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10 years later...

I stepped outside wrapped my arms tightly around me. The cool breeze brushed against my naked skin as I stepped forward, reaching out for the rail. I rested against it, watching the sun slowly rise in the sky. I smiled slightly to myself as I took a deep breath, smelling the scent of fresh pine that was only present the in the air after it had been raining.

I smiled as I felt warm arms wrap around my waist.

'You should be inside,' Paul murmured, resting his chin on my shoulder.

'I couldn't sleep,' I replied, leaning against his body.

He kissed my cheek, hugging me tightly to him.

We stood there, watching the start to slowly raise, its weak rays lighting up the trees.

'We need to get ready,' Paul whispered.

I nodded and sighed, slipping out of his arms. He took my hand and laced our fingers together as we stepped back inside. I groaned at the sight of the toys scattered around the place.

'I'm going to have a lot of tidying to do before Charlie gets here,' I mumbled.

Paul smiled, 'We'll all help you.'

I rolled my eyes and bumped my hip gently against his. 'Yeah I'm sure you will.'

He laughed as we stepped back into the bedroom.

I grabbed my towel from the back of the chair, aware of Paul's eyes on me the entire time.

He stopped me on my way to the bathroom, bending down and capturing my lips in a kiss.

'How about I join you?' He mumbled against my lips, before kissing me again.

'Mmm... as appealing as that sounds, one of us needs to wake up the kids.'

He sighed and kissed me again before pulling away. He walked away muttering something about 'one day.'

I turned the water on and stepped underneath the warm water.

I went through the motions of washing my hair while I thought about the upcoming day. Charlie had been practically buzzing with excitement of seeing granddad Charlie, and so was happy of the fact that he was named after someone as 'cool' as granddad Charlie. I smiled to myself as I thought about them. They had a bond with each other that couldn't be broken, which I was kind of surprised at. Once I found out that Paul had traced down my father and asked him to come to La Push to see me I was sure he would take one look at me in my pregnant state and tell me how disappointed he was in me. Boy was I wrong. Sure he wasn't best pleased that Jamie was the father but he was excited that he was going to become a granddad. In fact he was so pleased that he moved to Forks which was just a 20 minute drive from La Push, so he could be closer to me and Charlie.

I was lucky I guess that Charlie took after me more than Jamie. He had mine and granddad Charlie's eye colour, hair colour and personality. The only thing he had of Jamie's was the face shape.

I stepped out of the shower, shutting the water off and wrapping myself in a towel. I walked into mine and Paul's bedroom.

I pulled on my jeans and a t-shirt and dried my hair, letting it hang in its usual waves. I set a towel out for Paul before going downstairs to make breakfast.

I paused in the doorway of the front room, smiling widely as I took in the scene before me.

Paul was sitting in the chair, reading the kids a story. Charlie was sitting at his feet, holding his legs while Melanie was climbing in his lap and Daniel was grabbing hold of his shoulder so he could peer over it at the book.

As if feeling my eyes on him Paul looked up and smiled lovingly at me, before turning to the book after Mel insisted he carried on reading.

I carried on going into the kitchen, pouring cereal and putting bread in the toaster.

I poured out juice in plastic cups and set them at the table.

'Breakfast's ready,' I called, laughing when I heard a stampede coming towards the kitchen. Charlie, Melanie and Dan ran into the kitchen closely followed by Paul. I set their breakfast down in front of them and sat down.

'Mummy when is Granddad Charlie coming?' Charlie asked.

'Later this morning,' I answered, while Daniel started chanting 'Granddad Charlie, Granddad Charlie, Granddad Charlie' over and over.

'Dan, eat your breakfast,' Paul said, picking up the spoon Dan had dropped on the table and handed it back to him.

The morning passed quickly and soon the kids were waiting impatiently for their granddad to arrive.

The doorbell rang and the kids jumped up immediately, leaving their toys scattered on the floor.

Paul got up from his seat next to me and went to let Charlie in.

'Granddad Charlie!' Charlie shouted as he ran towards Charlie, who picked him up and swung him round before setting him back on the floor.

'Hey Champ!' Charlie said before opening his arms for Mel and Dan to hug him.

I smiled as Paul sat back down wrapping his arm around me.

'Granddad Charlie, I got a present for you!' Melanie shouted, grabbing his hand and leading him into the kitchen.

'Those kids have got him wrapped around their little fingers,' I muttered.

Paul laughed.

I pottered around the kitchen, pulling out various pots and pans and cutting the vegetables.

'Need any help Bells?'

I jumped and turned around to see Charlie standing there.

'Aren't the kids insisting you watch a DVD with them?' I asked, wiping my hands onto the tea towel.

Charlie smiled. 'They've fallen asleep, including Paul.'

I rolled my eyes. 'That doesn't surprised me,' I muttered.

'So I figured I could spend a few minutes with my daughter.'

I smiled. 'Sure would you mind cutting up the carrots?'

I handed Charlie a knife and started to cut up the potatoes.

'So how are things?' I asked.

I saw Charlie pause slightly before continuing cutting the carrots into circles.

'Alright. Me and Sue are going to dinner tomorrow night,' he mumbled as he blushed. I laughed.

'Finally! I wondered when you two were going to admit your feelings for each other.'

His cheeks turned a darker colour red.

'That obvious huh?'

'Just a bit.'

He huffed slightly, cutting his carrot slightly more aggressively than before.

'Granddad!' Charlie shouted.

'In here,' Charlie responded.

