been noted by this unit that the subject can also disobedient and ever downright rebellious. She has frequently disregarded orders by others if she thinks she knows better, regardless of the circumstances.

Aside from her exceptional telepathy (which has matured to the point where she can influence and control others), and in addition to her above average strength and vision, she has demonstrated limited powers of shape-shifting (she has been seen growing bird-of-paradise feathers), underwater breathing (through the use of gills), and communicating telepathically with various fauna, as well as amazing predictive abilities, bordering on prophetic on occasion. (These last two have yet to be completely determined.)

Portrait Parle; "Angel" (to forward to other units)

Age; approx. 7 years.

Height; approx. 3'

Weight; approx. 75-85 lb.

Hair color; golden blonde.

Eyes; emerald green.

Wingspan; approx. ten feet.

Wing color; jet white.

Clothes; Mostly junior, partial to frou-frou.

Mannerisms; grooming stuffed bear, shuffling feet, playing with hair curls.

End report.


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