It's been snowing heavily over here in my neck of the woods and so i felt like writing something 'snowy' and warming. This is a just a nice, short, cosy and romantic ficlet revolving around Prime and Elita, my little seasonal story for Xmas.

Again, like my previous fics, it's set in the movie universe, a few months after ROTF and after the events of my previous "I Rise, You Fall" & "Rising Sun" fics (there's references to my earlier fics here). I do hint at a potential future story idea i've had toward the end of this story.

Note that i'm assuming the purple Arcee bike is Elita-One here (going by the last report we've had about her yet-to-be-released toy).

I'll post this in 2 parts.

Transformers is the property of Hasbro and the movies, of Paramount and Dreamworks.

In Your Arms - Part 1

Orange, blue, purple, pink and white hues streaked across the dusk sky above them. The light of day was fading slowly but surely behind shadowy pine trees.

The strange white substance covered his metal toes. It crunched softly under his giant feet and crumbled into pieces, scattering like dust around his ankles. It was cold to the touch. A thin layer of it was sprinkled delicately over his large feet. The land around them was covered in a thick carpet of it.

The humans called it 'snow'.

It was falling in tiny glittering white drops from the sky. Little white gems. His data tracks told him it was simply frozen solidified water. But it appeared otherworldly. Cybertron had no such natural phenomena. It was an alien sight that reminded him once again how very far he was from home. And yet, he marvelled silently at the unfamiliar whiteness around him and his companion.

"Beautiful, isn't it?"

Optimus Prime looked down to his left side. Arcee's purple sister, Elita-One, was gazing around herself in wonder at the falling snow. Her small curved motorcycle body, a pristine purple with white lines, was positioned close to his ankle. She held out a slender three-fingered hand and watched the snow drop slowly into her palm. Optimus's royal blue optics studied her.

"Yes. Very beautiful."

Elita's gaze turned up to her leader. Her shimmering blue optics were glowing gently.

"Earth is full of beautiful things. I see why you wish to protect it."

"It is not just for its beauty, Elita. It is our duty to protect the freedom and lives of its sentient inhabitants from the Decepticons. That is the Autobot way."

Elita drew close to Optimus's large flame-decorated leg and placed her slender fingers on it, her gentle gaze never leaving her giant leader's face.

"I know, Optimus. We all know."

They held each other's brilliant blue gazes in a moment of silent connection, size difference no barrier between the giant and the small female Autobots. The falling snow seemed to whirl and wrap around them. Optimus then shifted abruptly away from Elita's contact with his leg and turned his head back to the journey ahead of them. He still sensed Elita's gaze upon him even as his left her.

"The snow is becoming heavy. We should continue ahead. There's still some distance to cover before we reach the meet-up point with our N.E.S.T. crew."

Optimus began walking, though not too quickly, aware of the need to match his speed with Elita's smaller form.

Elita's gaze dropped and she followed diligently beside her leader. The pair travelled in silence for a minute before Optimus spoke again.

"Do you feel uncomfortable without Arcee and Chromia?" Optimus asked without looking at Elita. "You normally work as a team. You are rarely apart for so long."

"We are a team, but that does not mean we cannot work apart," Elita replied, "My sisters were needed for the South Carolina mission. I could have gone with them, but someone needed to watch your back on this Alaska trip, Optimus. I volunteered."

Elita smiled somewhat shyly up at her leader. Optimus glanced down at her briefly, avoiding direct optic contact with her.

"I see," he acknowledged monotonously, "Thank you for your company, Elita."

"It wasn't just my idea anyway," Elita explained, "Ironhide insisted that you should have someone with you on future missions. After your last excursion on your own to the Tomb of the Primes in Egypt, needless to say we were all a little concerned for your wellbeing when Ironhide picked you up in deep stasis mode."

"I have been on solo missions many times before," Optimus stated with mild defensiveness. "I assure you, I am not often prone to falling into deep stasis on them."

Elita laughed lightly at this. Optimus found himself impulsively recording the song-like sound of her laughter to his memory.

"I am sure you are perfectly capable of taking care of yourself on most occasions, Optimus," Elita reassured, "You are leader of the Autobots for good reason. Just consider me minimal back-up in case of an emergency, and reassurance for your concerned weapons specialist."

Optimus could not help but smile a little to himself, but he refrained from making this obvious to his small female companion.

"You are right of course, Elita," he responded politely, optics locked ahead.

Elita looked up curiously at her leader. He was avoiding meeting her gaze directly again, she could tell. She had never seen Optimus Prime nervous in this way before, not even around other female bots. It was an intriguing sight. Elita could not help but feel a quiet exhilaration at the apparent fact that she of all females seemed to have such a profound effect on their illustrious leader.