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"Mister Malfoy, Miss Granger, please see me after class." McGonagall's voice echoed across the room.

Harry and Ron glanced at their friend in confusion. She shrugged, assuring them that she had no idea as well.

Hermione was Head Girl of their seventh year. And unfortunately for her, Draco was Head Boy. This required for them to not only share a common room but to act in a civil manner towards each other in front of their peers. In order to prevent any heated arguments in public, they stayed out of each other's ways and avoided any form of contact with each other, only speaking when necessary. But in their safe, private walls of their dormitory, everything returned to normal as they battled for dominance in superiority through name-calling and any form of annoyance towards the other.

Class ended. Hermione looked back at her two friends.

We'll wait for you outside. Harry mouthed to her. She nodded, grinning, before turning towards their professor. Draco slid next to her silently.

"You wanted to see us, professor?"

"Yes. As you know, we will be holding the annual quidditch tournament between all the houses. It is tradition here at Hogwarts for the Head Boy and Head Girl to ride out on their brooms, flying around and wishing every member who is participating good luck." Hermione's eyes widened.

"Is there a problem miss Granger?" McGonagall raised her eyebrow.

"No, I—I, it's just that—" Hermione stuttered. "I don't know how to ride a broom." She finished sheepishly, her cheeks turning red. McGonagall looked genuinely surprised. Draco took all he could to not burst out laughing. Even in doing so, he let out a stifled snicker. The professor looked at him sternly as she turned to the now deeply embarrassed Head Girl.

"Well, then I guess mister Malfoy will have to teach you."

"What?!" Hermione and Draco both screamed.

"Why can't her precious Potter do it?" Draco spat. No way was he teaching the Mudblood how to ride a broom!

"He will be assigned a different task. Mister Malfoy I hope there will be no problem in teaching your fellow Head."

"But—!" Draco tried to protest.

"That's enough, mister Malfoy. You will do as I say. Now head to your next class. I will be checking up on your progress later in the week." She said, turning her back on the pair. Hermione collected her books silently muttering at how absurd the situation was. She headed towards the door, slightly thrown off as Draco angrily shoved past her. She sighed and followed him out the door.

"What was that all about?" Ron asked as she stepped out of the classroom. "Malfoy looked like he was about to throw a hissy fit!"

She groaned. "McGonagall's making him teach me how to ride a broom."

"What? Why? Why can't Harry teach you?" Ron exclaimed, his face turning a slight shade of red. "Yeah, why can't I?" Harry asked.

"Harry, she's assigning you to another task. You'd have no time to teach me. And Draco is my fellow Head member. Supposedly it's a part of his responsibility that I learn because we have to greet all the participating members of the annual quidditch match."

"Merlin, the world has gone mad!" Ron fumed, his face now a deep shade.

"I know. But I can handle him. Now let's head to Charms." Hermione said exasperatedly.

"Granger." A voice drawled. She looked up from her conversation with her two friends. There stood Draco waiting for her, his arms crossed.

"What do you want Malfoy?" Hermione muttered. She could feel the cold glares Harry and Ron were shooting at him.

"Potter, Weasley. You two should be heading to your classes. I have to speak with Granger on private Head matters, if you don't mind." He said nonchalantly. Instead of leaving, they came in front of Hermione, blocking her from Draco's view. "We're not leaving her with you, ferret."

A look of anger flashed across his face. "10 points from Gryffindor."

"What the hell, Malfoy? You can't just take points off!" Ron yelled, looking quite pissed.

"I can take off more if you'd like. Just be lucky I only took off 10 for arguing against a Head and insulting me as well. Now go to class."

Right before, Ron lunged himself at Draco, Hermion placed a comforting hand on his shoulder to calm him down. "It's okay guys. Really. I'll meet you guys in charms. I told you I'll be able to handle him." Hermione said quietly, giving them a slight push towards the stairs. They continued to eye Draco coldly as they walked away, grumbling.

"Well Granger. McGonagall gave us a pass from all our classes today and for the rest of the week so I can start teaching you how to ride a broom." He smirked. Draco was in fact pleased to do this task; after all what student didn't want to get out class.

"But we'll miss all the notes!" He rolled his eyes. Except Granger of course. How typical of the bookworm.

"Just hurry up and follow me to the field. Grab a broom from the storage room on your way." He ordered.

Just avada me now. She thought miserably.

"Place your broom on the ground on your ride side. Hold out your right hand and command it to come up." He instructed. "Like this. Up!" The broom flew up into his right hand with ease.

