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Previously on A Birthday Carol:

"Uncle Edward?" Peter questioned, no doubt confused that he now has an uncle that he never met before. "Hmmm… I don't know you. Are you here to stay?"

My eyes met Jasper's and we both smiled. In that one look, I knew we would be okay. We could make this work and we would live happily together.

"Yes. I am here to stay."



"Wake up, daddy!"

"Hmmmm," I groaned at being abruptly woken up by my son. I felt his little hands wrap around my forearm as he tried to pull me from the bed.

"Wake up! Get up! Uncle Edward is making Santa pancakes!"

I shot up at the mention of Edward's name. It was real, the day before hadn't been a dream and he was really here. I climbed out of bed and picked up Peter, giving him a kiss on his plump cheek.

"Let's go check out these pancakes, shall we?" Peter shook his head vigorously, a huge grin on his face.

I made my way downstairs, balancing Peter on my hip and following the buttery scent of the fresh pancakes. I stood in the doorway watching Edward. He hadn't heard us, so I stopped to admire his form. He was wearing the white t-shirt and gray sweatpants I lent him the night before. The sweats were a bit tight on Edward – he did have a couple of inches on me – but showcased his ass nicely. I had fantasized about that ass all these years and it was finally, well hopefully, mine.

Peter began wriggling in my arms signaling he wanted to be let down and I happily obliged. He was getting big and no longer the ten pound boy I could hold like a football. I let out a small sigh of regret for the years that had gone by so quickly, it made me nostalgic for the times when he was a baby and Alice was here.

He ran to Edward and pulled on the sweats. Edward stopped what he was doing to look down at Peter.

"Hey, little guy, did you get-" Peter pointed at me effectively answering whatever question Edward was about to ask. Edward turned his face toward me and I saw a faint blush crawl up his cheeks. Interesting. "Hey, breakfast is almost ready. I hope you don't mind that I sent Peter up to wake you."

I shook my head. "Not at all. This is a pleasant surprise," I said gesturing at the food that was already prepared. Along with the pancakes, there were scrambled eggs and bacon waiting to be eaten. "You didn't have to. We could have gone-"

"None of that. It's your birthday; I haven't seen you in forever. It's the least I can do for you," he responded, cutting me off. He pointed the spatula in his hand at one of the chairs gesturing to me to sit down. "Go ahead and start. I'm sure you want to feed Peter too."

Peter had already climbed onto his booster seat and sat patiently – he was definitely my child – waiting for me to serve him. I plated a slice of bacon and a small scoop of eggs for him, then one of the Santa pancakes.

"Edward, how in the he… I mean heck did you get these pancakes to look like Santa? When did you even learn to cook?" I asked, taking in the perfect shapes. And they were perfect - a full-figured Santa, rotund belly, big beard and hat. It looked like it came straight off a Coca-Cola can.

Edward turned to me with a perplexed look on his face. "I – I don't know. I just…" He gazed down at the skillet and shook his head. "A miracle I guess?"

"Aunt Bella!" Peter giggled. Edward and I turned to Peter and saw he was staring at a corner of the kitchen. We followed his gaze, but there was nothing there. "She helped," he stated then he went back to eating.

"She seems to be doing that a lot lately," Edward mumbled to himself. Whether I was meant to hear or not I didn't know. I was confused enough as it was with Edward coming back into my life to even consider what was going on at that moment.


"Yes, Petey?"

"Will Santa be okay if I eat his leg? I don't want to hurt him and then he won't be able to drop off our gifts," Peter contemplated while staring at his plate. I heard Edward chuckle and I held back a grin of my own. Gotta love the innocence of children.

"No, honey, you won't hurt him. You're not eating the real Santa Claus. He's safely in the North Pole gathering all the last minute gifts together and making sure his elves pack up his bags just right," I replied.

"You sure?"

I smiled. "Absolutely positive," I assured him.

He nodded and took a big bite out of Santa's right leg.


"He's out like a light," Edward said as he walked back into the living room. After the huge breakfast, Peter grew tired and insisted that Uncle Edward take him upstairs for his nap. Seeing them interact with each other gave me hope for our future. Whatever future that may be.

When Edward appeared in front of my door the evening before, I was stunned, but excited. The look on his face told me everything I needed to know right then and I took the liberty to kiss him. It was nothing deep, but it was enough. The rest of the evening we made small talk while he reacquainted himself with Peter who took an instant liking to him. Unfortunately, it also meant that we weren't able to speak much about our own lives.

