Secret journal of the watchers…

Subject Seven, a.k.a. "Fang"

It is the conclusion of this unit that the human/avian hybrid "Fang" appears to be the most grounded member of the rogue "Flock". It may be do to this that he has been named second in commend the leader, "Max". He usually looks at the realistic side of things, even at the expense of group morale.

His relationship with the other members of the "Flock" is mostly that of close siblings, with the exception of the oldest female, "Max". They have only recently begun to have "romantic interactions" (in a human capacity), but have not been observed in anything more than kissing. The youngest one, "Angel", has been seen telling him to pursue this.

This unit has also noticed that he seems to involuntarily attract other human females to himself, mostly redheads. It is unknown wether or not it is the result of pheromones, or if it is just his admittedly good looks (by human standards). Two notable instances where this has been especially apparent are Lissa, (a young high school girl in Virginia), and Dr. Brigid Dwyer, a scientist the "Flock" originally met in Antarctica and continues to work with said "Flock" through the Coalition to Stop the Madness (CSM for short).

"Fang"'s powers consist of the standard enhanced physique and abilities, as well as the ability to completely blend in with his surroundings. It is not known exactly how this power functions, and for obvious reasons it is not known what the full extent of said powers are. He has claimed that he can only utilize this power when he is completely still, but a session of the BSSTC training course in Hawaii seems to at least partially refute this. He has also developed the ability to breathe underwater (through gills).

Out of all the experiments, "Fang" seems to have the most uncertain future. "Angel" has been documented saying that "Fang" will die soon, and with her apparent precognitive abilities this is a bit concerning. Further observation is warranted.

Portrait Parle; "Fang" (to forward to other units)

Age; approx. 14 years.

Height; approx. 5'11''

Weight; approx. 145 lb.

Hair color; black

Eyes; dark violet

Wingspan; approx. fifteen feet.

Wing color; black.

Clothes; Black, partial to punk/emo styles

Mannerisms; brooding.

End report.


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