Author's Notes~

Normally I wait until the end of the story to add these in. However, I had a few important little facts to put in to make you understand the story a little bit better, because I'm pretty sure that, unless you're me, or are in my head, you won't understand some parts lest I explain them. First off, Harry is NOT related to James, nor does he know Sirius, Remus, or Peter. Harry is an elf, while the marauders are still the same, (Imagine them all like, right before voldie killed Harry's parents) Anyways, they're still the marauders, too, Remus is still a werewolf. So, enjoy! Oh, and BTW, Harry is the one who gives them the nicknames, (Padfoot, Moony, Wormtail, Prongs)


Pale moonlight flitted across pale flesh; sweat glistened like dew on the body. Green eyes were wide and full of terror as the boy raced into the silent forest, the animals watched in sadness as the boy finally collapsed to the ground, drawing his knees up to his chest, putting his face in his hands as he sobbed. If he had been less stressed, or if he had been paying attention to the forest around him, he might have heard the animal's approach. But, as it was, his senses were dulled with pain, exhaustion, and total fear. He lurched when he heard a soft woof, and looked over, a large, shaggy black dog stood there, staring at him with the most intriguing eyes, they were the color of molten silver, and probably just about as hot. Harry smiled for the first time in what felt like years, his pointed ears twitching forwards like a curious cat, he moved onto his knees and held out a hand to the dog, the dog smiled as best it could, tongue lolling out the side of its gaping mouth. Harry grinned and reached forward, caressing the silky fur, plucking out bits of twig and leaves as he did so. The dog yipped like a pup and bounded off, Harry watched it go, gasping when a royal-looking stag stepped imperiously out from behind a tree, its brown fur was the color of oaken trees, its hazel eyes shining with brilliance and cool commanding, atop its head was a huge crown of velveteen antlers. It stepped imperiously forward, long legs easily avoiding stepping on the eager dog romping between them. Harry watched the stag's sedate approach, and reached up as the large head bowed, gently caressing the velvet snout. Harry's eyes were wide as he examined the creature. He looked down suddenly when something scrambled in his lap, a small blue-eyed rat stood there, staring at him, Harry reached down and petted it gently, from head to it's long, worm-like tail. The tiny creature squeaked in pleasure, wriggling in ecstasy as Harry's hands gently caressed the small body. All three animal heads turned to the left, and Harry looked as well, a tawny wolf was slinking towards them, growling low in its throat in displeasure. Harry's first instinct was to protect the animals surrounding him, so he did just that, standing slowly and cautiously, setting the small rat down, and stepping in front of the stag, dog, and rat. Harry slowly took a step forward, and the wolf snarled, showing vicious teeth. Harry bit his lip, the wolf was in pain, and it was obvious. Slowly, hands extended, Harry approached the wolf, as he did it pressed closer and closer to the ground, whimpering as if afraid. Harry knelt before the wolf and held its large head in his lap, gently stroking the long muzzle, and before long the large wolf was flopped on its back, eagerly submitting to a tummy rub, tail thumping in pleasure. Harry smiled,

"Aren't you just a beautiful wolf, Mr. Moony?" The wolf rumbled in pleasure, flipping back onto its stomach to look at Harry. The wolf tilted his head in curiosity, staring at Harry with handsome blue eyes, so intelligent that Harry could almost see the silent questions behind them. Harry petted the wolf, and closed his eyes, and listened, breathing deeply, the cheeping birds and gurgling brook faded away, the whispering wind died down, new sounds were entering his brain, becoming louder and more understandable. Harry listened carefully, a new voice, strong and masculine and domineering and confident invaded his mind.

Why are you sad, little elf? It asked, Harry felt a smile perk his lips, but the smile faded as quickly as it had come,

"I'm frightened." Harry admitted aloud, fingers clenched in the wolf's golden fur. The wolf rumbled comfortingly into Harry's ear,

