Alright, this is Rockman Zero, inspired by S Prime's work "The Crimson Maiden". However, there's a little twist. Not only Zero, but X and the four guardians are created as girls too. This may be interesting. Also, none of this characters belong to me. They either belong to Capcom, or my brain. So don't go suing me.

A few term explained for those who are not familiar with Rockman Zero's universe.

Reploids: A breed of androids that are able to think and feel by themselves, like humans do, which also opened the possibility of reploids rebelling against the humans. The name reploid comes from the combination of the words replica and android, and the fact that they were created when a human scientist, Dr. Cain, who tried to replicate the first android with emotions, named X, whom he had found on an old archeological site. Unable to do it properly, Dr. Cain opted for an alternate form of androids, later known as reploids or "imperfects". They are often built with a fixed purpose or theme in mind, and they come in the most diverse of kinds. Mutos reploids are reploids created by Neo Arcadia to protect humans, their designs are based on mythological beings. The word Mutos is a mistranslation for the words Mythos.

Mechaniloids: Machine-like robot that was created with a very special task in mind. Their purpose is usually to handle menial tasks for the humans, such as repairs, construction and many other tasks. The mechaniloids, unlike the reploids, are unable to think for itself and can also be reprogrammed easily. Golems are mechaniloids specifically used for warfare and security means.

Cyber elves: Each Cyber-elf is a sentient computer program created with pure energy and made in a physical image of an elf. As Cyber elves get stronger, they become more human in appearance, while looking like small blobs while weak. There are three categories of Cyber elves: Nurse, Animal, and Hacker. Cyber elves were created during the last years of the Maverick Wars, and designed to combat against the Maverick Virus, that turned reploids to anti-human Mavericks. The use of Cyber elves ended the war in four years but at the cost of wiping out approximately 90% of the reploids and 60% of the humans.

Mavericks:Or irregulars as some call them, are reploids or mechaniloids whose flaws has been exploited, which makes them no longer able to think rationally and occasionally displays a very violent behavior. Though, there have been several cases when a reploid went maverick as a conscious choice or because of political divergence with the current government.

Resistance: A group of reploids labelled as Mavericks by Neo Arcadia. Although they oppose Neo Arcadia and its government, they mean no harm to anyone, and fight only to defend themselves and those facing oppression. In fact, the leader seeks to end this fighting through more peaceful means.

Neo Arcadia: Considered a utopia, Neo Arcadia is the metropolis that govern the residents, reploids and human, that live in the city. Created a century ago by X, a legendary reploid, Neo Arcadia was ruled by himself, the Four Guardians, and the Eight Gentle Judges.

Shitennou (the Four Guardians): Consist of four reploids, commanders of Neo Arcadia's army forces. Kenshou "Sage" Harpuia, commander of Rekku Army, Neo Arcadia's military air forces. Inshou "Hidden" Phantom, commander of Zan'ei Army, Neo Arcadia's stealth squadron units. Youshou "Fairy" Leviathan, commander of Meikai Army, Neo Arcadia's military navy. And lastly, Toushou "Fighting" Fefnir, commander of Jin'en Gundan, Neo Arcadia's land troops.

There will be a little twist, or deviantion, whatever you call it, from the original plot of the game's storyline, this being Zero, X, and the Shitennou's change in gender and combat skills(their elements remain unchanged). The plot here will go according to the sequence of the missions I play, along with changes made in the storyline. Well then, I hope you will enjoy this.

Chapter 1


Neo Arcadia, a metropolis governing the humans and reploids that live peacefully in it. A utopia, considered by its residents, to those who are able to accept both reploids and human living together. Neo arcadia is ruled by X, the legendary reploid, the female warrior, who served during the Maverick Wars, and had saved the lives of over a billion of people, human and reploids alike. However, no one had remembered that there is the other legendary reploid, the other female warrior who X had assisted during the war, hidden somewhere, asleep for a century.

Beneath the city of Neo Arcadia...

The forest was peaceful, with several different primitive creatures lounging around, looking nothing more than bored and lazy. Suddenly, several gunshots echoed among the trees, sending the animals scurrying for cover quickly. Almost right after the animals were safe in their hideouts, a group of soldiers in green uniforms burst out from a tall bush and started running quickly, followed by a young girl in pink, supported by two of the soldiers. Seconds later, a larger group of blue, one-eyed, and armed reploids appeared from the bushes, firing their arm cannons and pursuing the former group.

