Author: Sparta

Title: The 12 Pains Of Christmas

Pairings: Cole & Merrick

Rating: R

Categories: Slash

Genres: Action/Adventure, Mystery, Crime, Romance, Tragedy, Hurt/Comfort

Crossovers: All Rangers

Disclaimer: I don't anything, this is just my sick and twisted mind at work so enjoy

Warnings: Slash, Death, Mayhem, Past Abuse, Stalking, Femslash, Male rape, torture, Het and Attentive universe, Rape, Self-Harming, Family disowning

Chapters: 1/12

Completed: No

Summery: A bit of fun based on a song called the 12 pains of Christmas, each Ranger couple has their own problems over the holidays.

Chapter Summery: Merrick & Cole look for a Christmas Tree

Authors Notes:

The 12 Pains Of Christmas

The 1st Pain: Finding a Christmas Tree

'The first thing at Christmas that's such a pain to me………Is finding a Christmas tree' - 12 pains of Christmas

Merrick growled as he pulled his jacket round him tighter, he'd only been apart (if you could call it that) of the Wild Force Rangers for little over a mouth. He'd been in a relationship with Cole Evens for little over two weeks and despite their differences, Merrick enjoyed the company, but this was not a time he was enjoying it.

Christmas was not a holiday he celebrated after all if he had to label himself, he was a pagan since Animus was the closes thing to a God his people had but unlike him, Cole had never really had anything to celebrate. Living his life the way he had Cole hadn't really had much contact with 'Modern City Life' as the other Rangers had, in truth Merrick himself wasn't as confident about this time as the others where. He was an outsider and the only one he felt confident about being with was Cole.

That was the reason why he found himself freezing half to death, late on the 1st of December, looking for tree to celebrate a holiday he didn't even celebrate all so his lover could keep that childish look on his face that Merrick found so sexy. Merrick sighed again as he felt Kovu his Wolf Spirt as he howled out in sympathy for Merrick, he laughed to himself as he thought about Simba Cole's Lion spirt and how he'd be swatting Kovu for that howl.

"Merrick I've found it" yelled Cole from the distance as Merrick followed him.

Coming out of the clearing, he found Cole sat up the branch of the biggest tree on the Animarum, with a sigh Merrick walked towards his childlike lover.

"So are you sure this is the one you want?" asked Merrick as Cole nodded excitedly.

"Then lets get on with it" said Merick as he approached the tree.

"Wait" said Cole as he got down from the tree making Merrick sigh.

"How are we going to get it back? It's too big for just us to carry? Maybe I should go back and get the others…" suddenly Cole was silenced by Merrick kissing him before he gave his mate a playful smile.

"I was not born 3,000 years ago in a time of myth and magic not to know a little," said Merrick with a smile as he waved his hand and Cole watched as the tree shrunk, walking over Merrick picked it up and put in his hand.

"Come on Cole lets head back before the others come looking for us," said Merrick with a smile as they walked though the snow covered forest of the Animarum.

The Ranger's gathered round the newly decorated tree as Cole looked proudly at it, Merrick watched from the shadows enjoying the look on his mates face. He had to admit that he enjoyed the warm feeling that filled up every part of him as he watched Cole and the other Rangers.

"We might be out of our time Merrick but we are never truly alone," said Princess Shayla as she placed her hand on Merick shoulder.

Merrick didn't speak he just turned to Shayla and nodded, but deep within him he did have one complaint next year no matter how much he begged Taylor was getting the dam tree with Cole.