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Chapter five Forks, Washington:

It had taken a short amount of time (mostly because Severus had placed calming draughts in Ron and Hermione's tea) to explain the situation to Harry's friends. They were reluctant to believe the Potions Master at first, but during his explanation, Sirius and Remus had come into the room. Needless to say, that was a bit awkward.

"This is bullshit! Harry, please tell me you aren't believing these lies!" Ron hissed. He looked at his friend with pleading blue eyes, silently trying to get Harry to tell him that this was all some joke. But Harry did not tell him that. He didn't say anything at all, all Harry did was rock that slimy git Malfoy back and forth like he was some sort of baby!

Snape, on the other hand, looked like he was about to explode. "Now see here! Do you honestly think that I-"

"Sev, are the boys ready? We have to go." Sirius asked as he walked into the room. Someone said something behind him, making the man turn, so he couldn't see that there were guests.

Ron and Hermione were shocked at his appearance, to say the least. He did not at all like the man that they had met in their third year. In fact, it was almost as if all traces of Azkaban were erased from Sirius. He looked young, healthier, happier. Sirius smiled at the person who had spoken to him, and then turned to the occupants of the room.

"Uh-Oh." He said. His arms drifted to the back of his neck and he shifted his weight from foot to foot.

Harry reached out an arm to the older man. "Mum!" He called softly. Sirius took the opportunity and rushed to his son, embracing both him and Draco.

"Hello cubs. Are you ready to leave?"

Draco nodded furiously, tears still slipping down his face. "Yeah, I want to get out of here."

Understanding, both Harry and Sirius ushered his up and out the door. "Got to Uncle Tom." Sirius said. "He'll take you to the new house."

With Draco gone, some of the tension left with him. Ron and Hermione felt more at ease.

"Mum, where are Dad and Papa?"

Kissing the top of Harry's head, Sirius said: "Dad's taking Draco to the new house and Papa's already there, accommodating your godfather."

"You have got to be fucking kidding me!" Ron, ever the loudmouth, yelled.

"Young man, watch your mouth!"

From there Sirius explained the rest. Eventually Ron and Hermione caved. They accepted everything that they were told and were both ecstatic that Harry finally had the family that he had been denied for so many years.

When the story was finished Sirius announced that they really needed to get going before Dumbledore found them. Harry asked for a moment alone with his two friends before they left and Sirius and Severus happily let them say their good-bye.

The Golden Trio had been through many things during their time together. They fought a troll, a three headed dog, a deranged teacher and played the best game of chess in their first year. In their second they (mostly Harry) met and befriended a giant Basilisk. They went against an army of dementors, an escaped criminal and a werewolf in their third year, in their fourth year their loyalty had been tested with the Triwizard Tournament, and last year they had to deal with Umbridge and almost loosing Sirius. Goodbyes though, were not something they had had to deal with. Sure there was the goodbye before the hols, but they always knew that they would see each other soon. This was totally different. They had no idea when the next time they'd all be together again.

Ron rubbed his left forearm roughly. "So, mate. You're leavin'."

"Yeah," The other boy let out an awkward laugh. "I guess I am."

There was a tense silence. Neither of the three knew what to say. Hermione brown eyes were shining with tears, Ron's cheeks were slowly reddening to the shade of his hair, and Harry looked torn between wanting to hug his friends and wanting to run away.

"Oh for heaven's sake!" Hermione huffed, exasperated. She took two steps forward and pulled her boyfriend and her best friend into a group hug. "No matter what happens, or where you are, we'll always be friends."

Ron and Harry nodded, a few tears slipping down their cheeks. "Agreed."

Moments later. "Harry, promise that you will call or text us often."

"I promise.

After the tearful goodbye Sirius and Severus transported Harry to their new home via Portkey. It was beautiful, definitely suited for Sirius and Tom. The sitting room they landed in was large and looked exactly like the one that was in the Chamber, with bid bay windows on the walls. Everything down to the furniture and the photos. The lights were different though, instead of oil lamps there were circular lights imbedded in the ceiling.