"Quick!" one of the soldier at the back of the group yelled to his comrades in front. "They are catching-Argh!" his words were cut off by a blast which tore through his chest, shattering his torso into pieces.

"No!" the girl turned back and screamed at the sight.

"S-Shit! This way!" the soldiers made a sharp turn around a thick trunk of a tree and continued running for it. "Don't stop, Ciel, keep going!" one of the soldiers turned the girl around and they followed the rest through the thick forest. "B-But Milan!" the girl, Ciel, started to tear up. "We have to get you back to safety." Milan said as he ushered her.

A sudden rumble of the ground threw them onto it. "What the hell is that?" some of the soldiers cursed as they tried to get up as fast as they can. Ciel leaned on her elbows and tried to push herself up. She heard a low rumbling behind her and turned to see a large mechaniloid looming over her body, the laser cannon at its mouth charged up and ready. Ciel could only stare with fear as the laser hit the ground and began to approach her in high speed.

"Watch out!" one of the soldiers pushed Ciel aside and took the hit for her, disintegrating into ashes along with other unfortunate ones caught in the blast.

"Come on Ciel!" Milan quickly went over to Ciel and picked her up. "We have to get moving."


"Come on!" the remaining soldiers started running with Ciel. The mechaniloids picked up several movements and made their way towards them, attempting to stop the group.

"Hah...hah...hah..." Ciel slowed down to a stop in front of an oddly decorated wall, panting from after the seemingly never-ending running. "This...a dead end?" she asked after settling her breathing.

"No." a cyber-elf, which had flew alongside Ciel all the time, spoke up. "I feel something...a strong energy signal ahead, just beyond this door." the small cybernetic creature flew towards the wall, which turned out to be a gate of some sort. "This must be the place."

"Don't tell me..." Ciel approached the wall, when a control panel suddenly appeared fro the side corner of it. "Is this where the legendary heroin was sealed? Is this...our only hope?"

"Go away! Don't come any closer..."

"Eh?" Ciel looked around, searching for the source of the voice. "I heard someone's voice."

"Don't...Don't bother me..."

"Who is it?" Ciel asked, continuing looking around for the speaker.

"Who are you? Why are you disturbing my sleep?"

"Who...Who's talking to me?" Ciel turned towards the door, after realising that the voice seemed to echo from it.

"Why do you want to wake me up?"

"Ciel?" Milan patted her shoulder, snapping her back to reality. "What wrong?"

"Ah. No...nothing at all." Ciel shook her head a little. "Let's keep going." she went towards the control panel and started typing on it. "Not good." she continued typing on it, trying to find a way to unlock the gate. "Most of the data here are corrupted. There's no way to open the door with codes."

"There can be only one way. Leave this to me" Milan said as he walked towards the door and pasted packs of explosives on it. "Stay back, Ciel." the rest of the soldiers brought Ciel back a distance and prepared to shield her from the explosion.

Milan finished up with positioning the explosives and jagged back towards them. He nodded towards them and they covered Ciel securely as Milan jammed his thumb onto a button. The explosives beeped for a few seconds before taking the large gate apart with a huge explosion. Zero! Save us! Ciel thought desperately as she held onto her hair to keep them from flying wildly. Please...Save us!

The dust settled, revealing the torn gate and darkness beyond it. Suddenly, rustling was heard from far away from them. "Damn! They are catching up." one of the soldiers said. "You should go." he turned to Milan and Ciel. "We'll take care of them." the soldiers aimed at the bushed and started firing, expectedly receiving return fires from the enemies.

Ciel, Milan, and the cyber-elf entered the door. Instantly, lights turned on to reveal a large, worn down room inside, and a huamnoid figure kneeling at the middle of it. Ciel noticed that dozens of cables, connected from the ceiling of the room, were attached onto the back of this figure whose hands were tied to the back. Milan approached the figure slowly to have a closer look at it. What he found out made him gasp. "This...this must be..." Ciel close in to have a clearer look as well.

