LIST UPDATED March 13 2011

Hello Hello!

I'm catskid100 and MAN, do I have a challenge for you!

So since you have clicked on this fanfiction, I'll tell you now, if you are a writer with a good sense of humor and are willing to type new things, this is the challenge for you!

It's called the crack pairing challenge!

I have made with my friend; a list of unusual, disturbing, and even downright weird pairings that would probably never show up in the fandom of APH. (At least I hope not…)

Now, here's the deal! Everyone gets involved! If you're a new writer, or a veteran, I would like you to get into this because it'll be lots of fun, I promise! Take a look at the list below. We have 200+ slots with 200+ different pairings. All you have to do if pick one to write about! (That slot will be yours and WILL NOT BE TAKEN BY ANYONE ELSE)

The list will be frequently updated, until all the spots are filled. Now, when you have your pairing, you are required to write a story about them. Preferably a one-shot. It must be over 200 words, no less. Make them as serious or as stupid as you like, but please keep the pairing in mind.

If you want, you can post the file as a separate fanfiction but in the title please include Crack pairing challenge (CPC) before or after the title of the fic, or even in the description.

The preferred method would be to send via PM (or in a direct e-mail, no file attechments) and I post it as a new chapter on this fanfic. (description for what to include in your story are in the second update) my email is (with spaces) myworldofanime12 *at sign* aol . com

please review to tell me which pairing you have chosen so I can fill that slot with your name! And I recommend choosing a pairing at random; it's more fun that way! Ok! If you get the deal

let's get started!


France x China- Hannaadi88

Romano x Norway- Grace Raven

Germany x Turkey- marmoki

England x Finland- SonChin

Ukraine x Seychelles- yolapeoples

Sweden x Spain- ninja-freak13

Hong Kong x Belarus- LolliDictaor

Italy x Latvia- MizuTwilight

Lithuania x Sealand- Akky-chan

America x Egypt- DeepBlueInk

Denmark x Prussia- LeriaCossato

Greece x Taiwan- Panda-Adrilyne

Japan x Iceland- .Rainbows

Egypt x Iceland- LithiumKiss

Russia x Korea- LOLzlover

Hungary x Liechtenstein- shellfishomg

Cuba x Belgium- shego219

Austria x Estonia- Dawn of Winter

Switzerland x Hong Kong- lodyopower

Holland x Belarus- hoshi-myuu

Romano x Finland- Sharpest Spade

France x Egypt- moronic-muffin

Austria X Ancient Greece (LOL WUT?)- RedSnowFalls

Lithuania x Japan- Lyrica Storm Wagner

Norway x Poland- Pinkblackwhite

Canada x Taiwan- Lita Takanashi

France x Germany- tocool456

Germany x Hungary- MedicalNonsense

Spain x Sealand- D.G Ling

Japan x Hungary- Prosecutie

Prussia x Hong Kong- Peridot Tears

Romano x Iceland- Tallisa of Swallow's Crest

Spain x Finland- Kagami-tan

Belgium x Taiwan- FrogsInTheBathtub

Ukraine x Belgium- WOKgeotobi

Norway x Latvia- Elena Hitachiin

Korea x Switzerland- Jackidy

Denmark x Liechtenstein- TinyFlame4

America x Latvia- BulzelMaster

England x Taiwan- Redsnowfalls

China x Canada- Bananaz4ever

Spain x Poland- Nima Loves You

France x Estonia- Sandshinobi00

Greece x Hong Kong- Kitty29

Germany x Greece- Cona

Estonia x China- GothicGal8541

America x Iceland- lolipopmilk18

Russia x Liechtenstein- lolipopmilk18

Switzerland x Hungary- elepaio

Korea x Latvia- Jazi Tsukiyo

Sweden x America- AikoujOi

Cuba x Liechtenstein- Prosecutie

Hong Kong x Hungary- ' b l u e y 3 0 6 '

