Sexual Healing

Created by Lori


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Chapter 1

I'm 28 and I'm a Domme. My name is Isabella and I grew up next door to an extremely sexy man who seduced my mom and talked her into being his submissive. He moved us out of Forks when I was 15. When I turned 18, he showed me all of the ins and outs of the D/s life. He said I was too sexy and my personality wouldn't allow for me to submit for long. He only ever let me call him Master. As my master, he trained me in more than sex. He taught me how to be self sufficient.

Four years ago, after I finished college as a nurse and graduated my Dom training, my grandmother died and left me a great deal of money. I don't have to work if I don't want to. So, I'm reputed to be the kindest Mistress on the west coast. I'm just a Dom who doesn't abuse her subs/ slaves. I have this thing about not wanting to wait for my pleasure… I will if I have to but if you abuse your sub; you have to wait for them to heal. Sometimes it's worth the wait…I hope this lead pans out, but I'll have to be patient and gentle and kind. I can indulge my kinky side…just not 'til later.

The couple standing at my door is so normal…They are sweet people who shouldn't know about my lifestyle, though I try never to hide it. I've just moved back to Forks and most of the townies remember that I'm an ex-nurse and a bit of a hard-ass. I wonder what these lovely people could want from me…I guess I'll be finding out soon enough. I touch up my makeup and adjust my black corset. My jeans are skin tight but I can still breathe. I've never been the 'Stiletto' type so I slide on a strappy sandal with a kitten heel and go to answer the door.

"Good morning, Mr. and Mrs. Cullen, what can I do for you?" I ask professionally as lead them into my living-room. I sit on my overstuffed chair and motion for them to take the sofa.

The lovely woman, Esme, is too upset to talk. Tears are streaming down her cheeks. Her caramel hair falls to her shoulders in soft waves. Her hot hubby answers. "Thank you for seeing us. It's our son… He has a problem…We've researched this and we believe that he needs you…"

"Your son… needs…me…? For what, exactly?" I inquire.

"Well, I'm sorry…I don't really know how to address you…anymore." says the beautiful blonde man.

"Miss Bella is fine…or just Bella, seeing as I used to baby-sit for the boys." I say with a smile.

He nods and continues. "Miss Bella, we first found out that our oldest son, Edward, is a submissive after he brought his Dom home for Christmas break last year…"

"He's been trained, then?" I muse.

"Yes, he apparently became involved with this man about a year and a half ago. We thought he was gay and we were fine with that but when he showed up last Christmas, the man…over the course of a week, we caught them several times in scenarios that were quite humiliating for him and us. It's one thing to be told that your son is gay and submissive, but a completely different thing to witness it… first hand."

"A good Dom wouldn't have put him or your family through that…" I say with a shocked growl.

Mr. Cullen nods and nervously looks at the floor. "Anyway, Edward informed us about the way most of the Dom/sub stuff works. He told us that he's bi-sexual and enjoys his current life. That's all that matters to us…I want you to know that. The point is…his summer break started the other day; he was shaking when he got to our door and he had scars on his arms and legs. I insisted that he show me his back and it's fairly horrendous…He has a few gashes and they look pretty bad. I don't know much about this stuff but I'm pretty sure that he was abused, Miss Bella."

I straighten up in my seat, outraged. "Do you have pictures of his wounds? Do you have a statement from him?" Those items would help me ostracize his former Dom from the community if that was necessary. "Summer break…He's in college? That's right he's 19 and Emmett should be 16."

Esme nods. "We didn't know to take pictures…He doesn't want to talk about whatever happened, so there's no statement either. Miss Bella, our research indicates that in the path you travel…you are revered for your kind dominance. I think that's the kind of healing Edward needs! I know you've had medical training…Please, Bella, help him? We beg you!"

I sigh heavily. "Does he know you were coming to see me? Or that you were looking into any kind of help for him?"

"Yes, I told him before we left the house, but we didn't tell him it was you. He was lying in bed curled up on his side in the fetal position. We didn't know what else to do or say… so we just came here." Mr. Cullen's expression of distress tells me he's never felt truly helpless before.

I nod and say, "Yes…I will meet with him…especially if he's in this bad of shape. I'll make up my mind after I inspect him. I'll meet you at your home." I grab a blazer and we get into our cars. Theirs is a black Mercedes. Mine is a red Ferrari. I pull up in front of their house and they lead me into the living-room.

"I'll go see if he'll come down…" Esme says softly.

