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Summary: Prequel to Careful with the Human. After 'destroying' Voldemort, as the papers so kindly put it, Harry, his three dads and his newly adopted brother all move away for protection. After moving, they run into a small coven of vampires where the sparks fly, literally. But where Harry Potter is involved, trouble is not far behind. How will he deal with two vampires oblivious to their bond, a stalker werewolf and classmate, and an abnormal 'normal' life when all he wants is a little peace and quiet?

DISCLAIMER: I Don't own Harry Potter or Twilight, just the plot for this fic!

Pairings: [In this chapter](Sub-Dom/Sub/Dom, Dom/Sub) Edward/Harry/Emmet,

Warning: SLASH, Het; implied sexual situations, mild sexual situations, Threesomes, character bashing, AU, crossover, stalker Jacob and Mike, attempt at rape, OOC.

Author: Xela


AN: (inspired by my friend and her gigantic family) The La Push Blacks are the American branch of the Blacks. They are squibs under a family curse (or their version of lycanthropy) which over generations spread to the other Quileute families; making them distant relatives. The curse is near the same of being an animagus, but with some werewolf traits. They cannot imprint, they can have mates (which are rare) or they choose someone they want for their life mate.

Room for one more-

The first thing that Harry noticed woke was that the room he was in was white. Painfully white. He had to snap his eyes closed shortly after he opened them. Harry thought better than to open his eyes again, so he allowed himself to be lulled to sleep by the silence of the room.

~~~Dream sequence~~~

When he was mostly coherent, Harry noticed that he was warm and very comfortable. He was laying in a dimly lit room, on a giant body pillow. Wrapped around him was a warm blanket. It took him a moment to realize what his pillow and blanket were. His pillow was a firm chest covered by a beige tee-shirt. Very large, male chest covered by a beige tee-shirt. Harry had one of his legs intertwined with one of the large man's. One of the man's hands was stroking his hips, while the other held both Harry and Blanket in place.

His blanket also male. He was not as bulky as Pillow, but Harry felt the muscles on the other body. Blanket was large enough that his body covered Harry's entirely, while still having room to breathe. Long fingers carded through Harry's dark hair. He was in heaven.

"Our little mate." Blanket whispered.

"Our delicate little mate." Pillow agreed.

Lightly growling, Harry swatted both men, and the men began chuckling at him. "I most certainly am not delicate!"

Pillow sat up, bringing Harry and Blanket with him, and cupped Harry's face with one hand. "To us precious, you are as delicate as a rose, or maybe a gem. Just as lovely too." Pillow said making Harry blush.

"You're just saying that!" Harry yelled "I'm no gem. Not even close."

Blanket placed a kiss to his dark hair. "Alright then angel, what are you?"

"I'm a weapon for war."

"And who told you that?" Both men growled, trying to keep calm.

"No one, but it's rather obvious. It's how they treat me now. And later, after the war, I'll be tossed aside like the freak I am. And before you ask, I've been called that since I was a child."

"By who…" Pillow hissed.


Harry wanted to scream as his face and chest were being squeezed none too gently. His mates were growling. Pillow's face was in Harry's shoulder and he was trembling. He was taking long breaths, probably trying to calm down. Harry looked up a Pillow through his eyelashes, and he was shocked to see dark amber, near black, eyes glaring at nothing.

"M'sorry." Harry said, trying to make it seem that he was not out of breath.

Blanket blinked, and loosened his grip. "Whatever are you apologizing for Harry? You did nothing!"

"Yes I did," Harry sniffed "I made you guys mad." He leaned forward and pressed his face into Pillow's shirt. He didn't care that he was getting his pillow's shirt wet, nor did he care that they could probably hear him, but talking about the war made him so upset!

Blanket tsked at the younger boy. "Oh dear, I think we have upset our little precious."

"Mm, maybe we should show him just how much he means to us." Pillow murmured, prying Harry from his shirt.

But before they had the chance, they were pulled away and the last thing that Harry saw was bronze hair and pale skin.

~~~End sequence~~~


Alice Cullen ran into the living room with a rather curious expression on her face. She had just seen this 'Harry's dream, and she had immediately recognized her brothers. It was rather odd for vampires to have more than one mate. But she liked this Harry already, he was tiny, but after a few meals, he'd be healthy and the victim-err-unwilling participant of her and Rosalie's shopping wrath. The only real problem would be her brothers. They were very intent on being alone, and having another mate thrust upon them would screw them over. That's why she was looking for them. Sure enough, they were on the couch. Emmett was sitting watching some football game in only a pair of gray sweatpants. Edward was lounging with his head in the other's lap, reading a book. He had a bit more modesty and was wearing light jeans and a cranberry sweater. They heard her enter, but they chose to ignore her. Mistake number one.

She sat down in front of them. "That's surprising, I didn't know that you could act like that." She said quietly

"What this?" Edward asked not looking up from his book. "We always do this."

"This and sex." Emmett added earning a smack from his mate.

"No-no-no! I'm not talking about—oh never mind!" Alice stared at her brothers for a while, well, until Edward got angry at her for doing it. After all, she was masking her thoughts by reciting the Chinese alphabet.

"What Alice?" He hissed.

The petite vampire was quiet for a minute before she spoke, she chose her words very carefully. "I know you two love each other a lot but…I know you are not complete. I've seen it, and I wanted to know, would you change? Would you be willing to let another in?" They had to say yes, poor little Harry wouldn't be able to handle anything with these two around if they said no.

But Emmett, who had no idea what the hell his little sister was going on about, blinked stupidly. "Alice, you have a mate."

Said girl smacked her hand against her forehead. "No, not me! Edward please tell me you understand." The bronze haired vampire nodded slowly. "Yes I think so; Alice, are you telling us that we have another mate?" She nodded and stood up. "Mm, I think that we're going to have a new student or two sometime in the future." With that, she left her two confused brothers on the couch.

"What. The. Fuck." Emmett said.

"I don't know." Pause "So, who won the game?"

"The game's over, Alice made me miss it. The last I checked New England was winning 24-6."

"Ah" was the uninterested reply.

"And I had nothing else to do today so…yeah."

The bronze haired vampire looked up from his book smirking. "I know what we could do." He said in a husky voice.

"Oh yeah?"

"Yes, but only if you are up to it."

"Bring it."

Edward climbed onto his mate's lap and forcefully connected their lips. When they took an unneeded break for air, Edward lean forward so their foreheads were pressed together. "Why don't we go upstairs and make some…music"

'How can I deny you such a request Hun?' The older vampire smirked at the other. He wasn't all that surprised when he was thrown over Emmett's shoulder, or when he was dumped onto the bed. He was happy. But when he felt his mate's cock pressed against his entrance, he couldn't help but think that maybe Alice was right. Something just didn't feel right. Of course he loved his Emmett, but there was this…void that had always been there, and Edward was just too ignorant to see it. From the sounds that Emmett was making, he had noticed it too.


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