(+This is the sequel to my very first story Deal With The Devil. Now a few things are written here might contradict what happened in the first story but it has to happen. I hope you all enjoy Devils Due+)

(Chapter 1)

"AHHHHHHHHHHH" Kurumu screamed as she sat upright in her bed. Sweat dripped down her face her breath came out in short gasps. She put a hand over her face and cursed.

"Why won't they stop?" She asked herself

Although it had been a year since what had happened and yet Kurumu still had nightmares.

Horrible and dark nightmares from the memories in which Ren Takamine the devil had appeared and offered Kurumu her hearts desire; to be with Tsukune.

But his offer had nearly cost her and Tsukunes lives, and the lives of their friends and Kurumu and Tsukunes daughter from an alternant timeline.

Kurumu and Ren had battled each other in what had been the greatest battle of her life. In the end she had defeated the lord of hell and returned the world to normal.

But still she was plagued by nightmares where she was alone in a dark horrible world with dead trees and hideous black crows with four glowing red eyes cawed. She could hear Rens evil laughter. His dry cackling was filled the air. And then his words; they were like that of a knives and moved swiftly and smoothly through her ears.

"I will come back for you Succubus. And I will take you all to hell."

"NOOO STOP IT." Kurumu shouted as she got out of her bed and went to her bathroom. She turned on the faucet and splashed cold water onto her face.

She stared at herself in the mirror. Sometimes she wished the Chairman had erased her memories of that horrible experience as he had done with Tsukune and the others. But then again there were other times when she was glad she had kept those memories. Beneath her pillow Kurumu had kept a photo of her, Tsukune, and their daughter Kumiyo. The Chairman had given her that picture and whenever she had doubts of her and Tsukune ever being together she would look at it and it would give her faith again.

Kurumu sighed. "Ren is gone Ren is gone. The dreams mean nothing." She told herself as she turned off the water and light and went back to bed. She rested her head on the pillow and then she felt herself slowly drifting off to sleep.

Soon she had returned to the realm of dreams.

"Good Morning, Tsukune!"

A cute pink-haired girl dressed in the uniform of the school called out to the dark haired boy ahead of her. He turned around and waved "good morning to you too Moka." He said with a smile on his face. Moka walked over to him and gazed at him with her bright green eyes.

"Is there something that Moka-san needs?" Tsukune asked in a polite tone.

Moka turned her face to the ground as she spoke quietly.

"well…you see I woke up late this morning and was not able to get breakfast. So I was wondering if Tsukune would let me-"

"STOP IT!" Yelled Kurumu; she crashed into Moka whom had been just inches away from Tsukunes neck.

"You were about to suck Tsukunes blood again, weren't you?" Kurumu demanded as she knocked Moka on the head. The pink haired vampire had guilty look on her face.

"I am sorry…its just I was so hungry and Tsukune smelled so good this morning." She said as an excuse.

Kurumu jumped onto Tsukune, his head going in between her breasts as she gave him her school renowned hug "I won't let her suck your blood, Tsukune." She said in a happy voice. "Kurumu could you possibly get off…" Tsukune pleaded, as he was very slowly being suffocated with the pressure of the breasts crushing him.

Kurumu remembered in the other world where the older version of Tsukune had fondled and licked Kurumu breasts. She felt herself growing hot at that memory but it was short lived when she felt Tsukune jerked away from her and she was suddenly turned to a block of ice.

"Tsukune…" Mizores soft icy voice said from behind Tsukune as the Snow girl held the poor boy to her. Her cold hands wrapped around him. She bent down and whispered into his ear. "How about we finish what we started in snow white fields after class?"

Tsukune paled and sweat dropped. "M…Mizore." He stammered.

Then Yukari's voice came into the fold. "Get away from Tsukune Desu." She cried as she waved her little wand. But instead of her usual golden basin the fell from the sky it was just a little dust pan. (+You know I have always wondered…where do those things come from…I mean does she have like a secret warehouse of this stuff or what+)

"oh darnit." The little Witch pouted. For the past several days now hers and Ruby's magic had been weird. Their spells had not been working properly and they seemed to backfire more and more.

Mizores hands turned to ice claws. "Yukariii." She hissed.

The small girl ran and hid behind Moka. "scary." She whimpered.

Kurumu then broke free of her ice prison. She watched the others and sighed. She was fine with this routine that went on every day and she had fun with Moka and the others everyday but…she did wish it could just be her and Tsukune.

And then a powerful yell filled the air "ONEE-SAMA."

Kokoa the younger red haired sister of Moka came running at them swinging her giant hammer.

