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In Your Arms - Part 2

For the following fifteen minutes, the pair said nothing to one another, listening only to the sounds of each other's feet and wheels pushing through the snow. Elita looked up once to admire the first stars of the darkening sky.

The snow begun to fall heavier around them as the minutes passed, the drops becoming larger in size. The wind picked up speed and ferocity. Optimus cast a sideways glance at his female companion. He noticed then that she was hugging herself in futile resistance to the falling temperatures. The single wheel of her leg was barely above the rising inches of snow, steadily being buried. It was obvious that she was slowing down under the freezing conditions. Still, Elita-One said nothing in complaint. A strong determination to battle on was evident in her expression.

Images of Elita's extensive damage from the Egypt battle five deca-cycles ago returned to Optimus's mind. It had taken around four mega-cycles after that before Elita and her sister Arcee were operational again. To say that Optimus had been worried during their repairs would be an understatement. They had been close to permanent deactivation. The Autobot leader had been silently praying for the best, but fearing the worst for his female warriors.

Optimus stopped and turned around to face Elita.

"Elita?" he called, concern apparent in his voice.

Elita raised her small face to his and presented a faint smile.

"I'm fine, Optimus. Just a little frost in the engines. Won't stop me."

Optimus knelt down in front of her, blocking the cold winds blowing against them with his immense back. He lowered his vibrant optics to her level.

"You are fearless, Elita."

"Elita-One knows no fear," she said softly with a defiant curl in her purple-tinted lips.

Optimus chuckled slightly.

"Even so, may I offer you some assistance?"

"Being chivalrous are we, Optimus? How very…Prime-like of you."

Optimus smiled in what seemed a rather dashing and gallant manner to Elita.

"That 'is' my title of descent."

He held out his large palm toward her.

"Very well, 'Prime'. I'll play female in need for you," Elita joked.

She moved with rigid grace to his waiting palm and sat herself down upon it, leaving her single wheeled leg hanging off the side. Optimus slowly raised his hand off the snowy ground and brought Elita to his broad chest. He watched her place her slim hands on the surface of his palm for support and balance. She slowly swished her dangling wheeled leg in the air to counter the coldness threatening to inhibit her mobility. At that moment, Optimus found her posture and movements to be strikingly reminiscent of a mythical half-woman, half-fish creature that the humans referred to as a 'mermaid'. But this was a Cybertronian mermaid with a wheel in place of fins at the end of her long 'tail'. Elita-One and her sisters were a unique design of female Autobots, possessing single wheeled legs rather than two.

Optimus raised his other hand to shield Elita from the heavy snow and wind lashing against them, protecting his beautiful Cybertronian mermaid from the harsh elements.

"Hold on tight, Elita," he whispered.

Elita pushed herself back securely into Optimus's large palms as he slowly stood back up. Optimus then pressed on through the heavy snow again.

Elita continued gazing up at her protective leader. Her optics fell over his blue helmeted head, studying in particular the etched symbols on the sides of his face, the symbols of the Primes. She was reminded that Optimus was the last of his ancestral race, a great and powerful dynasty. Optimus rarely spoke about his Prime lineage, even after the events of the battle in Egypt deca-cycles ago that proved beyond doubt he was the last of the fabled Primes. He left herself and the other Autobots very much in the dark about his feelings on the matter, though Elita thought she sensed a deep sadness within him about it. She would not question him though, he would speak if he needed to and when he was ready. She did not wish to press him unduly on the matter, though many of the other Autobots had been quite awed at the fact and had raised many questions in private about what it meant for their leader to be a true Prime descendent. They had spoken of legends of the great powers of the Primes, from foresight to teleportation to energy shields to telekinesis. Optimus was no longer just the leader of the Autobots, he had become their undisputed divine king, something Elita noticed Optimus seemed uncomfortable about. But why wouldn't he embrace his proud inheritance and claim to greatness? Elita knew of Optimus's upbringing in ignorance amongst normal Cybertronians by the wise old Autobot, Alpha Trion. Perhaps the Dynasty of Primes had truly died a long time ago. Maybe Optimus was a Prime in name only now.

Elita shivered slightly from the sub-zero temperatures. Optimus cast his radiant royal blue optics down on her. They seemed like twin miniature blue-white suns to Elita at that moment, shining a warming light down on her freezing body.

Elita then felt a strange warmth being emitted from her leader's chest area. Drawn to it, she tucked herself into the gap between Optimus's windowed chest panels and pressed herself onto the centre of his immense body. There was an unusual burning heat rising from within Optimus's spark chamber, radiating an intense warmth out from his chest and abdominal surfaces. Elita shut off her optics as she lay her head down gratefully on her leader's warming metal. The biting cold and snow and the darkness of nightfall around her suddenly seemed miles away as inexplicable visions of bright burning suns filled her offlined optics.

"You're so warm," she murmured dozily.

She was barely aware as Optimus's broad hands cradled her closer to his heated chest.

"Are you alright, Elita?" Optimus asked, his voice warm, deep and protective.

Elita-One believed for a moment that Optimus Prime possessed a burning white sun for a spark. Perhaps the power of the Primes lay deep within him, hidden, but always there.

"Yes," Elita breathed as she was lulled into near stasis from the Prime's intense warmth, "Now that I am in your arms."

Within, fiery blue-white veins of energy had begun spreading out from the spark chamber of the last Prime, gradually threading through his internal circuitry, unbeknownst to him and his blissfully content female companion. The white-hot energy sought to fill the body of the last Prime.