"No." I say decisively. "I'm sorry, Mrs.-Esme. I don't mean to tell you how to… Well, what I'm saying is…He may be your son, but he's a submissive. Subs need someone to take charge. I need you to tell him…firmly…that a local Dom is here to speak with him…and that he's expected in the living-room in 5 minutes or less. That's all. Do you understand?"

Her voice shakes as she says, "Yes, Miss Bella."

Four minutes and 38 seconds later…I'm sitting on the couch looking at my watch. A beautiful head of bronze hair with green eyes peeks into the room. I wait to see what he will do. Will he cringe from me even across the room? Will he do as he's been trained? As an unattached sub he should approach me with his eyes to the floor and stand to my right with his hands clasped behind his lower back. Will he recognize that it's me?

I focus on his face. His expression is strained. His downcast eyes are wide and unsure, brimming with tears that he won't let fall. His shirt is unbuttoned and hanging loose. His abs are gorgeous. He stands on my right with his hands clasped. He is close to me but not close enough.

I stand in front of him. "It's nice to see you again, Edward …Do you remember me? I used to be your babysitter…"

He looks up at my face and then back at the floor. "Yes, ma'am … you do look familiar."

I frown. "I'm here to assess the damage that was done to you. Please, don't be afraid. I just want to help… Since I'm here not as a Dom, but as a concerned member of the 'special community' that we both belong to, you may look at me and answer questions freely. Do you understand?"

He nods. "Yes, Miss…Isabe-."

"Miss Bella." I say. "Are you ok, Edward?"

He nods timidly.

"Tell me if I go too far. You know the red-yellow-green safe-word system?" I wait for acknowledgement. He nods, so I continue, "That will work for this as well. Please remove your shirt. I need to see what was done to you. Are you ok with that, Edward?"

He nods and whispers, "Yes…G-green…" He sits straddling a high back chair and allows the shirt to drop to the floor. Angry red marks and other scars criss-cross his back. His arms and shoulders also look disturbing.

I have to blink away a tear as I brush some of them with a finger. "I'd like you to lower your jeans, now. Are you ok with that?"

"Green…" I hear as he bows his head and stands. He unbuttons his jeans and slowly lowers them to his ankles.

I touch one particularly severe scar. "This is from the metal tipped whip?" He doesn't even have to look; he just nods. A deep long cut across his hip calls my attention next. "This is from a strap?"

He nods. "A harness strap… He just went too tight that's all…" His voice sounds muffled.

"…And this one?" I ask stiffly.

"A long braided bull whip…" He says in a trembling whisper.

"Pull up your pants but don't fasten them yet. I need to see your chest now." I say getting angrier with each passing moment.

He does as directed. Above one nipple there is a gash.

I look at his face as I lightly press on it.

He flinches and tries to suppress a whimper.

I fight back a snarl. Leaning in close to his ear I whisper to him. "He cut you… didn't he?"

Edward's lip trembles and tears roll down his cheeks. My heart breaks as I see him nod.

That's all I need to see and hear…I am decided…I will heal him and then perhaps he will learn what a good Dom/sub relationship could be. My back straightens as I go into Dom mode. "Alright, cover up, Edward. I'm sure you don't want to show your parents this side of our lifestyle…You may stay in the chair or sit next to me, Edward." I wait for him to be fully dressed before calling his parents in. "Mr. and Mrs. Cullen …Would you please join us?"

"Have you decided, Miss Bella?" Edward's father asks as they walk in.

Edward cowers next to me. He already seems to trust me… That's a good sign.

I nod curtly and place my hand on Edward's thigh. "He has definitely been abused. I'll do what I can to see his former master ostracized by the community for this. We'll also see to it that new subs in his area are warned about his ways. Now, he seems comfortable with me, so I'll personally oversee his healing. He seems to be afraid of something here. Do you have any idea what that could be?"

Mrs. Cullen speaks up. "Our other son Emmett has a few friends that tease and bully him even though they are younger… They're supposed to be coming over… My husband told him that earlier. He might be…"

I focus on Edward's face as his mother is talking.

His eyes are wide and he begins to shake again …not good.

I suddenly feel more protective of him. "I think it would be best to get him out of here…for the time being. He'll stay at my home. I have no subs at present." I sigh. "I will make five promises to this family. First, I will heal Edward's body. Second, I will try to heal the invisible wounds as well. Third, if he wants to go back to being a sub, it will be with me or the next gentlest master or mistress… probably one that I have trained… but he will have his choice. Fourth, you will be able to see each other whenever he chooses. I'll drive him anywhere to meet with you, at any time, until he is healed, at which time he will choose. Sub or free. Fifth, I'll not push one way or the other and, once his decision is made known, I will not attempt to persuade him otherwise. I ask that you make that fifth promise to him as well. Agreed?"

