The months passed in silence, as Harry's stomach continued to grow with the lives within, ballooning out and becoming perfectly round. Less than a month remained before his pups would be born and he was anxious. But the feeling of anxiousness was not only filling him, but the marauders as well. They constantly had their eye on him, to make sure he was perfectly calm and under no stress, to make sure that if he showed any signs of being in labor they would take care of him right away.

Remus stared blankly, his blue eyes rather unfocussed and dazed. He tensed when he felt the now-familiar tingle spread from his chest outwards, reaching every point of his body, making his entire being hyper sensitive and extra-aware. He glanced left, and saw Harry standing there, gaze amused. Remus lifted a brow and turned to the young elf, trying to ignore the desire and lust and tingling. Remus knew very well the elf was mated, and bonded, and quite obviously pregnant and heavy with pups. As Remus locked gazes with Harry, the young elf stiffened, his ears tilting forwards like a curious cat as his pupils dilated, as he breathing became a bit more labored. Remus noticed the reactions, and then nearly swooned from the scent of lust and arousal coming from the young elf. With a nearly animalistic growl, Remus pushed Harry against the nearest wall, sniffing at the pale exposed neck.

Harry moaned softly, then gasped as he gathered his head and wits, pushing gently against Remus,

"Let me go, Remus!" Harry stated, panting softly, Remus growled, pressing the elf tighter into the wall. Harry tried again, "Not here, Remus!" The man growled possessively, but eased his grip and as Harry moved to slip away, he was grabbed and lifted bridal style into a pair of incredibly strong arms. He yelped and clung onto Remus, not willing to think about what would happen if he suddenly fell. He closed his eyes, as watching the moving ground beneath him was making him rather nauseous. He gasped when he was dumped rather unceremoniously onto Remus' bed, watching with trepidation as the man shut the door and locked it, casting a silencing charm on the door and walls.

Remus gazed rather hungrily at Harry, amber swirling in the blue gaze, a sign that Remus and the wolf were frantically fighting for dominance. As Remus approached the bed, drawing closer and closer to the young elf the wolf acknowledged as a mate, the blue began to swiftly fade, replaced by glowing amber. Harry watched as the man slowly began to undress, shuddering slightly as tears began to slide down pale cheeks. Harry loved this man, just as much as he loved Fenrir, but Harry could not overcome the feeling that he was betraying Fenrir. Harry did not want to be an unfaithful mate, and in a choked voice he told Remus so. The man laughed gently, caressing Harry's cheek softly, Harry looked up and was shocked to see kind blue eyes gazing down at him.

"Harry, it is not unusual for two werewolves to share a mate, it is even more common when the shared mate is an elf. Have you not heard of the stories?" Harry shook his head and Remus sighed, "Then I shall lend you some of my books, shall I?" He smiled, "Harry, I want to mate with you, will you let me?" Hesitating briefly Harry looked unsure,

"Do you promise it won't hurt my bond with Fenrir?" Remus shook his head,

"I swear to you Harry, it will not hurt your bond with Fenrir." Harry nodded after another moment of hesitation. Remus gave the elf a predatory grin, and finished undressing, before undressing Harry with a quick spell. Harry gasped as the cool air rushed across his body, shivering briefly. He looking anxiously at Remus, who was smiling happily, his face flushed slightly. Harry bit his lips and spread his legs, giving Remus an innocent look. Remus smirked and gently sucked on two of his fingers, easing one into Harry. The elf moaned softly at the contact, then moaned again as the second was added. He arched his back as Remus' fingers stretched apart, spreading the tightness. Remus prepped the elf, but was swiftly losing control, so hoping that Harry was stretched enough, Remus guided himself to the twitching entrance and pushed swiftly in. Harry gasped and arched his back, fingers clenching in the bed sheets. Remus looked up in concern, but noticed the pleased flush of Harry's face.

It was large, and slightly painful, like a steel rod covered in velvet, but Harry was used to largeness. Remus wasn't exactly a small prick, he was quite big, but Fenrir was larger, and Harry was used to feeling like he was about to split in two. Harry moaned and lifted his hips, eagerly taking in Remus. Remus moaned and began to move his hips, picking up the pace as eager moans and pants fell from Harry's lips. Remus watched as Harry became lost in the pleasure, thrusts becoming more frantic, moans becoming pleas for release. Finally they found it, Harry's seed shooting to cover their chests and stomachs in long white ribbons, as Remus released within Harry's clenching walls. Remus gently pulled out and shifted, falling onto the bed next to Harry, pulling the young elf into a warm embrace. Remus barely remembered to cast a cleansing charm on their bodies and on the sheets. As he was about to lower his wand, something caught his eye, on his left wrist was a tattoo-like design, an amber stripe wove in and out with a green one, and he frowned, knowing it had not been there previously.