Edward sat down on the other end of the couch from me, elbows on his knees, his green eyes staring at the fireplace in front of us.

"So…" he said, still not looking at me. "I'm sure you're wondering why after all of these years I came back." I nodded without saying anything knowing not to interrupt whatever thoughts he had in his head. "I don't think you'd believe me."

"Try me," I stated.

His brows furrowed as he contemplated his next words. "Do you believe in ghosts?" he asked.

I took a deep breath before answering. "I can't say that I don't. Um… I've never actually seen one, but I've felt things, if that makes sense. Things I can't really explain. But, what does this have to do-"

"I saw Alice last night," he interrupted, "and Bella, and my mother. I also spoke to Jacob." He finally looked at me trying to gauge my reaction. I wasn't sure what expression I had on my face but I figured it wasn't good when he said, "Yeah, you don't believe me."

I shook my head of whatever I had and moved closer to him. "No. I d-"

"That's what I figured. Maybe it wasn't a good idea to come-"

I put a hand on his arm as he started to get up. "No, that's not what I meant. I mean no, I do believe you. I don't know why but I do - especially Alice. Maybe not so much Jacob," I smirked. Jacob and Edward hated each other as far as I could remember and most of the hatred came from the fact that Edward had the one thing Jake wanted… Bella.

Edward eased back into the couch, a bit more relaxed from my little tease. "S-sorry. I'm still trying to get my head around it myself," he explained, running his hand through his hair. God, how I'd missed that small, yet constant, gesture of his.

"So, tell me, I'm all ears," I told him, sitting back and getting comfortable. "I want to hear a good ghost story."

He gave me a small smile and began his tale. He told me of the mysterious emails from Jake, then the appearances of Bella, Alice and Esme. I listened with rapt attention as they told him of all the things he couldn't see – or didn't want to see – when it came to me. How I had feelings for him throughout the years that he never acknowledged. When he finished, he looked at me, expectantly.

"Okay," I said, "this still doesn't tell me why you showed up at my doorstep after all of this time."

"Curiosity? Loneliness? Shame? Because I need to feel again and I know I can do that with you?" There were tears in his eyes ready to fall. "Jasper," he whispered, "I've been such a fool. If after all of this time you don't have feelings for me anymore, I can totally understand, but…"

I reached out to him. "My feelings for you haven't gone away, Edward." There was a flicker of hope in his eyes. "Look at me, really look at me." He gazed into my eyes. "What do you see?"

He shook his head. "After what I've put you through, leaving you alone, why would you still want me?"

"I guess it's time for me to tell you a little story…"

Many moons ago…

"Jazzy, we've been dating for a few days now and, well, I think it's time you met my best friend."

I nearly spurted my soda all over Alice. I had expected her to say she wanted me to meet her parents even though, as she said, we had only dated for a few days… if that. I certainly hadn't expected to hear that she wanted me to meet her best friend. I wasn't sure which would have been scarier. The parents could be insane, but meeting the best friend was like meeting the Siamese twin. On top of that, Alice had never mentioned a best friend only some guy named Edward who I was annoyingly jealous of and hadn't even met yet.

"Well? What do you say? We can stop by his house tomorrow."

"Um… yeah, sure… Wait. What? His house? Your best friend is a dude?"

Alice rolled her eyes. "Duh, I'm talking about Edward. Who else could be my best friend?" she asked frustration in her voice. "What's wrong?"

I clenched my eyes shut and took a deep breath before opening them again. "Your best friend is a guy," I repeated. She nodded. "You spend all your time when you're not with me, with another guy?" She nodded again. "You expect me to not feel a teensy bit jealous, Alice?" She laughed. "What about this is funny? My girlfriend's best friend is a guy. Don't you know that men and women aren't allowed to be friends? Guys are only ever after one thing when it comes to girls."

She patted my shoulder gently. "Relax, big boy, Edward is like a brother to me. I would never want to do anything remotely sexual with him." She scrunched her face up in disgust. "Ew, I don't even want to think about it. Nasty. And you need to stop watching When Harry… Met Sally. Besides, I think you and Edward would make great friends."

And so the next day, I found myself standing in front of Edward's door with Alice tucked neatly by my side. His mother answered the door and my first thought was, "She's beautiful and her son better have gotten all the bad genes or there will be trouble."

"Alice, why are you knocking? You know you can come in whenever you want," his mother admonished.

"I know, Esme, but I didn't want Jasper to feel strange about it," Alice replied, walking past Esme. "Oh, and that's Jasper," she said pointing behind her as way of introduction.