On the couch Draco was laying with his head in Tom's lap, a light yellow blanket tucked around him. Remus was on the ground rubbing small circles on Draco's back.

"Dad! Papa!" Harry shouted, but he was quickly shushed by Remus.

"Sorry, cub. It's wonderful to see you, but we've only just got your brother to sleep." Remus whispered.

Brother? What? Harry must have said that out loud because his parents and godfather looked at him and smiled. "Ah, did we forget to mention that?" Tom said, though not pretending to sound innocent. "It was a clause in taking custody of Draco. Because he's still young he needs someone to manage his family's finances until he comes of age. Normally this does not require adoption, but because the Malfoy family was very…paranoid, for lack of a better word, only one related to the heir can have access to the accounts."

Harry's head was reeling. Placing a hand on his forehead so as to fully grasp the situation, Harry thought over what he had been told. Draco was now his brother. Draco Malfoy who had only become his friend a short while ago was now his brother. He wasn't sure how he felt about that. On the one hand, he was already planning on getting along with Malfoy, but there were still many things that they needed to talk about first. On the other hand, Draco added to his ever growing family.

Great, he was getting a headache. "Okay." He said, clenching his eyes shut. He was suddenly swaying in his spot, exhausted for no real reason.

"Time difference," Severus explained. "We just went from 7:30 p.m. to 11:30 a.m. I'm surprised you haven't passed out yet to be honest."

Harry and Severus shared a small smile. "Wait a sec." The boy said, his words starting to slur as he felt himself nodding off. Vaguely he felt someone supporting his shoulders so he stopped swaying. "How come you three aren't…sleepy?"

Sirius smiled and gently picked him up to carry him out of the room. "We are, love. But we've been coming here back and forth for the past few weeks so it's not as bad."


"Shh, sleep."

And he did.


Pillow and Blanket were back…well, now they actually had names. He was lying in the middle, Brute on his left side, Keys on his right. Neither of the men was sleeping. Keys was humming a tune that Harry recognized, while Brute listened with his eyes closed and his had idly traced random shapes on
Harry's hip.

"You're so close to us" Brute said gruffly. The humming stopped.

"And yet so, so far." Keys finished.

"Then tell me where you guys are." Harry said, looking up at the men with pleading eyes. He wasn't sure if he was surprised or not to not be able to make out the men's faces. They were blurs of pale white, brown (or bronze for keys), and a bit of shadows thrown in. One thing Harry could make out, the eyes. Bright topaz eyes that stared at him adoringly.

Keys sighed sadly. He gave Harry a gentle kiss on his forehead. "I wish we could, but need to find each other on our own, love. Besides," His tone turned from sad to amused. "I have a feeling that we'll be seeing each other soon enough."

"Alright, let's stop with this depressin' talk and let's move on to the more fun activities." Brute's husky voice travelled over Harry and Keys like silk and sent shivers down their spines. Oh how Harry would love to hear more of it. He wanted to know what fun activities he had in mind. He wanted to be with his mates damn it!

Things started to blur seconds before Brute's lips came crashing onto his. They were firm and cool and absolutely perfect.

Then Harry was forced to wake up.

~End Sequence~

Harry woke up slowly, unsure as to what had woken him. He took a good look at (what must be) his new room. It was spacious and light, something that he immediately liked. The walls were painted light blue with white trim, the floor a light wood with smaller white carpets under the bed and desk. In the corner of his room was his desk, elegant yet simple, with a shining laptop resting in the middle (inwardly Harry cheered). Near that was a door that either led to a bathroom or a closet. On the wall was a huge flat screen T.V. that was surrounded by empty DVD shelves. The corner opposite of his desk had gorgeous glass doors that looked like it led to a sunroom. Harry couldn't wait to see if there were plants in there.