Harry chuckled and rubbed the design, making Remus hiss in pleasure, the man looked curiously at the elf, who lifted his own left wrist, showing a similar design, but with a third band of silver making the ring even more intricate.

"It is a mating mark. You are amber, I am green, and Fenrir is silver. You only have green and amber because you have not mated with Fenrir, but I have. If you mate with him, you will have a silver band as well." Harry explained, smiling softly at his second mate. Remus smiled softly back, his hands going to caress Harry's stomach. Harry grinned, "I think it is wonderful, you don't even care that someone else is the sire, you act like they are your own. I love you so much." Harry admitted with a blush, looking down shyly. Remus chuckled and grasped his young mate's chin, forcing him to look up. Their gazes caught for a brief, breathless second, and then warm lips were touching. The kiss had none of the hurried eagerness of before, it was slow and simple, just a signature of the love they held for one another and the pups between them.

Harry sat silently staring out of the window, as if hoping that he would see his mate walking through the thick trees. But Harry knew, now, that the likelihood of his mate returning in time for the birth was very, very low. Harry sighed and closed his eyes, gently reaching down to rub his stomach and panting softly when he was kicked painfully, he groaned when he felt one of the pups stretching, they had run out of room long ago, and they seemed to resent him for it. They were content with punching and kicking him on the inside, and sometimes they would leave bruises on his stomach from it.

Harry sighed and turned from the window, waddling towards the couch as he sat upon it, moaning softly in pain. He loved his pups dearly, but they caused him so much pain and discomfort. Harry sighed and bowed his head, rubbing his stomach soothingly as he began to hum, feeling their painful kicks become gentle flutters as they listened to his song. He smiled happily and continued to sing lullabies that he had been taught. They were peaceful tunes, speaking of a time without war, of a time when it was safe to go outside without wondering if you would be killed for the blood in your veins.

(Fenrir's POV)

"Fenrir." He groaned, shifting on the hard floor of his prison, dirt covered him once again, his naked flesh littered with wounds. "Fenrir." Spoke the same voice, he groaned and mumbled something, before his eyes shot open, standing beside him was a gorgeous woman. She was glowing with a pale light; her blue eyes were hard, as she examined him.

"You… You're my Guardian!" Fenrir gasped out, she nodded,

"As well as the mother of your young mate. Harry wants you at his side when your pups are born, are you going to forget your duties as sire to those pups? Harry is very close, the birth time is growing nearer, are you going to be there for him? I can assist you in your escape but you must do it by yourself, are you willing?" Fenrir nodded frantically, needing to be with his mate, knowing that if he wasn't there when his pups were born, but that other wolf, and those other men were, Fenrir didn't know if the wolf would be able to take the threat of losing his mate. She smiled and reached through the bars, pressing a long, slender finger to his forehead, he blinked then cried out as blinding white pain seared from the point of contact and spread through his body.

"What was that for?" Fenrir demanded angrily once the pain had passed, rubbing his forehead as he glared at the woman, she smiled sweetly at him,

"You are temporarily without a form. You can slip through silver without being burnt, you can be cursed but they will not touch you, a man can grab you but he can not hold you. Now, go, escape, flee, when you are out I shall lead the way to my son." Then she was gone, Fenrir sat in dumb shock for a moment, before he jolted, and reached out hesitantly to touch the bars of his prison. As the woman had said, his hand slipped through the silver like a ghost, and he felt no pain or burn or even slight sting. He stood and slipped through the bars, then began to run, dashing through the doors and down the hall, forcing himself to go faster, dodging the various Voldemort lackeys who got in his way. He burst through the front doors and dashed down the path, jumping over the wrought iron fence as he fled into the forest. He saw a glowing light ahead of him, and followed it, pushing through bracken and thorns, forcing through brush and shrubs. After several hours of traveling he fell to his knees, and panted, heaving dryly as he vomited though he had nothing in his stomach to reject.

"You shall eat something and bathe; I will not permit you to see my son in this condition. Can you hunt? No? Then I shall find something for you." She returned a little while later with a buck slung across her shoulders, she dropped the bloody carcass before Fenrir, who stared at it, and then his eyes began to glow as the ravenous wolf took over and he tore into the body, ignoring the blood that splashed across his arms and face. After a while he pulled back and the glow faded from his gaze as he looked in disgust at the half-eaten carcass.