I put the potatoes in the pan and washed my hands as Charlie came running into the kitchen.

'Is Granddad Charlie staying for dinner?' Charlie asked, swinging on my arm.

I looked up at Charlie, raising my eyebrows slightly.

'I can stay a bit longer if you'll have me Bells,' he said.

I smiled, 'Of course.'

He beamed.

'Granddad can we carry on watching the DVD?'

Charlie glanced at me, 'Sure just let me finish helping your mum-'

I cut him off. 'Don't worry about it. Go have fun with the kids.'

'You sure?'

I nodded.

'Alright,' he replied, walking with Charlie back into the front room.

Paul set the table while I dished up the food.

'Dinner's ready,' I called.

I set the plates down in front of everyone.

'This is great Bells,' Charlie said taking a bite.

'Thanks,' I replied.

'This is great,' Melanie said, copying Charlie.

I smiled at her.

'Renee's talking about coming to visit for a few days next month,' Granddad Charlie said as he ate.


He nodded. 'Apparently she's quiet unhappy with the fact that she never gets to see her grandchildren.'

I rolled my eyes, remembering the countless number of arguments we've had over the phone. It wasn't only the visitation of her grandchildren that we argued about. Renee found it difficult that her missing daughter had started a family which meant that I wouldn't move back in with her. I think now after all the years that had passed she was just starting to move on from thinking about what she missed out on.

'I'm stuffed,' Paul said, leaning back against his chair.

'Me too,' Charlie said.

Charlie and Daniel mimicked Paul's actions of leaning back and patting their stomachs.

Charlie glanced at his watch. 'I better be off,' he said, encourage cries of protest from the children.

'Got someone to meet?' I asked, to which he ignored. Paul raised his eyebrows at me.

'Sue' I mouthed.

He nodded his head in understanding.

We kissed and hugged Charlie goodbye and waved him off as he drove off in his police car.

The phone rang as we walked back inside.

'I'll get it,' Paul said, walking quickly into the kitchen.

I took the kids back into the front room and they immediately started playing with their toys. I sank down in the armchair and watched happily as they played together.

Paul came back in.

'That was Emily. She wants to know if Mel wants to have a sleepover with Sidney.'

Mel immediately bounced up and ran towards me.

'Please, please!' She shouted.

I sighed and nodded my head, smiling when she jumped up and down, her short black hair bouncing around her face.

Paul smiled and crouched down in front of me. I looked in dark brown eyes.

'Maybe we can get Jacob and Ness to babysit Charlie and Dan so we can have an evening to ourselves,' he murmured, his fingers trailing down my right cheek.

'Sounds good,' I whispered, breathlessly as he closed the gap between us and kissed me.

'Eww gross!' Charlie shouted, making me and Paul pull apart laughing.

'I'll go see if they can babysit,' Paul said going back into the kitchen.

Thirty minutes later I was zipping Daniel into his coat and making sure that we packed everything that they could possible need.

'Ready?' Paul asked, walking into the hallway.

'Yep,' I responded, kissing each of the children on the cheek.

'Have fun guys,' I said, knowing that they would. I walked with Paul to the door and waited while he strapped them all in the car.

He walked back to me.

'I'll be back soon,' he said, kissing me.

'I'll be waiting,' I replied, smiling wickedly at him.

He smirked before getting into the car and driving off.

I shut the door behind me and sank down into the chair once more. The house was buzzing with silence, something that I appreciated now that there wasn't a quiet moment so to speak.

I thought about everything that had happened as I waited for Paul to get back.

So much had happened, the early birth with Charlie- I swear that moment alone made me age by at least ten years, the letter I got from Megan telling me about Jamie who was now locked away in a mental institution after trying to convince the judge that he was attacked by humans that turned into wolves, and of course the birth of my two children Melanie and Daniel.

The rest of the pack also got their happy ending. Sam and Emily finally got married a year after Charlie was born and two months later Emily found out she was pregnant with Jessica and Sidney. Two years later Tammy was born.

Jacob imprinted five years ago on a girl called Vanessa, who was visiting her father in Forks at the time. Jacob was walking on the beach when he ran into her and imprinted. A year ago they had their first child who they christened William after Jacob's father.

Jared got married to Kim a year after they got out of school, to the dismay of Kim's parents. They like Jared but thought it was too soon for Kim to be getting married. They now have two boys, one called Matthew who is three and the other called Christopher who turned eight last month.

Quil eventually imprinted two years ago on a girl named Claire, who was actually Emily's cousin. They have two one year old girls called Eliza and Bethany and are expecting a baby boy who they are going to call Leo.

So I guess you want to know what happened to me and Paul. Well Paul managed to track down Charlie who came to La Push a month before Charlie was born. He was staying with us while he tried to find a house in Forks. During that time I went into an early labour with Charlie which the doctors had warned me could happen. Charlie was born two months early and had to be kept longer in hospital then was normal to make sure everything was fine. A year after Charlie came home Paul proposed. We had a small wedding eight months later. Only the pack members, the tribal leaders, Charlie, Renee and Phil came.

After the wedding I went to university to get the qualifications to teach. I now work at the La Push High school teaching English, something I had always had a passion for.

I got up as I heard the car door slam.

I reached the front door just as Paul opened it.

He swooped me up into his arms and kissed me deeply.

'Ready to take advantage of the time we have?' He mumbled against my lips. I nodded and kissed him passionately, smiling to myself as he carried me upstairs.

So that's the end.

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