I held out my hand. "Nice to meet you, Mrs. Cullen." Instead of a handshake, she pulled me in for a hug.

"It's Esme dear, please don't make me feel older by calling me Mrs. Cullen," she smiled. She turned and led me into the house after Alice. "Edward's in the kitchen if you want him." She patted me on the back and disappeared into what looked like the living room.

Alice and I walked into the kitchen where we saw a bronze-haired boy… no, a man… no, a god… Yes, a god. He was standing with a carton of milk tilted towards his mouth. I took in every inch of him, from the wild hair, to the way his throat was poised to receive the milk and I thought of how it would move swallowing other things. I blinked a few times trying to rid myself of the image. Up to that point, I had never thought of myself as gay or even bi-sexual, but I knew it was okay to appreciate a good form no matter the gender.

Edward finally looked at us, at me. He was beautiful. Even at the tender age of fifteen, I could see the man in him developing - the chiseled bones, the sharp nose, the deep green orbs. I was getting fucking poetic over this guy. His eyes explored me and I felt myself flush under the scrutiny. Our eyes met briefly and I realized something was wrong.

He was… angry.

I knew then there was more to the innocent relationship Alice described to me. He was jealous and he was angry that I stepped onto his territory. That was the only explanation for the death glare he gave me. Yet, even with the fire in his eyes, I was inexplicably drawn to him. My fate was sealed with that look.

I snapped out of my reverie when I heard Alice yell for Edward to come back. She was disturbed by his reaction to me and ran after him. Not sure what else to do, I went into the living room. I figured I could gleam some information from his mother, but she wasn't there. I moved about the room and noticed some pictures of Edward. One particular photo caught my eye.

It was a picture of Edward on the beach holding up a surfboard. He had a slight tan and his hair was a lighter shade from the sun, the colors only worked to accentuate the emerald of his eyes. Even through the picture it felt as though he was staring directly at me, through me, down to my core. I felt almost exposed, yet the smile was carefree and inviting. His body was lean, fit. I traced my thumb along the body wondering how it would feel to actually have my fingers on him, caressing him.

I placed the picture back on the ledge just as Alice walked in.

"That was weird. Edward says he's sorry about before. Apparently he's not feeling well or something," she shrugged. "We'll come back another day. You ready to go?"

I took one final look at Edward knowing I had to leave whatever I felt for him alone. I had a beautiful girlfriend and even if she never elicited the same feelings from me as Edward did in just one minute, she was still perfect for me. "Yeah, I'm ready."


"The way you ran away, I swore you were the jealous, stilted best friend. I didn't believe Alice when she said you were sick, you didn't give me the death glare because you were sick," I snickered. "What was going on with you?"

"Honestly? I thought you were hot as fuck," Edward admitted, somewhat bashfully. "It was the first time I'd ever…" he trailed off. His eyes flickered to me, "You know…"

"Uh, noooo. I'm not sure-"

He let out a frustrated sigh. "I never found guys attractive," he confessed. "Until you…"

"Oh. OH!"

"Exactly. I was completely confused and then angry at myself for wanting someone I obviously couldn't have."

"But, you could have had me. Lord knows, Edward, I wanted you the moment I saw you, too."

Edward rolled his eyes. "Well, no I couldn't. First, I didn't know you were gay. Second, you were dating Alice and I could tell then she was totally in love with you. I wouldn't have done that to her. And third, well, I was into girls. There was no way I could be into a guy, a man. I was ashamed at myself for even thinking of it."

I understood completely. I was just as confused as he had been but I was okay with knowing I liked him. My family had taught me that there was no shame in loving everyone; it just made you a better person.

We sat in companionable silence, me looking at Edward taking in every bit of him, and Edward staring into the fire. I watched the way his back expanded with air with every breath he took, the way he pouted slightly when he was deep in thought.

"Can I ask you a question?" Edward asked breaking the silence. I nodded. "Why did you marry Alice? I mean, if you knew you were gay, why do that to her?"

I let out a deep breath before answering. "Well, I never identified myself as gay. I hate labels. But, I loved Alice. She completed me in ways no one else could. She was perfect for me and she gave me Peter. I don't regret one moment of my life with her. She knew, or at least suspected I was attracted to men and she even once told me she was okay with me being with a man if I needed it."

Edward's eyes opened wide. "She said that? I would never have guessed she would go for that. She always seemed so possessive."