"There is a stream, go wash yourself, I shall prepare clothing for you." He obeyed, stepping through a curtain of shrubs and trees to find a giggling little brook. He gazed at it, and then sighed, discarding his clothing as he leapt in, yelping at the frigid water. He bathed quickly, washing the filth from his body and hair as swiftly as possible. When he was done he jumped out, shivering as his teeth chattered.

"Here you are." The woman said, appearing in front of him with folded clothes in her arms. He gasped, hands dropping to cover his privates,

"What the hell woman?" He shouted, glaring at her, she smirked,

"Don't flatter yourself honey, I've seen it all before. Now get dressed, or I do it for you." She threatened; he squeaked and grabbed the clothes, ducking behind a tree to dress. He pulled on a pair of dragon hide pants, thick enough to withstand the abuse of the forest. On his torso he pulled a black sleeveless top, it had brown belts that crossed over his chest, hanging so that a pair of cross blades hung against his back. On his feet he had a pair of thick riding boots, though they would not be riding, they had thick soles and would protect his feet. A dagger was placed in a sheath on his thigh, and a nearly flat boot knife was slipped into the top of his boot. He grinned, and went back to where the woman had been standing.

"Come along." Echoed her voice, and he looked around, peering into the forest until he caught a glimpse of her, he followed it, hours upon hours of walking, darkness fell yet they continued to walk. After nearly a day of walking, Fenrir collapsed; the woman stopped and looked at him in distaste, "Do you ride?" She questioned, he nodded tiredly, panting slightly, his face flushed from their hike. "Good." She told him and whistled, and Fenrir's eyes widened as two majestic unicorns stepped out of the forest, glowing with a soft white light. They nudged against the lady, whickering happily as she patted their velveteen noses; she talked to them in whinnies and whickers, speaking their ancient language. As she explained her request, they turned to eye Fenrir, and he could have sworn they were looking at him with contempt, they snorted and shook out their manes, before one moved away and stepped over to Fenrir, front legs bending so that Fenrir could mount easily.

Fenrir mounted and gazed at the beautiful creature beneath him, wrapping his arms around the thick neck as in a surge of muscles he was high above the ground and they were galloping into the forest. Fenrir threw himself across the neck, to avoid being knocked to the ground by various tree limbs. The unicorn whickered and Fenrir could swear it was laughing at him; the lady had no trouble with laughing at him, pointing mockingly. Fenrir sneered at her; she only lifted a brow, smirking at him.

"How much farther must we travel?" Questioned Fenrir, the lady frowned at him, before looking ahead, and beginning to smile,

"Not far, not far at all." She said, Fenrir frowned at her, but gasped as they burst from the trees and cantered into a beautiful glade with a small cottage near the edge. The door flew open as Harry waddled out, holding his stomach as he rushed as fast as he could to greet his mate. Fenrir slid from the unicorn, patted its nose in thanks, and ran to his mate, lifting the pregnant elf in a strong embrace Fenrir wept unashamedly.

"I'm back, I'm back, and I won't ever leave you again, never, never ever!" Fenrir stated, holding the elf tightly, slowly Fenrir calmed though Harry continued to weep, clutching to Fenrir as if afraid he would disappear like a dream. Fenrir looked up to see the marauders gazing at him, they were smiling, and he realized suddenly that they had never intended to take his young mate away from him; he could see it in the happiness of their gazes. They had only wanted Harry to be happy, to be with his bonded.

"There you are, my son, be careful in the weeks to come, mishaps could prove disastrous at this point. I trust you to inform me when the pups arrive?" Harry laughed at this,

"As if I need to inform you of anything, mother. Aren't you always watching me?" She chuckled softly, and gently petted his hair, kissing his cheek as she stepped away and began to fade, waving to her son and his bonded. When the lady was gone, Fenrir kissed Harry again, sighing sweetly against the elf.

"Harry, Fenrir, come inside, it seems a storm is approaching." Fenrir and Harry broke their kiss and looked towards the dark gray sky and sighed, Fenrir stood and happily helped his mate to his feet. Together, Fenrir, Harry, and the marauders vanished into the cottage, the door clicking shut as the sky overhead opened and with a flash of lightning and crack of thunder rain poured from the heavens. Harry stood at the window and watched as rain pounded against the glass, warping the scenery outside with droplets of dripping rain. It was dark outside, as if the sun had suddenly ceased to shine, and with each flash of lightning the outside world was cast into painful, sharp relief, flashing pure white before vanishing into darkness once again.

