bella a well respected girl. Lauren and Jessica are still mean, but not to bella. they defend bella at all cost just like the rest of the school. bella looses her voice, right when the cullens move in! they start to bully her. what happens when she regains her voice?

Selfless Bella

Jessica pov

"Hey Jessica! How are you?'' Bella asked , true concern in her voice. She must of known what happened with Mike. "I hope the school doesen't know already" i thought to myself.

"No one knows but me Jess. No worries," Bella spoke gently. Bella is so nice. She wouldn't hurt a fly, and tries to make everyone happy. Oh, Sweet sweet bella.

"i'm doing fine, thx bella. " She sighed but smiled anyway. "bye Jess, call me if you need me." She waved and while looking sad, turned on her heals and went down the corridor.

Oh! I made the angel sad! stupid jessica, stupid stupid!

"Bye b." Oh u have to love her.


Oh well, off to class. I walked towards homeroom, making my butt shake the whole time.

Bella pov

Poor Jess. I hope she's ok. her and Mike looked so cute together!

"Hey Bella!" I heard Tyler so i stopped and waited for him.

" Hey," I said gloomily.

"What's wrong?" He asked dead serious getting his buff look on.

"Oh nothing." He looked at me with anot-that stupid-spit-it-out look.

And of course i spilled. "I just feel bad for Jessica".

Recognition swept over his features. "Bella Jessica is a slut, don' t waste undeserving feelings for her."

"Everyone needs attention it's just different amounts." I replied sniffly.

Tyler smiled at me as if I was a new type of light. " That's why we love you B." I smilled at him.

" Well I got to go. By," I waved to a still awed Tyler and walked towards homeroom.

Tyler pov

"Bye B." I said as she walked away.

She is to good. I wonder how she does it with a family like that. Rumor say her father beat her and just last year was sent to prison. Now she lives with her mom who treats her like a slave.

Kinda like Cinderella don't ya think.

Well thoughs are rumors and most rumors are false.


". Get to class boy before I write you up again for skipping class." Mr. Banner. Our Biology teacher in Forks. Strict isn't he. Well i better hurry.

So i speed walk all the way into the classwith a second to sparebefore the bella rang.


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