It was snowing and Ukitake Jyuushire wanted to go outside. He sat in front of the window staring at the little snowflakes falling down on the soft white cushion. White as his hair thought Shunsui who was staring at his lover. He walked over to where Ukitake was sitting and slowly stroked the long and smooth hair. His lover turned around to face him, his eyes big and pleading. Shunsui sighed but couldn't resist his eyes. 'Okay, dress yourself warm and we can go outside.'

Once outside Ukitake looked like winter himself, frolicking around like a little kid. His never fading smile even more present then normally. 'Come on Shun, let's make a snow angel!' Shunsui laughed at his lover who already lay down in the snow moving his arms and legs wildly in the snow. An angel of snow Shunsui thought. Yes, Ukitake was his beautiful and pure snow angel.