I chuckled, "No, she was completely selfless, but it didn't matter. If anything, I was the jealous and possessive one. There was no one out there I wanted anyway, except you. When you met Bella though, something in me snapped. I didn't think she was the right person for you. I kept my mouth shut though because I saw the way you looked at her and vice versa. At your wedding, I was ready to implode. Alice had to pull me to the side to calm me down. I wanted to be with you on the dance floor. I was insanely jealous of Bella at that moment. She had you for the rest of her life in every way possible."

"But, Alice…"

"Understood. I told you, she was very understanding. Well, not at that moment she wasn't," I smiled at the memory. "She was ready to have my balls, more because of the scene I was willing to cause than anything. She had to remind me that you were with Bella and that was the choice you made and I couldn't take that away from you. It was awkward for a while between us, but as much as I wanted you, I couldn't live without Alice. So I resigned myself to the fact that I'd never have you." I gave him a grim smile.

"I'm sorry," he said.

"For what? You didn't do anything wrong. You didn't know how I felt about you. You couldn't have known, nor did I expect you to know."

"I left you alone all these years because I couldn't admit my own feelings."

"Don't," I demanded. I moved to sit next to him, our thighs touching, and wrapped my arm around his shoulders. "Don't do that to yourself. God, Edward, you lost Bella, you lost your mother, and you lost Alice. I don't know how you survived; I don't think I could have. Yes, I lost Alice, but I have Peter. I couldn't have disappeared even if I wanted to. Peter's been a blessing. He's the one that keeps me afloat."

"Regardless, Jasper," he said turning to face me, "I still wasn't there for you and I didn't allow you to be there for me either. I completely closed myself off." He shook his head. "It was wrong and it was a waste of time."

"What do you want me to say, Edward?"

"Forgive me. Forgive me for being an asshole these past years," he pleaded.

"Okay, I forgive you," I stated flatly.

"Just like that?" he asked looking at me with confusion.

I shrugged. "Yes, just like that. I will forgive you if that is what you want, but there is nothing to forgive. You're here now and that's all that matters. We can move on… together," I said, hope dripping from my words.

Edward gave me a big smile, but just as he moved in to, I assume kiss me, Peter came running into the living room and pounced on us. We laughed at his enthusiasm and deep down I hoped he would eventually understand my relationship with Edward.


There was a knock on the bathroom door. "Can I come in?" Edward asked through the door.

I mumbled a yes as I continued shaving.

"Jesus, you really do take forever to get ready. I thought I was bad. We're going to be late if you don't hurry though," he winked. He leaned against the doorjamb, his legs crossed at the ankle, looking delicious.

"Edward, unfortunately for me, I don't have the just-got-out-of-bed hair that you sport so brilliantly. I need to work at looking good," I noted.

"Hey, this look takes time, too," he protested. I gave him a side-long glance, smirked and wiped the remaining cream from my face.

"I'll be done in a few. Rosie should be here soon to pick up Peter."

"Oh, she's here already. That's the other reason I came up. I figured you'd want to say bye to Peter before they left."

"Ah, thank you. I'll be right out then." Edward left, shutting the door behind him.

Rosalie, my sister, was taking Peter for the night to celebrate the New Year with her, Emmett and their children. She was giving me and Edward the best belated Christmas present ever - time alone together. It'd been two weeks since Edward showed up on my doorstep and while I wanted to take things slowly with him, I was also a man and seeing him walking around my home half naked at times was killing me. I was desperate to make him mine.

Edward and I were going to a Latin restaurant for dinner and dancing. It was something I had always wanted to do with Alice, but never had the chance. I thought it was a good way of starting new with Edward instead, not to mention the fact that I would be dancing close, extra close, with him. I smiled at myself with the thought and felt a stirring in my boxers. Before it could develop into a full blown erection though, I walked out to finish getting ready for the evening.

Fifteen minutes later, we said our goodbyes to my son and Rosalie and headed to the restaurant.

"I'm really looking forward to this evening, Jasper," Edward said softly as we settled into the car. He was facing the car window so I didn't know for sure if he meant it or was just placating me.

"Hey, look at me," I called to him making him turn to me. I grabbed hold of his and gently squeezed. "I'm ecstatic." I leaned forward and whispered, "By the way, I have plans for you tonight." I smirked as I saw his face turn pink even the in dim light of the car, but when he gave me a genuine smile, I knew the rest of the evening would be fine.

And it was.

