Hello there! If this is the first time you read this fic, welcome if it isn't, I'm sorry for taking almost a year for updating, I am truly sorry. I just had to figure out where this was going and let me tell you it was one hell of a ride. But I'm back :]


Chapter 1 - Lost

She was breathless.

Her ribs ached, her head throbbed and her legs felt as if a thousand flames were twisting and crawling inside them.

She had managed to lose them, but that wouldn't last long. They would catch up on her and she knew it.

Pulling her last kunai from her pouch she hid behind the ruins of what once was a house. She crouched and leaned against the wall, trying to catch her breath. Her head fell forward and long blue hair covered her dirty and bloody face. Slowly she raised a shaky hand to cover her stinging eyes. Constant use of her bloodline had exhausted her.

Her headband was uncomfortable. She was sweaty and tired and the weight of the headband that was usually comforting felt too heavy. Bloody hands untied the headband and left it on the charred ground.

They were a week late. Hopefully backup was sent but she knew it was unlikely. They had sent a message saying that they were helping the little village that was now destroyed and they might be late. They wouldn't miss them for at least another week. Maybe five or four days if they were lucky. But luck had proved not to be on their side on this mission.

She let out a shaky breath. She had to get out of there. They had to get out of there, fast.

Tightening her hold on the kunai, and throwing a last glance to her headband she raised and moved out of her hiding place. Her eyes moved quickly, searching for enemies. A groan escaped her when she moved too fast and the wound on her abdomen opened again. She pressed her hand against the wound trying to stop the blood. It was pointless; it kept on flowing out of the wound and slipping through her fingers.

She started walking cautiously to where she had last seen her friends. A whimper stopped her mid-step. She turned her head to hear better and waited. Another whimper. Her eyes moved toward the origin of the sound and took in the blood leading to a bush. It could be a foe… or a friend.

Her lips tightened into a line as she weighted her options. If it was just a trap, she was too weak to defend herself, but if it was a friend… she just couldn't let someone she knew die because she was afraid. Slowly she made her way to the bush…

…and stopped, raising her hand to cover her mouth in shock.

Oh God…

Sakura looked as though someone had tried to rip her in half; a large cut on her lower abdomen was pouring blood onto two puddles at her sides. Her bright pink hair was fanned underneath her head in the grass. Her emerald eyes were open and unblinking, staring to the trees above her. Tear tracks were clearly visible against the dirt and blood staining her face. Her hands were over the huge gash as if trying to stop the crimson liquid from escaping her.

Hinata fell to her knees next to her. She let the kunai slip through her fingers and focused on her friend. With shaky hands she reached over to Sakura's neck. Maybe if she could find a pulse… there was one. Weak and erratic but there was a pulse. She closed her eyes, trying to gather as much chakra as possible. She was no medic-nin but she knew enough.

She couldn't do it. No matter how hard she focused she couldn't bring any chakra to her fingers. Angry tears formed in her eyes; she couldn't help her, all she could do was watch her childhood friend die.

Sakura's unfocused eyes seemed to recognize her face.

"H-Hi-na-ta…" she managed through coughs. Blood from her mouth fell to her pale cheeks.

"S-Sakura.. I-I c-can't…" Hinata said between sobs.

"It… it-t's o-okay. R-Run. L-leave…" Coughs shook her frame and she reached to take the Hyuuga's hand. "F-find TenTen… l-leave…"

"I can't leave you here!" She refused to let her friend die alone. The desperation that clenched her heart stopped her usual stutter. Sakura's eyes looked weakly into her own pale ones.

"Y-you have to… t-they… they'll b-be back s-soon…"

"I can't-" she stopped herself. She had heard something. It was barely a rustle of clothes but it was enough. She looked around. And there he was. His Sharingan shining on the darkness. And he was not alone. His partner stood tall next to him with TenTen's body slung over his shoulder in almost a careless way. Hinata's eyes widened and more tears flowed down her cheeks.

She wouldn't make it.

The certainty that she would never make it back home settled heavy on her shoulders. She had hold on the last silver of hope that they would go back to Konoha. That they would be able to see their friends and family again. Her hope crumbled and burned under the gaze of the Sharingan.

Even if she tried to run, she would never out-run them. They were faster, stronger and she had no chakra left.


I'm sorry…

The man holding TenTen smiled mockingly and the other one moved to fast for her to react. A rush of pain, a scream and everything went black.

I'm so sorry…