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Kinma sat alone in her room, She couldn't go outside.. For some reason, Sasori kept trying to kill her! She didn't even do anything wrong! ...Well, Not that wrong... Her eyes traveled to the arms piled in her closet under some clothes.

...Okay, Maybe she should've gave them back. "Yea.. Why do I still have those?" Kinma spoke weirded out by herself, She stood and looked to her door. "Either I can return them or throw them away.." She thought back on her last encounter with Sasori, He had arms back but he tried to attack her.

"Throw 'em away" Kinma said as she walked to her closet, She grabbed them and started out her door. She glanced around, If she hurried up she might not run into Sasori. Besides this time of day he's usually in his room.

She started to quietly but quickly walk through the halls, Suddenly she stopped and looked at the arms she carried. She started to smirk as a plan formed in her head, She looked around deviously then rushed for the kitchen.

...Sometime Later...

Deidara walked into the kitchen, Like his normal routine. He opened the fridge and went to grab a water, As he pulled it out infront of him he went to open it. ". . ." He stared down at his hand when he felt something cold and sticky ooze through his fingers, His eyes widened and.. he screamed "Holy Shit! What The Hell? Un!" He quickly looked into the fridge.

He froze at what he saw, lying on the shelf. "...Oh, Damnit! ZETSU!" Deidara yelled at the top of his lungs as he stomped his foot, He looked down at the water bottle and snarled in distaste.

"Deidara.. What is it?" Zetsu was soon at the door, Hearing his name all the way from the other side of the base. Deidara glared up at him and threw his water bottle at him, Drenching Zetsu before the carnivore could react.

"I thought Leader-sama told you, DO NOT PUT YOUR FOOD IN THE FREAKIN' BASE!" Deidara yelled pointing furiously at the bloody arm lying on the fridge shelf, Deidara then showed his bloody hand as he balled it in a fist.

Zetsu stared stoic at him as water dripped from his face "It's not mine.. Moron"

". . ." Deidara stared at him, Neither moving.

"That's fake, I don't eat wood.. Unlike you" Zetsu said, Referring to Sasori. Deidara narrowed his eye and opened his mouth to retort but the sound of muffled laughter caused him and Zetsu to look over at the livingroom doorway.

They didn't hear anything so Deidara shrugged as he glared back at Zetsu "Then why is it there, Un?" Deidara questioned, Ignoring Zetsu's comment. Zetsu glanced at the fridge then back at Deidara.

"I would guess a prank" He replied causing Deidara to fall silent as the blonde pursed his lips, Zetsu cocked an eyebrow when he suddenly became furious again.

"Tobi's Dead! Un!" Deidara yelled as he stomped out of the kitchen leaving a silent, Still soaked, Zetsu behind. After Deidara was gone, Zetsu stepped out of the kitchen and into the livingroom.

He glanced around and then walked up to the couch, He stared at the object snickering, hiding infront of the couch. After noticing someone was standing behind the couch, Kinma slowly looked over her shoulder.

". . ." She stared with shocked eyes.

"Kinma.. What are you doing?"

". . ." She looked down on the floor "..I'm..I'm uh.. Looking for my er..Hair clip! Yea, It fell out of my hair and landed.. on the.. floor..But uhm, I got more in my room so.." Kinma smiled up at Zetsu, Even though she knew that she was discovered "I'll just uh.. go" Kinma quickly stood and ran out the room.

Zetsu stared at the doorway, He blinked then rose an eyebrow in interest.

Konan walked in and looked up at Zetsu, She paused momentarily and stared strangely at the drenched plant man. She shook her head as she entered the kitchen, There was sudden silence that caused Zetsu to glance towards the kitchen but then he remembered..


Zetsu frowned, Knowing that Konan wasn't going to show mercy on him.


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