His parents nod. I look at the poor sweet boy next to me. "Yes, Miss Bella."

A car pulls up the drive. His eyes squeeze shut.

I snap my fingers next to his ear to get his attention. "Do they know that you're submissive?"

He nods almost frantically and looks around. "Mmmmhmmm…"

I frown and with my forceful 'Dom voice' I say, "Then as far as they know you are my sub. Do you understand? You belong to me, and I will protect you."

He replies, "O-okay."

"Then act the part." I order. He instantly kneels at my right knee. We wait.

"Hey, Mom and Dad…Who's Ferrari is that out-?" A large football player type stops short as he sees me. His eyes widen. "Well, hello, hotness, who are you?" His friends' mouths are hanging open.

*Thank you for that opening.* I grin and run my fingers through Edward's hair. "Hello, Emmett. I'm the owner of that Ferrari you and your friends have been admiring. I am Miss Bella. Don't you remember me, Emmy? I used to be your babysitter… Now, I'm your brother's new mistress. He belongs to me." I turn to their parents. "Remember what I said. Call him once in a while and I'll allow him to call you as well. We should be going. Edward, follow." I stand and walk past Emmett and his friends. As I reach the front door, I turn to make sure Edward is still following.

He's not.

I go back to the hallway. He's been pushed to the wall by a member of his brother's group.

I move quietly to the boy's side. He has Edward's ass under his hand.

I am quickly becoming livid. I sink my sharp nails into the boy's wrist and twist his arm so he's helpless. "Edward, you are not at fault for your delay at the door. You'll not be punished. Go to the door now. I'll deal with the sexual deviant."

He nods quickly and obeys.

I lean in close to the boy's ear and whisper, "You're getting lesson one for free, child. If you, or any of the others here, EVER touch my sub again, I'll have you in my playroom for punishment so fast that nobody would be able to stop me. If you piss me off I can be very unpleasant in and out of said playroom. Understood?"

Carlisle and Esme seem hopeful as they see me defend their son.

The boy nods.

"Your name?" I ask with menace.


"Remember my warning, Jacob…" I say as I release his arm. I turn on my heel and walk to the front door. Edward is kneeling to my right. "Good boy, Edward. Stand. This is the key to the Ferrari. You can drive."

He looks up as if its Christmas morning. "Really?"

I nod as I stroke his face. He opens the door for me and then walks quickly around to the driver's side. As he starts the car I begin to talk to him, to sooth him. "Edward, you handled that wonderfully. I'm very proud of you. I'll have your mom bring you a change of clothes tomorrow, but tonight we start the healing. Turn left at the next block. I have a medical setup in my basement that I use for my subs. That's where I'll take you first. Just so you know, I'm not just a Dom. It's the last house on the right. I was a nurse for a while. So I know how to make stitches and take care of wounds… About four years ago I received an inheritance and was able to stop working and just enjoy my sex life. If I'm going to heal you, I need you to try to trust me, Edward…Can you do that, Sweets? Look at me and answer truthfully."

He pulls into the driveway and takes a deep breath. His eyes meet mine as he says clearly, "Yes, Miss Bella…I'll try to trust you." He hands me the keys.

I take his hand in mine and lead him into the house. I show him the door that leads down to the basement. "You look nervous, honey… Don't be. First thing is first. Edward, I promise you, we will not be sexual until you choose. Now, I had a decorator in to fix the basement up recently. Half of it is storage and the other half is a medical station and sort of a hang out for me and any friends who visit. The medical section is sterile, so you'll stay there for the first 24 hours. After that, I'll put you in a bedroom on the first floor. Ok?"

His gaze stays on the floor as he says, "Yes, Miss Bella."

I point to the hospital bed. "I'll need to see all of the wounds now, Edward. So, remove your clothing and lay there on your stomach."

He keeps his eyes on me as his shirt comes off.

I stand facing him… watching him slide his jeans off.

He folds his clothing and places it neatly on the desk beside him. Edward lies down on his stomach as instructed.

I look over his back, ass and thighs. "It's too late for these cuts to be stitched. They have already begun to heal. I'll put some pain relieving antibiotic ointment on them with a loose bandage… but first… I'm going to take pictures of you. We need proof that you were abused." I take out my camera and snap a photo of his whole body from the back and a few individual shots of the worst wounds. I grab the needed items and begin to apply them. "Turn over, Edward… I need to see the front." I take a picture of his whole front and an individual shot of the one above his nipple. "Edward, why didn't you report this? Why were these wounds not taken care of?"