This was just another typical day at Youkai Academy.

In class Mizore sat under her desk where there were some small amounts of shade. "By Kami it is hot today." Mizore said as she wiped small drops off of her face.

And she was right. The school due to the fact t was surrounded by a magical barrier allowed the Chairman to control what the temperature would be; which he normally kept at a dark and cloudy. But lately from what Ruby had told them the Chairman had been having difficulty controlling it. So for the past five days in had been boiling hot.

Tsukune, Moka, Kurumu, and Yukari nodded their heads in agreement.

"Yeah when is this heat going to end?" Kurumu complained.

"Ruby said that Chairman is doing all that he can to try and fix this problem." Yukari told her.

"I just hope that he does it soon." Moka said as she looked over at Tsukune with a thirsty look.

Nekome-sensei then entered the class room. Due to the extensive heat she was less then her usual perky and strange self. "Good morning class." She said as she fanned herself with a book. "Today we will be having a pop quiz."

The class groaned in response. No one was particularly interested in taking a pop quiz.

Nekome-sensei had a sad look on her face as she grabbed a pile of papers and began to pass them out. "I know that it is hot but we must not allow that to interfere with our work."

When all the papers were passed out everyone got out a pencil and started to work. That is except Kurumu.

She simply stared at the paper.

"Oh crap I have no idea what I am doing?" She thought in her mind.

While it was true the Succubus were renowned for their beauty they were not really considered the geniuses of the monster world.

Kurumu continued to just stare at her paper. "Oh please great Kami let something come up to get me out of this quiz."

Then suddenly the intercom came on and Ruby's voice filled the class. "Kurumu Kurono please report to the Chairman's immediately."

Kurumu eyes widened. "No way" She thought.

Nekome-sensei nodded to Kurumu. "Go on Kurumu you are excused from the quiz."

Kurumu stood up and headed for the door and while she did that she thought in her mind again "Thank you Kami…now please turn Yukari into a little frog." She took one last glance to see if that wish had come true but no such luck.

Kurumu left the class and then headed to the Chairman's office.

The administrative building that housed the Chairman's office was a huge gothic building with huge stone gargoyles that stood on roof and stared down at all that approached the building.

Kurumu walked through the double doors of the administrations office and looked around. It was a large building. In front of him there was large staircase that leads to upper floors of the building. There were stone pillars on both sides of her and doors that lead to other parts of the building.

Memories flashed of her and the monstrous true form of the devil. How the pillars and been turned to rubble and how she had taken the sword of Michael and had stabbed the devil through his black heart. He had then simply vanished after that.

Kurumu walked up the stairs and then headed down the hall to the Chairman's office. She opened the doors and she entered a large room which was occupied by the Chairmans personal secretary and another member of Tsukunes harem Ruby.

Ruby looked up from her paper work and smiled at her friend. "Hey Kurumu."

Kurumu smiled back at her friend. "Hey Ruby…what was I called down here for?"

Ruby shrugged. "I am not sure. All I know is that some strange man came here and demanded to see the chairman. And then the Chairman wanted you to come here."

Kurumu brow arched "strange man?"

"Yeah he looked like he was twenty-one…and he tried to grab my ass twice."

"He sounds like a person Gin would like." Kurumu said

Ruby nodded. Then she pointed to the Chairmans office. "The Chairman is ready to see you…oh and tell that pervert if he tries to grab my ass again I will tear his arms off."

Kurumu nodded "Will do" and she opened the doors and walked into the Chairman's dark office. Once the doors shut behind her Ruby muttered under her breath. "Because my ass is for Tsukune only."

The Chairmans office was the scariest place in the academy. He lived in creepy barely lit office. All around the room shelves lined the room. Each one filled with various objects ranging from skulls to medieval weaponry. It was also very cold in this place. It was like he diverted all AC in the school to make the place freezing.

Sitting there behind a cluttered desk was the Chairman, looking at her with an amused grin.

In front of the Chairman's desk there were two chairs. One of the chairs was empty but the other was occupied.

"Welcome Kurumu. We have been waiting for you." The Chairman said in his creepy voice.

Then the man in the other chair turned around and stared at Kurumu.

Kurumu stared back at the man. Ruby was right this man did look twenty-one but he had grey streaks on his short cut hair. He was also dressed in all black.

The man smirked at Kurumu. "Hello Succubus." He said in a low dry voice.

Kurumus eyes widened and she felt like her heart just stopped.

She knew that voice. She had heard it in her nightmares so many times.

"Ren." She said barely above a whisper

(+Stopping it there you shall all find out what happens in the next chapter of Devils Due+)