The center of the room seemed to take all of the attention though. His bed lay in the middle, round and fluffy and inviting. There were almost a dozen pillows, supported by a frame that Harry couldn't see, in either dark blue, light blue or silver. The sheets were pale blue and the comforter was dark blue with a silver swirling pattern. Above him was a doubled layer canopy. The first layer, the one currently draped around the bed, was just white netting. The second was thicker and had a similar pattern as the comforter, obviously meant to keep the light out.

Before he could finish observing his new room something tickled his nose. It was a smell, thick and bitter. At first Harry couldn't put his finger on it, but then one word stood out in his mind.


Shooting up from the bed Harry raced out of his room and followed the scent of the smoke. He was led down a hall and a flight of stairs to kitchen that would have made Aunt Petunia jealous. But we won't go into that right now. Harry was more concerned at seeing Sirius in front of the stove, pan in hand, with dark clouds of smoke coming off of it. Sirius was looking at the pan like he had never seen anything so evil before.

"Damn you Remus!" Sirius snarled. Harry would have laughed at how ridiculous he looked if the situation wasn't as potentially dangerous.

"Mum! What on earth are you doing?" Sirius looked back at him sheepishly.

"I was trying to cook breakfast for you all, but stupid Remus went and bought stupid muggle pots and pans! Who does that?"

"Evidently Papa." Harry said with a smirk, which was rewarded by a dark glare from the older wizard.

"Watch it you!" Sirius pointed a smoking spatula at his son.

Grinning, Harry suggested that Sirius banish the charred food (if that's what you want to call it) and have Harry help this time. It would have been easier if Sirius hadn't used most of their small food stock earlier, but they had enough for some eggs, bacon and a bit of fruit.

"You and I are going to have to go to the store today, Mum." When Sirius complained that Harry shouldn't have to go Harry countered by saying that if he let Sirius go to the store on his own they wouldn't have anything edible.

"Is anyone else up?" Harry asked while flipping a few slices of bacon over.

Sirius shrugged, taking down six plates from the cabinet. "By now I'd be surprised if they were still sleeping. Let me finish setting the table and I'll go get them." Nodding, Harry went back to his bacon. Eventually Sirius left the kitchen and one by one people started trickling in to get breakfast.

"Cub, you didn't need to make breakfast." Remus said.

"Oh yes I did. Your mate decided that he was going to cook." A shocked gasp escaped Remus as he looked at his grinning mate.

"Oh sweet Merlin please tell me you didn't."

"Oh he did."

Remus and Tom hit their foreheads with the palm of their hands. They had specifically told Sirius to NOT go into the kitchen. What did they have to do, ward the damn doorway?

Soon the small family, Draco and Severus included, were sitting at the table, ready to eat. Severus stared longingly at the empty chair. 'Soon' he thought 'Soon James will be sitting there.'

Everyone, but Harry, was pleasantly surprised at the first bite of their food at how good it tasted. They each ate every bit of food on their plates. Even Draco who hadn't eaten an entire meal since his parent's death had finished his food. Compliments were given to Harry one right after the other, making the teen blush.

The dishes were washed and Harry went back up to his room (he will never admit that he had accidentally walked into three different rooms before he got to his). He went to the door by his desk, opening it to find four dressers, six racks of shoes and seven bars packed with clothes hanging off of them. This wasn't a closet, it was a mini store! Overwhelmed at what to pick he grabbed the first things he saw, which ended up being a pair of jeans and a bright green and black checkered long sleeved shirt. After digging around through one of the dressers, he found a pair of boxers and a pair of socks. Now where was that bathroom?

He went out into his room and saw on the wall behind his bed another door. This was the bathroom. It was mostly white, with hints of gold thrown in here and there. There was a bathtub big enough for six people and a shower to fist even more. Honestly, was the entire house huge?

After taking a quick shower and dressing, harry sought out his parents. They were in the sitting room from last night, sitting together on the couch and talking. When they saw him they beckoned him over and he sat on Tom's lap.

"Thank you, for everything." Harry said shyly. He was not used to getting so many nice things from others. It felt really nice.

"It's not a problem, my son. You deserve to be spoiled rotten." Tom told him truthfully.