Come with us, we will keep you safe. Harry nodded and opened his eyes, he couldn't hear the beautiful wolf anymore, the wind had picked up speed, the brook continued to giggle, and the birds began to sing again. Harry stood, leaning on the stag slightly as his knees cramped. Harry watched as the stag lowered its head, the mouse scrambling up the long snout to nestle between the long antlers. Harry watched the dog and Stag disappear into the forest, the wolf going next, titling its head to the side. Harry followed, smiling at the birds that came to greet him; small animals skittered around him, chattering in delight, he giggled and stepped around them, following his three guides deeper and deeper into the unforgiving forest. Finally they came to a clearing, at the far edge sat a medium-sized cottage, looking like a picture from a fairy-tale. Harry walked forward, mesmerized, a tiny little pond stood in the middle of the clearing, its water glassy, reflecting the light of the moon above. Harry knelt by the small pool and stared at it, then closed his eyes and dipped his hands into it, he brought cupped hands up, they were filled with water, trapped in his hands, he brought his hands up over his head, and moved them apart, letting the water cascade down his body, and everywhere the water touched, Harry's cuts began to fade and heal. The animals came to kneel beside him, curling furry bodies protectively around his thin frame. Harry looked at them all, grinning beautifully; he closed his eyes and leaned into the tawny fur of the wolf curled around his back. Sometime later, Harry shivered, and slowly came to consciousness, he blinked, shielding his eyes from the magnificent sun, and looked around, the animals were all gone, and Harry had an overwhelming urge to weep, slowly he sat up and examined his surroundings once more before he truly did begin to weep, fat tears falling down his face, feathered black wings curling tightly around his slender body, his pointed ears drooping in pain.

"Hey, what's the matter?" A kind voice asked, startling Harry out of his misery, he scrambled to his feet and backed a few steps, tripping over a branch and landing flat on his back, he whimpered in pain.

"Hey there, little lad, you all right?" A new voice asked, it wasn't as deep as the first, though it did hold an accent of pure-bred aristocrat. A hand was thrust into his face, and Harry timidly took it, squeaking as he was pulled easily to his feet, four men stood in front of him. Harry's eyes grew wide with fear and he began to tremble violently, the man who had helped him up looked shocked, then concerned, he reached out as if to touch Harry, but the small elf whimpered and jerked away, the man turned to look over his shoulder, "Remus! Come over here, something's wrong with him!" At the call, a second man approached, he had tawny hair and expressive blue eyes, his shoulders were broad, his arms well-muscled, practically radiating dominance. Harry blinked and stared at the man, he felt so familiar, it was when the man spoke that everything clicked in Harry's brain,

"Little elf, are you all right? Does anything hurt?" Remus reached out and grabbed a slim wrist, fingers pressed over the pulse point, "Your pulse is fine, you don't have a fever, you don't seem ill, are you perhaps frightened by us?" Harry nodded eyes wide, mouth opening and closing as he fought to make his vocal cords work again.

"You're the wolf!" He finally managed to cry out; the man smirked and nodded, bowing his head slightly,

"Remus Lupin, pleasure to meet you." Harry smiled softly, and held out his hand shyly,

"Harry James, the pleasure is mine, truly." Remus smiled, and then lifted a hand, beckoning, the other three came cautiously forwards, not wanting to frighten the small boy once again. The man who had first spoken grinned eagerly and thrust out a hand, grabbing Harry's and shaking it, Harry watched his arm bounce as it was shaken, feeling a little bit dizzy he looked into the stormy gray eyes.

"Sirius Black, 'sup? I like your ears, they're so cool! Can you fly with those wings? Do you ever loose feathers? Does it hurt if they get pulled? Do you have a beak? Are you part bird?" He was cut off when a hand slapped itself across his mouth, the man who had asked Harry if he was all right stood there, smiling kindly,

"My name is James Potter, nice to meet you, its fun getting new people around, being with the same boring three gets old." He received a glare and muffled protest, but James ignored both, and continued on happily, "Ignore this silly mutt, he's just extremely excitable. Don't answer any of his questions if you don't want to." He smiled charmingly, then groaned in displeasure, pulling his hand away, making a face, he wiped his palm across Sirius' shirt front, "That's disgusting! Why did you lick me?" Sirius shrugged,

"Sorry." He stated, looking completely unrepentant. Harry blinked at them as the began to bicker like an old married couple,

"Ignore them." Came a whispered advisement, Harry looked over into Remus' amused gaze, "They're just sexually frustrated." Harry blushed slightly and looked towards the ground, "Don't you go getting all shy on us, and you still have to meet Peter!" Remus said jovially, and a third boy stepped up, he was slightly on the heavier side, with curly blonde hair and watery blue eyes. Remus smiled and moved to stand beside his friends, the four turning to look at Harry, all with infectious grins on their faces,

"Welcome to our home, little elf." Remus stated, looking at Harry, Harry's eyes were wide as he looked at the four, "We are the marauders."