She gave it a try. "Up." Hermione's broom didn't move at all. She wanted to hex the damn broom as Draco smirked in triumph.

"What am I doing wrong? Why won't it come up?" She demanded.

"You have to will for it to come up. Say it like you mean for it to." Draco said, as if the whole thing were obvious. His face lit up. "Finally! Something I know that the know-it-all doesn't!"

She rolled her eyes, holding out her hand over her broom with sudden determination to show Malfoy that she was able to do it. "Up!" The broom flew into her hand just like Draco's had. His eyes widened in shock as she held it proudly in her hand.

"Hm, that was pretty easy when you put it that way." Hermione beamed.

"Well, seems like you got that down." He muttered, feeling a bit down, now that she was able to do it. "Now, mount your broom by swinging your right leg over it and sit on it, holding it with both hands." He demonstrated. Hermione followed, feeling a pang of nervousness when she got on her broom. It began to tremble and she was beginning to feel a bit uneasy. Draco's, on the other hand, was as calm as ever.

"Dammit Granger, you make it shake like that and you'll never get anywhere." He smirked, amused over the fact that her broom was scaring her to no end.

"It won't stop!" She exclaimed, her voice now trembling as well.

"Well if you clutch it like that of course it won't. You're practically about to break it with that grip. Ease up. Straighten your back." She did as she was told and the broom steadied. The look of unease still didn't leave her eyes.

"Now gently lift your legs off the ground and hover." He lifted his legs and began to hover, circling around her. Hermione struggled to get her legs up, reluctant in releasing them from the safe ground. Maybe if I faint right here, I won't have to fly. Or end up in the hospital from falling from way up in the sky. She gulped just from the thought of her crashing down. Malfoy, next to her, huffed in annoyance.

"Oh do hurry up, I haven't got all day." Draco snapped. She gulped once again, squeezing her eyes shut as she cautiously lifted her legs slightly off the ground. Nothing happened, except for the fact that she was hovering just like Malfoy was. She heard him clap. "I applaud you for making it this far, really, I do." He drawled. "About time we got to the real fun." She planted her feet right back on the ground. "You call this fun? This is absolutely terrifying!"

"And that's why you can't fly. You're too afraid." He taunted, lifting the head of his broom flying up, high above her. He took his hands off the handle to motion for her to come.

"Now you're just showing off." She muttered. He laughed loudly. "Oh I'm just getting started. And I can show off, pretty good at it too." He said, descending next to her.

"You're a conceited little git."

He yawned. "Granger, you're hurting my feelings. No stop." He said in a monotone, clearly bored with the insult she threw at him. "Can we move on with this? It's nearly lunch time and I'm starving." Taking a deep breath, she lifted her feet off the ground once again, hovering slightly above the ground.

"You lift the head of the broom slightly upwards and just lean forward. That way, the broom knows you want to move."

"The broom can feel what I want?"

"Yeah, it's not stupid like you are on this matter." He snorted, already high the air. She opened her mouth to retort but shut it, figuring it would do her no good. Carefully, she lifted the head up, clutching the handle and leaned forward like Draco said. It began to move up, steadily and slowly. Hermione wanted to scream but her voice failed her. She continued to ride up with her eyes shut until she felt someone poke her shoulder.

"Ah!" She screamed, the broom stumbling in the air.

"Relax Granger!" He gripped her broom to stop it from knocking her off. She whimpered, tears leaking from her eyes from shock and fear. He stared at her in amazement. She was actually scared of this whole thing. I never thought I'd see the day of seeing Hermione Granger, Head Gryffindor lioness, who fought against Voldemort and death eaters face-to-face, cry because she was afraid of riding a broom. Hermione gripped his hand, her knuckles turning white.

"Don't let go." He said, calmly. Hermione nodded vigorously. He guided both of their brooms down, slowly. When her feet touched the ground, she wobbled off her broom and fell to the ground, loving the feeling of it underneath her. Draco exhaled loudly to let her be aware of his presence. She sniffed before looking at him. He was extending her hand towards her, looking in the opposite direction. It was embarassing enough that she was crying. Swallowing her pride, Hermione took it hesitantly and he helped her up on her feet. Taking both of their brooms, he headed back to the castle, still not looking at her. She followed him inside without a word.

"We'll start again tomorrow." He said, putting their brooms back in cupboard. She nodded.

"Thank you." She called out after him. He continued walking away as if he hadn't heard her at all.