"What was with the muggle technology, and all of the clothes?"

"Ah the clothes was your Mum's idea. He said something about giving you a proper wardrobe." Harry grumbled something that sounded suspiciously like 'yeah, a wardrobe, sure'. Tom laughed. "Humor him Harry, he just wants to spoil you. Now back to your original question, the muggle technology was all Remus." Tom finished with a mildly irritated look at said werewolf.

Lifting his hands in a peaceful gesture, Remus defended himself. "Again, it was partially to spoil you and Draco, but we're living in a predominately muggle community. Better to get everyone acquainted with muggle tech. now so there's no confusion later."

Sirius stretched his arms up above him and yawned, an action that didn't go unnoticed by his mates. "Not that we aren't having fun or anything, but Harry and I need to run to the store if you lot want anything for lunch and dinner. C'mon pup!" He pulled Harry up and led him through the house and to the garage.

Oh Merlin. Sirius wasn't going to-

"Get in Pup!"

…He was.

Alice danced around her bedroom, picking out clothes and makeup and shoes and jewelry for her to wear. Jasper was silently watching her with a fond smile creeping onto his lips. She had told him ten minutes ago that they needed to go to the grocery store- why? He had absolutely no idea since they don't eat human food-and since then she had been running around trying to make sure she looked perfect.

Harry jumped out of the car and nearly collapsed onto the ground. "Oh thank you!" He said, looking up at the sky.

Sirius shot him a look that said 'oh cut it out'. "Puh-lease, it wasn't that bad. Merlin it's almost like you think that I can't drive."

"Huh, fancy that." Harry said dryly. They went into the store and set to work. Harry grabbed a cart and they went around the store grabbing things that they needed. They were almost done when they ran into (translation: nearly crashed) the most beautiful people that Harry had ever seen. There were two of them, a man and a woman. The woman was short, maybe Harry's height, with short black hair, pale skin and topaz eyes. She was dressed in a deep purple blouse and black skinny jeans. She reminded Harry of a pixie. The man was tall, blond, and scary. He had the same pale skin and topaz eyes as the girl, but he looked colder, more closed off and a little bit like he was in pain. Odd. Harry couldn't see what he was wearing other than jeans and new sneakers because he was wearing a beige jacket that covered the top half of his body.

"Oh! Sorry!" Harry apologized.

The woman waved it off. "Don't worry about it," she told him, her voice like bells. "No harm done! I'm Alice, by the way. Alice Cullen, and this is my h-boyfriend Jasper." She held out a hand for Harry and Sirius to take, but Jasper only inclined his head.

"It's a pleasure to meet you Alice. I'm Harry and this is my…Father, Sirius." They shook hands and after that Alice and Jasper joined them in their shopping. They talked about everything from London to school.

"You are going to High School, aren't you Harry?" Alice asked as they were placing their items on adjacent checkout counters.

"Absolutely!" Sirius cut in before Harry could say anything. "He and his brother start next week, they still need to adjust before they start." And you know, there was this pesky little problem of Harry and Draco not knowing much, if anything, about muggle classes. But that wasn't really important.

"Great! I'll see you next week at school then-OH! Here!" She fished out a piece of paper from Jasper's coat pocket, the man stared at her like she did this often and he had given up trying to tell her no, and wrote something on it before thrusting it into Harry's hand and walking out the door with Jasper.

"What…just happened?" Harry asked Sirius. The man shrugged. When the groceries were packed away in the back of the car and Harry had prepared for the near death experience that he was about to have, the boy looked at the paper Alice had given him.

It was a number.

Call me sometime, you're my new friend~ Alice.

Harry had to smile at that.

"So tell, me, what was that about?" Jasper asked as they drove home.

"Oh, you'll see when we get home." Alice replied cryptically.

The moment Alice walked through the door, Edward was there and he grasped her hand-the one that Harry had touched-and brought it close to his face.

"Alice…what is that smell?" He asked, entranced.

Alice only smiled.