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Deep Dark Secret
Chapter 1 - What's Wrong?

She tried to be happy. She wanted to stop the suffering that she seemed to put herself and everyone through.

Her life had been a living hell, nothing seemed to go right for her. Her home life was horrible, she never got along with her father, and her father beat her on a regular basis. She wasn't very open to people in school, she had very few friends, only a few people were able to stand her. She slowly but surely let her depression consume her. She didn't bother fighting it. She didn't tell anyone, she figured that it was better if she didn't.

She was 16 years of age and in the 11th grade. She had very few friends, most of the people at her school were afraid of her anger. They were afraid of the way she lived her life. She wore the male version of the school uniform, she was obviously a lesbian, she didn't try to hide it. And that fact bothered most of the people in her classes and school. That only made things worse for her, depression wise.

"Haruka!" came an adult voice, breaking through her thoughts. "Haruka, my math class is in here."

She hated her math teacher, he was nothing more then a prick in her eyes. And he hated her. He made the class harder on her then he did anyone else. At least that's how it seemed to her. She did all of her work, but it never seemed to be enough to get a passing grade.

Haruka looked back up at her teacher and also realized that she was being stared at. She felt heat rise to her neck and face. She continued sitting there in silence and listened as her teacher moved on with the lesson...

"What was wrong in class today? You usually pay attention and do all your work." Michiru, her fellow classmate, and long time best friend, caught up with her on their way to lunch.

"Nothing. I'm just not feeling well today." she closed her locker and was sure to straighten out her jacket sleeve.

Michiru noticed this, but had said nothing. She had noticed it several times in the past. Maybe she should finally ask her about it, she's starting to get worried. "You know what, you and I have to talk." she wanted to know what Haruka was hiding from her. "Let's go to the library and talk, I'm not really hungry today."

They entered the library, which was unusually empty. The book worms always seemed to be taking all the good seats, and the tables. Luckily, the far back table was clear.

They sat at the table, Michiru was across from Haruka and started the conversation. "Ok, talk." she said loud enough for Haruka to hear, but soft enough to where no one else did.

She turned away, hiding any feelings that may have been showing through that mask that covered her depression. "Talk about what?"

Michiru turned Haruka's face toward hers, looking her in the eyes. "Show me your arms."

"Why?" Her tone was cold, and distant.

Michiru found herself grabbing Haruka's arms and rolling up the sleeves. She was in shock of what she found, scars and fresh cuts covered her flesh. She gently ran her fingers over the cuts and looked at Haruka in shock. "Why didn't you tell me?"

Nothing escaped her lips, she was purposefully staying quiet. The only thing that she really feared was someone finging out and talking about it to a teacher, or friend, then having it all over the school, and then it getting back to her father. She may have said that she hated her father. She had good reason too, he beat her ever since she was young. Whenever she did something that he didn't like, or wasn't to his expectation, he would beat her, and tell her to do it again.

Haruka was brought out of her day dream when she felt someone tug on her hand.

"Haruka...Haruka...Hey, snap out of it!" Michiru was staring at her, trying to find out what was wrong, and making sure that she was alright. "Come with me."

Michiru stood and drug Haruka toward the door. It was time for her to do something about it before it got too far out of hand. Or before Haruka hurt herself. What if the blade slipped and she cut a vein, the bleeding wouldn't be able to stop and something horrible would happen. That's something that Michiru didn't want to happen.

Haruka planted both her feet firmly on the ground, refusing to take another step. "I'm not going anywhere. You just want me to tell them, I'm not telling anyone, and you have to promise not to tell anyone, this can't get back to my father. He'll kill me, I know he will."