We ate and drank everything that was offered, from the empanadas to the ox tail – something I never had before, but was nonetheless delicious, albeit messy – and all the margaritas, daiquiris and champagne we could drink. Dancing with Edward was everything I imagined. Having his body pressed to mine was downright intoxicating. Smelling him, touching him, moving with him – it was all doing too much for my ever hardening cock. The new year couldn't come fast enough.

In the two weeks that Edward had been back, we had shared small, sweet kisses, but nothing passionate or all-consuming. We were both scared, nervous even, of anything more…

But when the clock struck midnight and everyone shouted, "Happy New Year!" I looked into Edward's eyes and knew I found my home; there was nothing to be nervous about. I pressed my lips to his, gently at first, just feeling the softness, but I couldn't hold back and it seemed neither could he. We both brought our hands up to cup each other's faces and the urgency in our kiss spoke volumes. Tongues crossed, lips were bitten, and dominance was fought for and won on both sides. We couldn't get enough of each other's taste. At least I knew I wanted more.

We finally broke apart to gather a much needed breath.

"Take me home, Jasper."

Wordlessly, I took his hand and dragged him to the parking lot. When we reached the car, I gave Edward another forceful kiss before heading to the driver's side and taking off.

We arrived and practically ran into the house. We were both so eager, bursting with excitement. As soon as we were inside, I pushed Edward against the door.

"Are you ready for this?" I growled in his ear. He nodded vigorously. "I promise to try and be as gentle as possible, but it's going to be hard to control myself once I start with you," I warned.

"I'm ready. I want it. I want you, please," he panted. I turned, grabbing his hand, and led him upstairs to the bedroom.

"Take off your clothes," I commanded. He blushed but did as told. I stood watching him as he first bent down to take off his shoes, and then straightened to unbutton his shirt. My eyes traveled down his torso as it was slowly revealed – he truly was a sight to behold. My eyes continued down and stopped at the prominent bulge he was sporting. Yes, he wanted this as much as I did.

"Are you going to just stand there all night or are you going to undress as well?" he asked giving me a smug grin.

"I'm enjoying the show," I replied with a grin of my own, "but I'll indulge you."

I removed my clothes quickly and smirked when Edward's eyes widened as he saw that I had gone commando for the night. Then he licked his lips…

I was on him in seconds, my hands in his hair as I ravished his mouth. We fell onto the bed, a tangled mess of limbs.

"God, Jasper, I want you, I never thought I would want you this badly, but…"

"Shhh… no more talking, just feel." I covered his mouth with mine again and let my hands roam his body. My fingers traced along his abs and arms, down his thighs. He hissed when I found a sensitive spot so I lingered and watched him writhe under me.

I kissed his neck, his collarbone, and down to his nipples. I bit gently on them and heard him moan with pleasure. I smiled, knowing I was the one making him feel good. I continued down, licking the lines of his muscles all the way to the v.

"Has anyone ever told you how delicious you are, Edward?" He mumbled a response that I assumed was no. "That's a shame, you are quite tasty."

I moved further down, grazing his cock with my nose and sniffing. All man. I took a tentative lick at his slit, tasting the liquid that had pooled there. "Sinful." His hips bucked up and I held him down.

"I don't think I can handle anymore teasing, Jasper," he groaned. Who was I to deny him?

I wrapped my lips around the head and swirled my tongue. I heard a low "fuck" come from him and slowly moved my head down taking more of him into my mouth.

"More," he demanded. I felt his hands on my head pushing me down. His actions forced his cock to the back of my throat and, though I gagged, it turned me on even more. My cock was aching, but this was about Edward, not me.

I let him fuck my mouth, loving this aggressive side of him. I opened my throat more wanting to swallow him if I could.

"God…. Fuck…. Jas… I…." He shot his cum down my throat and I greedily swallowed all of him.

I climbed back up alongside him, watching as his body continued to shake with the aftershocks from his orgasm.

"Taste yourself," I whispered before kissing him. It was his turn to be greedy as he lapped at my tongue.

He pulled away and I saw shame in his eyes. Before I could ask what was wrong he spoke. "You didn't come. I'm sorry. What can I do?"

I placed a finger on his lips to quiet him. "Oh, Edward, we're not finished yet," I said with a wicked grin. I turned away, reaching into my nightstand and taking out the lube and condom I had placed in there earlier in the evening. Always the boy scout; always prepared.

Edward's face held a hint of confusion, but the lust was clearly evident. "I've never-"

I shook my head. "Neither have I, at least not with a man."

"But, you said Alice-"

"She gave me permission to be with other men, yes. But, remember what I said? There was no one I wanted more than you," I clarified. "I didn't want anybody else. Only you. It's always been you."

