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When I woke up, I was surprised to see the whole gang in my room. Soda was by my side, Darry on the other. Johnny was in the middle with Two-bit on his left side and Dally on the right. They were sitting against the wall next to the door. Steve was leaning back on the door. How could they all be here? I mean, it's not that I don't want them all here, but how did the Doc let them?

"We sneaked in here Pony," Soda said answering my question. Guess he knew what I was thinking. I half smiled.

"Oh, ok. How ya'll doing?" I asked suddenly.

"Shouldn't we be asking you that?" Two-but grinned, he played around with my hair. I chuckled and slapped away his hand playfully. Wrong move. I felt a sharp pain in my chest and I quickly tried to regain my steady breathing. Darry looked at me concerned, "Pony, what's wrong?"

I grinned, "Guess I'm still hurting…I'm fine, as long as I don't do that again. Shit…That really hurt…"

When I looked up to see Two-bit, he paled, "Gosh Pony, I'm sorry…"

I shook my head wincing, "Is all alright. I'll get used to it."

Soda sighed, "Hey, um, I found out that Bob paid a little visit…"

My eyes went straight to Johnny's. He fidgeted with his jean jacket uncomfortably. I nodded.

"Don't be mad at Johnny Pony, I was just worried that something else might be wrong."

"I ain't mad at you Johnny, I'm just…I don't know. Bob just seemed…Really sad. I couldn't forgive him for doing this to me. I just.." I began to feel tears forming in my eyes. But I wouldn't allow them to come.

"It's ok Pony, it's ok…" Darry said.

"You want one?" Dally asked handing me one. I laughed, "Jeez Dally, you don't ever get tired of breaking the rules, don't ya?"

"Kid, you don't know me."

We all laughed. They stayed for the remaining time they could to stay with me. When the time came, they left me. I felt better in some way. I don't know how. I felt…Healed. I took a deep breathe and let it out slowly. I'm here and I'm alive…


I stood over my baby brother's grave. It was about 6 in the afternoon. Many memories rushed when I saw his name. Jimmy Marcus Sheldon. Yes, Marcus was his second name, but he didn't like it at all. So every time I called him Marcus, he would glare at me and punch me playfully. I laughed at the memory. So many memories to recall, but only memories. I laid a white rose on his grave and sighed. I was surrounded by many graves, young and old were dug in this place. And one of them was my baby brother, I still didn't believe that Jimmy was dead.

"Damn it Jimmy, why'd you have to go?" My voice shook. I quickly wiped away the tears forming in my eyes. But then I thought, yes he might be gone, but I still love him. I'll always love my brother. I remember when he won the football game. How proud I felt when he brought home that trophy. I couldn't stop smiling. Don't worry Jimmy, I won't make more mistakes…I won't…

Ok guys, I didn't know exactly how to end this chapter, maybe it did turn out crappy. But I had to end it now or never. Sorry, this is the end of the story, if you didn't like the ending, I'm SO SORRY! But if kept continuing, the story would be even more crappier. Thank you guys for all your reviews!