Switzerland x Finland- justinewhitlock4eva

Turkey x Hungary- shego219

Russia x Switzerland- Jackidy

Egypt x Latvia- Puddinglol

Greece x Lithuania- BlackBunny15

England x Ukraine- openedlocket

Russia x Japan- Hetalia-Emeralds

Poland x Seychelles- gingerOHHsnap

Korea x Belarus- Elena Hitachiin

Canada x Belarus- gingerOHHsnap

England x Switzerland- elepaio

Greece x Sealand- Domomomo

Austria x Korea- Corvyie

Sweden x Taiwan- Tanoshimi

Spain x Canada- Monocromica Violist

Lithuania x Hungary- Shego219

Germany x Estonia- xKuryux

China x Liechtenstein- purplekitsune-chan

Greece x Finland- Ruusu

Turkey x England- Fluffycakes

Poland x Belarus- Joji-chan

Korea x Egypt- animekraze

France x Latvia- Nima Loves You

Spain x Japan- Chalupakabra

Switzerland x Seychelles-Kereneko

Prussia x Sweden- EngleMegane

Greece x Ukraine- Shego219

Lithuania x Norway- Kereneko

Korea x Hungary- Lunarshade

Russia x Romano- Silver and Gray

Russia x Seychelles- gingerOHHsnap

Switzerland x Poland- LeriaCossato

Germany x Canada- Nima Loves You

America x Sealand- ntotheizzo

Turkey x Hungary- Lunarshade

Germany x Latvia- S. I. R. E. Ruby-san

Prussia x China- Silver and Gray

Cuba x Turkey

Italy x Belgium

Cuba x Italy

China x Ukraine- Kereneko

Sweden x Korea- LithiumKiss

Japan x Seychelles- brunettebookworm14

France x Prussia- Sandshinobi00

Austria x Poland- ai-08

America x Estonia- master of toast

Prussia x England- Minosuke Ichigo

Spain x Taiwan- Tanoshimi

Russia x Hungary- Silver and Gray

Finland x Taiwan- purplecatgirl

Cuba x Finland

Italy x Sealand- soundofmelodies

America x Denmark- Minosuke Ichigo

Egypt x Hungary- AnimeFallingStar

Prussia x Korea- hootloop12

Belarus x Sealand- Esso

Lithuania x Ukraine- gingerOHHsnap

Cuba x Japan

England x Italy- Bananaz4ever

Prussia x Lithuania- Satiah

Norway x Hong Kong- Snowy Cherry-san

America x Italy- Ichi Hime-Sama

France x Iceland- bandgeek9

China x Norway- oboete imasu ka

America x Taiwan- ArisaLyeanna

Turkey x England- CynicalRainbow

Germany x Seychelles- cranberrieraven

Italy x Latvia- OMGYES

Greece x Taiwan- Starlight Amethyst

Russia x England (this is real right? Idc, it's weird.)- LithiumKiss

Egypt x Belarus- She Who Has no -pen-name

China x Iceland- oboete imasu ka

Japan x Finland- EmilyXXsasu

Germany x England- Ever Essence

Denmark x Ukraine- OnceAgainItNeverHappened

Austria x Canada- PrussianAwesomeness

Lithuania x Hungary

Greece x Switzerland

Greece x Hungary- Alice Esther

Turkey x China- Arugala

Germany x Korea

America x Switzerland- InsigniaAmetrine

Austria x Taiwan

Norway x Liechetenstein- France's Courtesans

Denmark x Italy

Austria x England- darandomninja

France x Switzerland- InsigniaAmetrine

Iceland x Ukraine

Greece x Estonia

Poland x Belarus

Spain x China

Sweden x Taiwan

Germany x Canada- Nekoi Hiokans

Denmark x England- ChickenHax

China x China (lawlwut?)- Mr. Sora Majiggers

Canada x Hungary

Russia x Hong Kong- mangolemonade

Estonia x Seychelles

Sealand x Liechtenstein

America x Romano- Sakurablossom64

Hungary x Seychelles

Austria x Norway- EmeleThaine

Egypt x Japan- MiNikMali

Korea x Poland- Orsenna

Lithuania x Hong Kong

Greece x America

Hungary x Ukraine- L. Hawk

Turkey x Belarus- StreamShower

Canada x Latvia- DreamALltHopeALlt

Romano x China- TealKelica

Sweden x France- Talentless Freak

Austria x China- a city that burn

England x Estonia

Spain x Korea- saltwater songs

Poland x Liechtenstein

Russia x Taiwan- musicalmeryn

Rome x Sweden (XD)

Belarus x Seychelles- la belletrist

Germany x Hong Kong- OrangePlum

Cuba x Norway

Prussia x China- LolliDictator

Estonia x Norway

Japan x Canada- xxxninjayaoifreakxxx

Germany x Lithuania- Pit-Trap

China x Liechtenstein

Poland x Hong Kong- ZAFO

America x Finland- A Girl Called Fabian

Austrailia x Canada- ShinobiGirl

Romano x Liechtenstein- ArisaLyeanna

Denmark x China- Omi-Chan-Meko

England x Iceland

France x Japan- Hearthem

Prussia x America- Mt749

Finland x Hong Kong

Norway x Canada

Sweden x Spain- NataliaArlovskaya

Russia x Hungary

Finland x Belarus- NataliaArlovskaya

Germany x America- Triangular Prism

Korea x Seychelles

France x Greece

Germania x Cuba- The Duchess of Cheese

England x Switzerland

Sweden x Austria- Avoocado

Poland x Belgium

Estonia x Romano

America x Liechtenstein- Black Family Scribe

Germany x Korea

Norway x Italy- Kawaii Bishyness

Turkey x China

Greece x Latvia

Estonia x Switzerland

Greece x America

Russia x Romano

Cuba x Japan

Australia x Iceland- Frozenbreath

England x Lithuania- CookiesForTheNeko

Lithuania x Japan- YtterBium

America x Austria- Super4bidden (ILY! ^O^)

Poland x Canada- CynicalRainbow

England x Ukraine

Russia x Belgium- Mitsuki Horenake

Germany x Holland

Estonia x Japan- MyFearOfFalling

Here is a quick recap on what to do (READ THEM! NAO!)


-When the pairing slot is filled, your name CAN NOT be placed under that slot. If you wish to use that pairing, you must pick another and use your original choice as an extra pairing in either your one shot, or separate multi-chapter story. The second pairing you picked will be the one you are placed under.

- Please refrain from suggesting pairing with characters such as India, Mongolia, ect. I take suggestions, but only ones that are official (I count characters such as Vietnam and Australia official) Hetalia characters

-The story may be as long as you want. It must be over 200 words. No less.

-There is NO limit on the rating.

-TAKE AS LONG AS YOU LIKE. Just get it in before I die.

-Do not choose more than three pairings to use separately. (There is no pairing limit if they are all in the same story.) Two would be the preferred amount, but three is allowed.

-When a story is put up, it would be nice to write reviews so that the authors of the stories know how people like them.

-Sometimes the list may not be up to date (such as I can't get to a computer, or I get a lot of requests at a time and can't update in time) you may want to check the reviews to see if the pairing you want is taken or not.

-Please ask for you pairings!

-Do not be afraid to PM me with any questions or suggestions. I will get back to you as soon as I can.

-Have fun with it!


Now here is the new list with more pairings and updated slots. If you do not see your name under a requested slot, the reason is because someone got a request in before you did. Feel free to review to receive another slot.

-catskid100 (P.S- I'm also typing one!)