Fenrir stepped up to his young mate, warping strong arms around the boy's torso, large hands coming to rest on the rounded stomach, chin resting on the top of the black-crowned head. Fenrir could feel the movement of the pups, as they kicked and shifted and stretched and punched, Fenrir could feel Harry wincing with each new abuse. Gently Harry stroked his stomach and hummed an attempt to calm the restless pups within his womb. As Fenrir was stroking the rounded stomach, he noticed something different about the mating ring on Harry's wrist and peered closer then gasped.

"Harry, you mated with someone else?" He asked, not really concerned, because the new band was intertwined with the original, had Harry been with someone other than a second mate, a new band would have appeared and it would have been black, a brand of unfaithfulness. Harry nodded sleepily,

"Mhm. Remus." Harry said, voice thick with exhaustion and Fenrir smiled, not only at the fact he would mate with the other werewolf, but also at the adorableness his pregnant mate was showing. When Harry finally fell into peaceful slumber, Fenrir lifted the elf up, and set him on the bed, covering him up and placing a chaste kiss on his forehead. Fenrir smiled softly and then left the room, after dimming the lights he shut the door quietly. Going into the den he located Remus and beckoned, the man put a slip of paper into his book and closed it, setting it onto his chair as he stood, following Fenrir down the hall. Remus smirked, knowing full well what was about to happen, and slipped in front of his about-to-be mate, showing them both into his bedroom. Remus shut the door with a snap and cast a privacy spell, locking the door as he cast a silencing spell on the door, window, and walls as extra precaution.

Fenrir was smirking as he eyed the man, Fenrir had been sad when his pup had been taken away. When the boy was six, Fenrir turned him, hoping for a mate and a companion, but when the boy's parents found out they warped his views about werewolves, forbidding him from seeing his sire. Because werewolves who sire pups not from birth but from biting them, the pups often become mates with the sire. Fenrir had been heartbroken to learn that his pup and mate hated him. The boy had grown into a fine man, broad muscled shoulders, tawny hair that was longer in back than in front. His blue eyes seemed to be constantly smiling, crow's feet crinkled at the corners of his eyes. Fenrir approached the other wolf, gently embracing him, before pulling back and kissing him, the kiss soon became passionate, each man fighting for dominance. Remus took a step back, and then stumbled, knees forced to bend as they bumped into the bed.

Both men grunted as they fell onto the mattress, Fenrir pushing himself up with his hands, peering at Remus. Remus' eyes were wide, and then he smiled, and spread his legs so that his thighs rested on Fenrir's hips. Fenrir smirked, and began kissing Remus' neck. Remus moaned softly, tilting his head to the side. He closed his eyes, letting himself enjoy the sensations, gasping when he felt a large, warm hand cupping his erection through his pants. He opened his eyes and looked at Fenrir, who was smirking, brow lifted. His movements slowed and became teasing, torturous as he eased Remus' zipper down, popping open the button as he freed the heated length.

Remus moaned, tilting back his head as he was stroked, it felt wonderful. Things after that were swift, both men finding their release with each other, casting cleansing spells on their bodies. Fenrir looked at his wrist and smiled, thin green, amber and silver bands created an intricate Celtic design upon his skin. Remus smiled tiredly, gently pulling Fenrir closer before falling into a deep slumber. Fenrir watched his newest mate, gently stroking back the sweaty tawny hair. He placed a kiss on the slightly sweaty forehead, before slipping away, easing off the bed as he slipped from the room, leaving the door slightly cracked.

Fenrir eased himself silently into Harry's room, stepping over to the young elf, careful not to jostle him and wake him; he lifted the elf into a caring embrace. Silently Fenrir carried his youngest mate back into Remus' room, and placed the elf on the bed. Fenrir cast a spell to enlarge the mattress and slipped onto it, right behind Harry, arm slung across Harry's waist, hand resting on Remus' side. Fenrir gazed at the sight, Remus' hand resting protectively on Harry's pregnant stomach, the young elf unconsciously snuggling closer to the protective warmth. Fenrir fell asleep smiling, grateful and content, because he had two beautiful, perfect, loving mates, and he had pups on the way and he was happy. He not only had a pack, he had a family.

Author's Notes~

Told you I'd have a surprise! I had an idea bunny and she was nibbling upon my brain saying in a squeaky little voice, 'you know you want to write it!' so I did, and this is what happened. If you don't like it, I apologize, but I like it, and, I don't really care if you don't…. Love you all, signed yours truly,