He took a breath. "I used my safe-word when he cut me and once I was free from the bindings, I grabbed my things and ran from his house. I had my own place. So, I have a friend packing my stuff and shipping it to me. I came straight from Master James' to the front door of my parents' home and didn't want to stop anywhere on the way."

"Are there any wounds I haven't seen yet?" I ask gently.

He blushes. "James liked to shave my balls and bush area…"

I move his manhood slightly to one side and see another cut. This one isn't too bad, but I take the picture anyway and then begin to dress his wounds.

1 month later…It has been a week since his wounds fully healed and I told him he had a week to decide if he still wanted to be a sub. I can't wait to see his decision. He may decide to still be a sub but want a male master. I'll be disappointed but it's up to him. *I want him to want me, damn it. * I told him that we would be having dinner with his parents and brother. I didn't tell him that two friends of mine would be joining us for dessert.

When he comes out to meet with his family and me, he has four clear signals. If his answer is no more subbing, he will be fully clothed. If his answer is yes, he will be wearing only the shorts I gave him this morning. If he kneels at my feet he's mine. If he sits in the chair I'll have to set him up with someone else.

There's a knock at the door. I answer it and allow Edward's parents into my home, followed closely by his brother. "Edward will be in at any moment." I say. "Before dinner starts, I'd like to fill you in on the plan for the night. I gave him four signals to tell us what he wants. If he has chosen freedom, he will come out of his room fully dressed. However, if he has decided to be a sub, he will be dressed only in shorts."

His parents nod slowly. His brother looks uncomfortable.

I go on. "If he wants someone other than me to be his Dom, he will sit in the chair next to me, but if he wants to be mine…he will kneel at my side. Do you understand the signals?"

They all nod with worried looks on their faces.

"There is to be no speaking until he has made his choices known. As per our agreement, I will not try to talk him into or out of anything…" I look into each of their eyes. "…And neither will you… Am I understood?"

They all share glances and then look at me. "Agreed." Mr. Carlisle Cullen speaks for the family.

I take a calming breath and go to Edward's door. I knock and tell him that his family is here, and then sit in my favorite chair.

After a few more minutes, the door to his room opens. His beautiful body is only covered by the shorts.

I smirk.

He's now going to say whether he wants me or another Dom. He walks over to his parents. He kisses each one on the cheek then looks his brother in the eye, shaking his hand. I hold my breath as he turns to face me and sinks to his knees.

I grin. **YES! Edward is MINE!** I put all of my feelings aside and focus on his face.

The boy knows his protocol. He looks me in the eye and says, "Miss Bella, I choose to be your sub… If you'll have me…?" He then looks down at the floor.

Taking a deep breath, I comb through his hair and make a light fist. I pull his head up to my face and cover his mouth with my own. I keep it light… this ritual for beginning our D/s relationship is rarely witnessed by outsiders because they might not react well. The Cullens look at each other as I end the kiss. "Good job on the protocol, Edward. As you know, being my sub, when I have get togethers like this, you will serve. Let's show them to the dining-room, shall we?"

"Yes, Mistress… This way." He says as I smile proudly.

I look at his parents. "The only evidence of his being submissive that anyone will ever witness is the 'Mistress' thing. You see…it pleases me that people who hear him say it know he is mine. The public will never see him in the sexual acts. I don't approve of humiliation. Oh…and I don't share my subs with other Doms so unless he requests it, he'll be perfectly safe with me. I promise."

The dining-room table is set and Edward has the first course laid out for us. "Mistress, why are there two extra settings?"

"I forgot to tell you, I invited two of my friends for dessert. One is a Dom and the other is her sub. You may remember him. He was only a year older than you and she went to school with me. Jasper… and Alice?" I smile.

He gasps. "My childhood best friend…Jasper?"

I grin. "Yes, Edward, does that surprise you?"

"Yes, Mistress, he always spoke and acted like he'd be the one in charge of any relationship he got into. He never followed any rules and always flouted authority." He says shocked.

"I happen to know the story behind them, if you ask nicely later I'm sure Alice would allow him to tell you." I say before turning to our guests. "The Whitlocks don't publicize their lifestyle choice. They know you all and they know that you will be here but please keep this in the strictest of confidence. Emmett, you especially… Do you understand?"

The Cullen's all nod, but Emmett says, "Yes, Miss Bella."