The figure was clad with red armours at the forearms, upper torso, shins and calves of the leg. The helmet was topped with red arrow-shaped fins, joined together at the front tip of it, where slightly above rested a dust covered, due to a very long time on stillness, blue gem, and lastly was two white sharp eclipses on either side of the head, over the position of the ears. The whole helmet looked worn, peppered with cracks and various areas chipped off, whereas the base of the helmet, the area from the shoulders to the elbows, the thighs to the knees, and the lower torso were covered by a thin layer of black skin-like casting, topped with ceramic coloured platings. The feature of the face and the curves of the body revealed the figure to be a young woman sleeping, in a very uncomfortable position, as Milan added in his mind.

"This...this must be Zero." Ciel muttered softly.

"We've found her at last." Milan reached for the figure, getting a huge shock from an invisible barrier. "Ah! Ow!"

"It's protected by a cyber barrier." the cyber-elf piped in.

"What should we do?" Milan flicked his hand around to ease the pain. "The barrier is strong enough to prevent everything from breaking in."

"Or something from breaking out." Ciel added.

"Uwargh!" A pained scream made them turn their heads towards the door, one to see the last of their comrades fell onto the ground, torn and mangled. Seconds after the body touch the ground, several shots were heard followed by a torrent of bullets flying towards them.

"Watch out!" Milan jumped forward and shielded Ciel from the bullets. "Ugh! We're cornered, we have to evacuate!"


"We have no time to argue over this!" a bullet tore through his dark green armour. "Argh!" he flew back and landed beside Ciel, motionless.

"Milan!" Ciel rushed to his side, frozen stiff when she realised the last of the soldiers protecting her was already dead.

"Ciel..." the cyber-elf beside caught several signals approaching them. Ciel, still frozen in shock, gave no reply. "Ciel!" the elf tried again, louder.

"Eh?" Ciel broke away from her shock.

"You have to use my power." the small creature said, as it glowed brighter. "You have no choice!"

"What?!" Ciel stood up. "Passy, if I do that, you will..."Die!

Just then, the reploids had already charged through the broken door, and were closing onto the two, their arm cannons aimed and ready to shoot.

"Don't worry about me." the cyber-elf smiled softly at Ciel, its power reaching it maximum, and turned towards the figure they found, protected by the barrier.

"" Ciel's voice was drowned by the sound of power surging from the small elf. "Remember, Ciel, everyone is waiting for you safe return." the cyber-elf flew towards the figure as fast as it could.

"Passy!" Ciel could only watch and scream as the small creature charged full speed towards the invisible barrier. Arigatou, Ciel. The elf thought as it crashed into the cyber barrier, sacrificing itself to break it. Soushite, Sayo...nara....

"Passy..." Tears began flowing out of Ciel's eyes. "Thank you..." she sobbed, trying to keep herself from crying.

The reploids had turned towards where the elf had flew towards, and saw a crack in the space. The crack began to grow and spread throughout the space, emitting sounds of glass cracking. The robots levelled their weapons at the sphere like cracks surrounding the motionless figure. Light began to emit through the cracks and Ciel shielded her eyes from the overwhelming light. The reploids began charging up their weapons and started firing.

Just before the shot reach the cracks, the unmoving reploid targeted suddenly snapped her eyes open, followed by an invisible force exploding outwards in a spherical manner, forcing the bullets' path sideways and out of harm. Several of the robots were blown apart by the sheer force. Ciel was pushed back as well and tripped over the body of Milan, causing her to topple over backwards. She recovered quickly, though still temporary blinded by the bright light from the middle of the room.

Main energy reactor start up... A mechanic voice echoed throughout the room as Ciel blinked the blindness away.

General optical system. Clear...

Internal frame functionality system. All green...

External frame functionality system. All green...

Auto-repair nanomachine system. All green...

Combat capability. Maximum amplitude...

Main system. Start up!

Ciel cleared her vision and saw the crimson reploid, which was previously motionless, rose in a knee slowly, groaning as she tore the cables, connected to its back and arms, apart with sheer strength. "Zero..." Ciel muttered as the figure stood up completely, bits and pieces of wires, cables, and chunk of dust falling from the body. "...has resurrected..."

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"Hurry! her...ZZZ...don't waste...ZZZ...time!"