"Fuck me, Jasper," he said looking directly in my eyes. He wanted this – us. I wanted us.

"I love you, Edward."

He leaned up and kissed me. "I love you, too, Jasper, but please be gentle," he smirked.

I had to laugh and gave him another kiss. "Spread your legs and bend them."

"You don't want me on my knees?" he asked.

"No, I want to look in your eyes while I make love to you." He smiled for me and I fell in love with him even more.

I popped the cap of the lube and poured some on my fingers. Edward's eyes followed my fingers as I rubbed the lube on his entrance.

He flinched at the coldness. "That feels weird."

"Did Bella ever play with you here?" I asked. He shook his head. "Pity. Relax, baby," I said as I eased one finger inside. He was so tight. I wasn't sure how I was going to last when I finally entered him. He hissed at the intrusion. "Relax," I repeated, kissing his neck.

The tension slowly left his body and he began to move against my finger. "Not so weird anymore," he chuckled. "Gimme more." I obliged him again, inserting another finger. "Fuck, Jasper," he breathed.

When I felt him relax again, I moved my fingers more and really began fucking him. Or rather, he fucked my hand. My cock throbbed wanting to replace my fingers, but I knew I had to ease Edward into it since it was his first time being played with there. I added one more digit spreading him open for me.

"God, yes!" he screamed. "More, I want you, please," he begged.

I moved between his legs and removed my fingers. I heard him whimper at the loss and I smirked. "You'll have something better very soon."

I grabbed the condom and ripped open the packet. Again, Edward followed with his eyes. I unrolled the condom onto my cock and rubbed the lube on it. I reapplied some on Edward's waiting hole as well. After I was done, I inserted my fingers again to make sure he was still open for me.

"Now," he growled. I placed my cock his opening and gently pushed in. He winced slightly, being that it was his first time. While it was my first time with a man, I understood what needed to be done from the experiences with Alice and how easy to go.

"Just relax, baby, I'll move again when you're ready," I assured him. He nodded and I was grateful. If I moved any further in, I was bound to come and I wanted this to last more than thirty seconds.

After what felt like forever, but was probably a few seconds, he circled his hips and allowed me to come into him more. I slid in another inch and stopped again. Looking down, I noticed that Edward was getting hard again and his pre-cum was dripping out. At that moment I wished I was flexible enough to fuck him and suck him at the same time. Instead, I passed my thumb over the slit, gathering the moisture.

"Open, Edward," I commanded, rubbing my thumb over his bottom lip. "Taste." His tongue darted out and licked, sucking in my thumb. "Edward," I breathed, "You're a naughty boy."

"More, Jas," he panted.

I hovered over him, my arms on either side of his face. "Play with yourself, jerk yourself while I fuck your tight ass." As soon as his hand was on his cock, I pushed all the way in until I was completely enveloped in his warm hole. We both gasped at the intensity of the feeling. He was so tight, it was heavenly. "Fuuuuuuck." I lowered my head to Edward's shoulder.

Don't come yet, don't come yet. I took several deep breaths chanting to myself. I didn't want to move for fear that it would be over before it started.

I felt his hand moving between us as he masturbated. I pulled out slightly and gave a tentative thrust back in. When I knew I wasn't going to blow my load, I sped up my movements until I had a rhythm that we both liked. Soon, we were fucking each other fast and deep. I shifted his hips up and must have hit a spot because Edward screamed out. I stopped, worried that I had hurt him.

"Keep going. You didn't hurt me."

I focused my thrusts to the spot that had Edward writhing and clenching around me. I was getting close to the edge and I hoped Edward was close too. His eyes closed and his back arched.

"Look at me, Edward… Look at me."

His eyes snapped open and stared directly into mine. I saw lust, a hint of fear, but more importantly love and I knew he saw the same in me. It was our undoing.

His mouth opened in a silent scream and he shot his load between us, coating both of our abs. He tightened as he came and the sensation caused me to spill inside him. I screamed out a string of expletives then his name. I fell on top of him, completely spent.

When I could speak, I uttered "That was…" I trailed off. I didn't think any word could come close to describing what had happened between us.

"Explosive?" Edward snickered at his double entendre.

"Yes," I smirked, "but it was so much more than that." I rose up to my elbows and looked at him. "That was the start of something wonderful…if you'll have me," I finished quietly.

Edward cupped my face in his two hands. "I want you forever, Jasper." He gave chaste kiss. "Happy New Year, love."

Happy New Year indeed.